Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else

Dogs have a special place in the hearts of humans, no matter where you live. Dogs are an invaluable part of our lives – from the comfort, we feel in their presence to their devotion and loyalty. Yet, the bond between man and canine goes far deeper than even that of family pets.

Dog lovers and their furry friends have a special bond that not only makes them feel safe and protected but often provides for the best family pets.

They may not understand what the humans are saying, but they can still recognize their language and listen to their needs. Why do dogs and humans love each other more than anyone else? Let’s read more to find out.

What Does Science Say About This Love?


The bond between humans and animals is an unbreakable one. Whether they’re pets, working dogs, or beloved companions, dogs, and humans share the same love for each other. Several studies have shown that dogs and humans have a special relationship, especially in the last few years.

A study published in the journal Science found a strong chemical bond that connects people and their dogs. The study, published earlier this month, looked at the brains of 31 dogs and their owners.

When the dogs or their owners were exposed to ascent, the chemical oxytocin was released, which involved social bonding, trust, cooperation, and empathy. Oxytocin is released when we hug someone, share food, or experience love.

Dogs and humans have a unique bond that goes far beyond relationships between pets and owners. This bond is so deep that scientists have studied it, and it’s clear that dogs and their human companions have a deep connection. No other animals are even close to this level of intimacy.

Do you know why dogs and humans love each other more than anyone else? Let’s take a look at some reasons why the relationship has developed between humans and dogs:

1. Dogs and humans have spent nearly all of their evolutionary history living together.


Dogs are awesome, and so are humans. We’ve been working with human beings for about 30,000 years now, and our relationship is getting better and stronger every day.

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The number of years may be up for debate, but we are more focused on the relationship. As humans developed and migrated, dogs followed along and adapted to fit the changing social conditions they encountered.

In ancient cultures, dogs were tools used to protect livestock from predators. In the Americas, dogs were used for hunting game animals, and in some places, such as the northern Inuits, they were utilized as sled dogs.

Humans and dogs have a special relationship that is rooted in our evolutionary history. Dogs and humans have spent nearly all of their evolutionary history living together as pets.

Many scientists believe that dogs and humans are so closely related that we are members of the same species. This means that we are genetically very similar and share a large number of behavioral traits.

2. Humans have domesticated dogs.


Did you know that dogs have domesticated people twice? The first time was about 12,000 years ago when our ancient ancestors started chasing down gray wolves as a source of meat and fur to replace the more dangerous game previously hunted.

The second time was about 8,000 years ago when we domesticated the wolf’s close relative, the domestic dog.

The domestication of dogs is a miracle that few people understand. And one that many people do not realize is that the domestication of dogs, particularly dogs as pets, resulted from humans and dogs working together to relieve stress.

3. Both of us are social creatures.


Humans and dogs are both social creatures. What sets us apart from dogs is our ability to communicate with one another in a more complicated way than mere barking or chasing. Dogs are highly intelligent, and they want to interact with people as well.

They want to know us, and they want to know our house and our life. They want to get close to us, and they want to protect us. We give them our love and affection in return.

4. Eye contact has made the bond stronger.

Dogs are naturally wired to form bonds with people they meet, which is essential to their well-being. This bond can be as simple as eye contact, but it can also serve to convey emotion. Look into your dog’s eyes, and you’ll see what we mean.

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While it’s true that dogs can recognize and respond to human body language, research has shown that dogs also make eye contact when they are first meeting new people.

This may be their way of “bonding” with you or other humans, much like how humans make eye contact when they’re meeting new people.

5. Dogs understands humans.


The American Kennel Club reports that a survey found that 96% of dog owners believe their pets can understand what they are saying!

Several studies show that dogs demonstrate a basic understanding of human words and sounds and an ability to understand and respond to certain commands.

The ability to understand and respond to words of praise is one area in which dogs excel, and it is believed to be a major reason dogs love humans more than any other creature.

6. Play strengthens the bond between humans and dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, and man’s best friend is the man. This is because dogs are the only species that demonstrate a sense of play—that is, they purposefully engage in a type of behavior that has no real purpose other than for fun.

This trait is by far the unique interspecific interaction that dogs and humans have, and it is one of the reasons why dogs and humans have more in common than just being best friends.

7. There is that close link.


Most people believe that children and dogs are natural companions, and for the most part, it’s true. But what if the reason why dogs and children are so great of a fit is that we share some very similar behavioral traits?

Like we love to be with and near one another, and we also have a knack for making other people happy because we love them.

One thing that makes humans and dogs so interesting is that we have been linked together for thousands of years, and the relationship between the two species has been a source of work and entertainment for humans and dogs alike.

Although dogs and humans are nearly genetically identical, it turns out that dogs have evolved to have a much higher level of empathy and compassion—to the point that we are considered to be non-human animals.

Scientists and dog-lovers alike readily attribute this to a combination of factors, including the lack of a self-interested drive to eat food and gain weight and a desire to help and protect humans.

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8. The Human-Canine Bond


Every dog owner knows that the relationship between a man and his best friend is unique. It is a bond that is not only tangible but also beautiful. Have you ever realized that the role of a dog is to be a friend to a man?

You can’t feel that with any other animal. It is impossible to explain in words. You have to experience it to know it. It is a bond that is unbreakable and never forgotten.

The human-canine bond has been around for thousands of years and provides an unparalleled bond between a dog and its owner. There are many reasons why dogs and their owners are such a great match, and they are often born out of the same environment.

However, this bond is not just about the physical relationship. Dogs give their owners a very special kind of unconditional love and loyalty, and it is this that makes them such attractive companions.

Humans and dogs are naturally driven to bond and form a strong relationship, one that is based on trust. For humans, this is an essential element in ensuring our survival; a dog is a vital member of the family and needs to trust us. For dogs, a strong bond with a human is very important for success in life.

9. Best Friends fur-ever


There is a reason why dogs and humans have been together so long, and it’s not because we need to prove how great we are. It’s because we are very good at understanding each other, and it just makes sense to have a best friend who understands us.

Humans and dogs share a unique bond, demonstrated by the way both species interact with one another—from the way we greet them upon our return home to the way they respond to our gifts.

It’s clear that we humans are the “superiors” of the pack and that dogs are our “little” minions. However, those that have learned to understand dogs have also learned to understand us.

As a dog lover, it’s clear that you share a special relationship with your best friend. They can help you out, cheer you up, and keep you on your toes, but what’s more, humans and dogs are fundamentally alike.

The bond between humans and dogs is strong. It’s reported that dogs even feel the pain that their owners feel. There’s no question about it — dogs and humans are best friends.

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