Why Dogs Wins Our Heart?

Why dogs win our hearts? There are a lot of reasons why dogs win the hearts of a lot of people. This article will give you some of the reasons why dogs win the hearts of many of us.

1. History

Many years ago, when undomesticated wolves were drawn to the border of early men’s campground, the strange pairing created a symbiotic connection; wild wolves got scraps of food leftover by men.

Thus, men gained trained hunting buddies.


So useful was the wild wolves help in the hunting, which many theorize it gave human beings an evolutionary advantage over Neanderthals. 

The relationship between canine and human being strengthened over the years as that early quadruped developed into the canines we know and enjoy at this point.

Human beings adored deities portrayed as canines; Anubis and Wepwawet are among Egypt’s earliest ancient gods.

Even the taxonomy of dogs reflects our relationship; Canis lupus familiaris that means household member or friend. 

2. Psychology 


Human beings have a natural emotional response to canines. The sight of a puppy with a lighthearted, happy go lucky spirit stirs the owner parental instincts.

According to experts, the average pup has a mind like a two to a three-year-old kid. We know that and treat a dog as a human toddles who deserve and require care. 

To love provides life purpose; to be loved provides meaning to life. Therefore, it is not surprising that dogs’ adoptions soared during the seclusion of the pandemic shelter-in-place orders.

Canines help fulfill our vital need for companionship. The carefree attitude of dogs gives us perspective, and the positive characteristic provides an introductory lesson in how life must be lived.

Most of the time, dogs look like the best version of a human being; the way people want humans would be. Dogs are very forgiving and understanding; this is according to experts.

If people have had a terrible day and snap at them as they are very fussy, they’re back in their laps, washing face with affection after a few minutes.  

And it does not hurt that canines make people feel smart. Canines pay close attention to what people say, despite how stupid or foolish it may be.

Dogs have a way of looking at people that seems to say, “this is the smartest and philosophically pertinent thing I’ve ever heard.” 

3. Chemistry 


A dog not just makes you feel good and better, but make you better. The research revealed that contact with a dog could reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, lessen the risk of heart issues, and make your immune system stronger.

It is also beneficial for kids as it keeps them away from allergies and decreased levels of pressure and stress, depression, and even anxiety. 

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According to many experts, pets, particularly dogs, on human health spans in many facets. Pets play exceptionally important roles in boosting human wellbeing and health. 

Dogs motivate regular workouts and boost social interaction. The dog and human connection play a vital role in helping people lead a healthy way of life.

At the simplest level, petting or seeing a dog can generate oxytocin, or feel-good endorphins, a hormone that makes your feel good and happy. 

4. Loyalty


Some say that dog is just loyal to us so long as it’s getting shelter and food. However, if you’ve ever known a canine and seen the reaction it has if you arrive home or it’s reunited with a fellow friend, you know that it’s not just that.

There are many examples of dogs showing loyalty to owners. Some of the renowned is the dog pictured lying next to the coffer of his owner, or the canine that would make her owner at the train station daily after he arrived home from the office.

Even after the owner passed away, this canine Hachiko went to the train station almost every day waiting for his owner to come home. And for me, this is loyalty.

5. Friendship


There is a saying that goes like this

Thorns may hurt you; men desert you; sunlight turns to fog; but you’re never friendless ever if you have a dog,

Douglas Malloc.

Canines have been our companion or best friends for many years now. They are always on our side through bad times and good times.

Dogs never judge us and are always contented and happy to see us; it doesn’t matter if we have been away for five minutes, five hours, or five days. 

6. Therapy


Dog assisted therapy has been associated with decreased pain, anxiety, and depression in people with a range of physical or mental health issues.

Many people can gain from animal therapy, which includes those undergoing chemotherapy, veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, and physical therapy patients working on their motor skills.

Students can also take benefit from animal therapy, which eases feelings of depression and homesickness.

7. Health


Those who keep canines live longer on average compared to people who don’t have dogs. This isn’t some type of pro-dog campaigning fantasy.

Rather, a simple medical reality that the soothing influences of a friendly dog’s buddy lessens blood pressure and so the risk of heart attacks.

There are a lot of ways having a pet is good for health. Those with dogs are shown to have fewer heart issues as they get a daily workout from walking their dogs.

Having a dog boosts our mood and, at the same time, lessens the stress that, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

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Spending only half an hour with your canine walking can assists you feel calm and relaxed, increase happiness, and reduce stress.

Playing with dogs increases brain levels of good hormone line dopamine and serotonin; both are related to pleasure and tranquility. Dogs, according to research, can detect the smell of cancer in human beings.

8. Protection


It is thought that man’s initial reaction with dogs led to a beneficial relationship for both species.

The wild wolves got easy picking from the scraps which man left behind after their meals, and a man got the perk of having wild wolves around to keep them safe and secure from other predators that might prey on them.

In recent years, canines were trained as sentry guards, securing troops from a surprise attack. As silent scouts, canines would warn military troops of enemies, getting rid of the possibilities of an ambush.

They are fortunate enough to have these dogs on their sides to help save them from war. From puppyhood, canines innately learn to watch and be aware of anything bad coming your way.

Possible burglars and thieves are put off through barking or watching canine in the window.

Other Reasons Why Dogs Win Our Hearts


The old saying dogs are man’s best friend has been around for many years. Nobody knows who first said, but it rings true for a lot of people.

Dogs are pets you can depend on to protect you and love you when it seems that no one else does. Those who have ever owned a dog knows how devoted they could be.

From the time a puppy arrives in your home and you have the chance to pick them up and snuggle with them, the remarkable and lovely puppy smell fast gets under your skin and makes you fall in love.

No one can deny how loveable puppies can be. Even on the saddest day, their frolicking, clumsy play can make your day.

They explore the world with abandon and could entertain you for many hours. Dogs win your heart as they ask nothing of you except to be fed and walked.

Providing them the smallest compassion can make them your buddy and devoted life companion.

However, team them tricks and talk to them like a human being, and they will give you back lots of amusement and entertainment.

Dogs are a remarkable source of comfort to those who live alone and the old ones as well. It’s a rare dog, which isn’t full of personality once cared for and loved properly.

It’s more like sharing a home with a friend than a pet or an animal for an adult or those who live alone.


A lot of people claim that their dog smiles at them, and this might be true. Pure breed canines might be more predictable when bought as a puppy. You have a good idea of what the canine will be like once it’s fully grown.

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However, a mutt can often be a good-natured, easy to train. A mixture of breeds rolled up into one; this dog can have the best combination of features without too much of any one thing.

Care for your canine will ensure that he or she will care for you as well. They love living in comfortable and firm limits, and once they become unruly, it’s more because they are taken for granted than they’re spoiled.

If you know that a dog wants to have rules and likes to know what they are, it’s much easier and simpler to train them in a way that they become a pleasant and pleasurable household pet.

Dogs can be taught to react to many commands. Dogs can be taught to do various kinds of tricks and, at the same time, gave support and direction for the infirm as well as for the blind.

They are extremely smart creatures and seem to take pleasure in the learning process. This makes them a superb pet, as you can teach them to act in a way that works best for you and him as well.

Dogs are superb family pets. A lot of breeds are playful and friendly to children.


Caring for dogs teach children responsibility and compassion and even discipline. A kid who teaches their pet a trick feels as much pride in the achievement as does the dog. Anyone can benefit from owning a dog.

To Sum Up

Some of you owe many dogs. For some, they can never thank canines enough.

The canines I have been fortunate enough to game me more than I’ve ever given them.

Dogs provided loyalty, friendship, care, health benefits, laughter, unconditional love, devotion, non-judgmental listening, and many others on a level human being could ever offer –or look forward to a human being.

And perhaps that is precisely why a dog wins the heart of many of us. They do so many things for us; however, ask very little in return.

For dogs, it is enough for them to rest their body close to you while you pat and caress their hair and say, “I love you, and you will always be in my heart.” Dogs deserved love and care like human beings.

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