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Have you ever considered having a new puppy at home? Perhaps you may want to consider a Yoranian dog as one of your best buddies in your life.

If you’re going to have a dog that could be your companion in your life, then Yoranian dogs may be suitable for you.

These types of dogs would provide you more benefits like providing you some sorts of joy since taking care of them could be one way to be free from stress. 

If you think that Yorkie-pom dogs are the perfect breeds for you, then you should know first some of the basic aspects of them.

It is also important to explore several things like proper taking care of them, grooming procedures, feeding, and many more.

It is also a nice idea to create a checklist before buying or adopting a new Yoranian puppy for you and your family.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions and comprehensive answers with explanations to give you more understanding about these dog breeds. 

What’s a Yoranian?

Yoranian | Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Dog Breed | Yorkie Pom 1

Yoranian dogs are a hybrid mix. Some people prefer to call them Yorkie Pom.

These types of dogs are combinations of the two breeds – Yorkshire Terrier and a Pomeranian.

These are small types of dogs, but they are built with a strong body. Unlike some other small dogs, Yoranians tend to get along with other children, although as dog owners, you should supervise them for some reasons.

They are happy dogs who have strong bonds with their owner. Even though they are petite in size, they don’t exactly know that they are small.

It is because they have attitudes just like those big dogs. These dog breeds are usually adored and owned by seniors

What Does Yoranian Look Like?

Yoranian dogs have cream and apricot colors. Their furs are quite wiry, which provide them a shabby appearance.

Their ears are more erect, which is an indication that they are always alert. Their eyes are normally dark, and they have a black, small button nose.

Yoranians have a small tail, which may tend to stand up at his back on a flip position.

They have a quite similarity with the Pomeranian with dainty muzzle since their face is also small.

They are said to be one of the smartest dogs in the world. You may see the actual appearance of Yorkie-pom dogs once you have these dogs at home. 

How Big does Yoranian Get?


Yoranian usually stands from 7 to 12 inches tall at a shoulder. The size of these dog breeds varies depending on the size of their parents.

Since their parents are also small, you can even imagine that their offspring will also be small. 

How Much does Yoranian Weigh?

Yoranians weigh from 3 to 7 pounds once in the maturity stage. They might be small enough, just like the size of their parents – Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier.

With their small size, dog owners can easily lift them and hug them once they do so.

Since most of the Yorkie poms want to be with their owners all the time, any dog owner can easily cuddle them to show their love and affection to their pets. 

Do Yoranians Shed?


Looking at the energetic and small Yoranians, you can probably imagine how fluffy these dogs are.

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There are numerous photos on the internet showing some tiny packs of fun being shaped and groomed into, and these described them as puffballs.

Generally, Yoranians do shed, but they don’t shed as much as other dog breeds.

Their shedding is essential to have new hairs to grow. It’s just a matter of brushing them regularly to prevent mats and remove some loose hairs.

Yoranians are not recognized as heavy shedders; however, their coats and hairs may leave behind around your place. So, you can just do some maintenance once they do shed. 

How Often Should You Bathe a Yoranian?

It is a general rule to provide your Yoranians with a bath every 2-3 weeks.

You can use a shampoo and a conditioner with a moisturizer when bathing your dogs.

Giving baths to your dogs may also depend on their skin condition. If they have skin problems like skin itchiness, they can provide them with baths every week.

However, make sure to provide them some products that would be good enough for their conditions.

During bathing your dogs, always wash them with plain water, apply shampoo on your hands, and give them a hand massage on some parts of their body. This will also help to remove some dirt on their coat.

Do Yoranian Dogs Bark a Lot?


Yoranian dogs always love to be heard by their owners; so, you can expect to hear a lot of noise from them.

They keep on barking when there’s a stranger in your place, even in some little things.

These dogs provide more noise compared to any other small dogs out there. That’s why you need to give a “shush” command to stop barking.

You can train them as early as puppies to learn how to behave when they grow older. 

Is The Yoranians hypoallergenic?

Yoranians are said to be hypoallergenic. So, this is good news for those dog owners who are prone to allergies.

Although they do shed, it is not that abundant compared to other small hybrid dogs that you know. You can just brush them to remove the tangled and knotted hairs.

And once some loose hairs are being removed, make sure to clean the place to not be scattered in the surroundings.

The dirt and some loose hairs are just some of the reasons that trigger the owners’ allergies.

So, better maintain the clean surroundings once you notice that there is shedding of hairs from the Yoranian’s coat. 

Are The Yoranians Easy to Train?


Yoranian dogs are best partners since they are easy to train. They are considered as one of the smartest dogs in the world.

Because of their smartness and alertness, you can instruct them easily and provide them with some tricks to be done.

As you repeat those tricks every day, they learn those things and make them as habits.

If you don’t have time to train your dogs, then some puppy classes can enroll your pets.

You can let some professional trainers instruct and teach your dogs some tricks.

Many experts and dog breeders also recommend providing them the best training as early as possible to know how to behave during maturity age.

You can use some tools during the training and give them treats once a specific trick was done and performed properly.

In this way, they will be encouraged to do the same thing since they look forward to the treats you will give to them. 

What are the Common Yoranian Behavior Problems?


Although Yoranians are cute little dogs, they may create chaos, especially if they are not trained properly.

Many dog owners complain about the dog’s aggressiveness, which provides a threat for some people and other animals in your place.

Some of the Pomkie keep on barking even with small things. They should be well-monitored, especially if there are some people in your house.

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Since they are alert and aggressive, they can bite other people whom they don’t know much. So, during the first three months of Yoranian’s life, it is good to train them very well.

As dog owners, you also play an essential role in shaping their personalities. Make sure to give them the proper routines and training so that they will grow with discipline. 

How Much Do Yoranians Cost?

The actual price of the Yoranian puppies may vary from one place to another places. You can buy these dogs from a shelter for just $100.

However, some dog breeders offer a price range between $800 to $900. In buying this specific type of dog, it is always important to check some reputable dog breeders to know if the dogs are in good condition.

You can do your research to know the best places or persons you can use to buy these dogs. 

Aside from the mentioned price, it is also expected to spend some additional money for your dogs since you will need a carrier, collar, leash, crate, beddings, bowls, and some other supplies for your new puppies.

This will cost you an extra amount; so, you need to be prepared once you decided to buy a new puppy companion at your home.

It is also a must to bring your new puppies to the veterinarian for a checkup wherein they need to undergo some laboratory procedures like blood testing.

Your dogs must undergo deworming and vaccination, which may cost about $280 from your pocket. An estimated actual cost of about$435 to $550 will be spent on the medical yearly.

Moreover, you need to consider the cost during their basic training, toys, food, license, treats, and some grooming procedures.

This would cost additional cash from you. It would be better if you will always be prepared once you would like to buy or adopt Yoranian dogs for you. 

Where to Buy/Adopt a Yoranian dog?


Having Yoranian dogs in your house is also a good idea. If you want to buy these types of dogs, then much better if you will search for them first in your locality.

You can probably find these types in your place, especially if some dog breeders offer these kinds of dogs in the market.

However, if you can’t find these dogs in your place, then the only option that you can do is to find them online.

Some breeders are visible online since they launched some specific websites for easy access to dog lovers.

You may also try to visit the American Canine Hybrid Club site for more information about the Yoranian dogs. 

At some point, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on these types of dogs, then it is also a good idea to adopt them from then rescue shelters.

You can go directly to some of the rescue shelters nearby and ask them if they have breeds of dogs for adoption.

If you’re lucky enough and these types are available, then you can have the dogs and bring them home.

You just need to allocate your money for their daily needs, such as food, supplies, and maintenance. 

How to Properly Clean and Bathe the Yoranian Dogs?

Cleaning and bathing your dogs is essential to maintain a good health status –both physically and mentally.

It is a must to provide your pets with regular baths to remove natural oils and dirt from their hair.

You may consider some of the following tips and suggestions on how you can properly clean and bathe the Yoranian dogs:

  • Fill the tub with water until it reaches for about armpit deep. This could be one of the best ways on how you can give a bath to your dogs since your Pomkie dog might be terrified of the sounds of running water. 
  • Use a high-quality shampoo for dogs that contains neutral pH. This helps detangle the dog’s hair without providing some irritation on their skin. You can consult your vet regarding the best shampoo or any products that can be used for your dogs. You may also ask some dog breeders if the best shampoo needs to be used for bathing Yoranians, especially if they are still puppies. 
  • Apply the moisturizing shampoo onto your hands. With the shampoo on your hands, you can start massaging them onto their coat. You can start massaging their underbelly and the rear areas. Then you can proceed to apply shampoo to their heads. Do not use shampoo near your dog’s eyes, mouth, and ears. 
  • Rinse the shampoo with the water in the tub. Then, you can apply another moisturizing conditioner afterward. You can make use of some regular detachable shower or even a piece of a cup to rinse your pets. 
  • After bathing your dogs, wipe them using a towel exclusively used for them. You can also make use of some hair dryers to completely dry the hairs of the dogs. However, it would be advisable to choose a hairdryer that is completely no sound or noise. Some dogs are scared of the noise of the hairdryers, and they begin to bark and feel uncomfortable. It is also recommended to use the lowest setting of heat on your hairdryer so that your pets’ sensitive skin will not be hurt. 
  • After that, you need to brush or comb your pup’s hair to ensure that their hairs will not be tangled. 
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When to Start Grooming Your Yoranian Dogs?


Even though Yoranian dogs don’t need trimming or brushing when they became adults, it is still a good option to introduce your puppies to the specific materials, tools, and techniques you will utilize to groom.

Once you regularly brush your puppies and always use the electric trimmers to groom them, they will no longer be scared since they are used to it. Thus, their stress will be reduced as well. 

What are the Things that You Need to Know for Grooming Yoranians?

Although Yoranian dogs don’t require grooming every day, a regular grooming procedure is also essential to promote proper well-being.

You don’t have to worry about their grooming procedures since these things are not that difficult to do, unlike grooming any other small dogs out there.

Below are some of the essential procedures that you need to follow once you plan to start the grooming processes for your dogs:

  • Use a pet clipper to clip the nails of your dogs.
  • Brush their hair as often as possible to remove the knotted and tangled hairs. Regular brushing of their hair will help them to have clean and shiny hair.
  • Clean your dog’s ears and other areas of the face and body. Make sure to remove the dirt from their faces caused by some dried tears and dirt. 
  • Check their skin coats if there are some fleas, ticks, and other skin conditions resulting in severe problems. If you noticed that there are some unwanted fleas and ticks on their coat or skin, then use some natural remedies to do the treatment. You can also use some essential products for the treatment. However, make sure to consult your veterinarian first before using a specific treatment for them. This is to ensure that the products that you will use will not harm them.

If you have no extra time for your dogs’ grooming processes, you can let some professional groomers do the tasks for you.

You just need to visit their place and request them to have your dogs to be groomed. Of course, you need to pay an extra cost for their services. 

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