Facts About Yorkie Apso Dog Breed

The Yorkie-Apso is an adorable and friendly dog breed that is just the perfect size to be a cuddle buddy. This cute furball loves attention and being spoiled with your affection.

The Yorkie-Apso or Lharkie is also known for their loyalty to their families and adore being pampered by them. Being the center of attraction in the family, these dogs like to think they are the king of the household.

Like most dogs, there are a few things you might want to know about your Yorkie-Apso. If you are passionate and interested in the small world of the Yorkie-Apso, you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two as you keep reading.

What’s a Yorkie Apso?


As its name might suggest, the Yorkie Apso is a combination of Yorkshire Terrier and the Lhasa Apso. In recent times, people began to purposefully crossbreed purebreds and label the resulting hybrid as an entirely new breed.

The particular mix of the Yorkshire Terrier and Lhasa Apso turned out to be a great idea. The resulting breed became the Yorkie-Apso, which we have come to love for their friendly and smart personality.

What’s a Yorkie Apso’s behavior like?

Although territorial, The Yorkie-Apso also appreciates exploring the world and walking around the environment. You can expect a playful and intelligent dog to greet you every day since they love getting your attention.

These dogs are also perfect home pets as they like the confines and warmth of their homes. Depending on how you raised them, you can expect them to bark at unfamiliar animals or people.

Pet owners will also be surprised to discover that the Yorkie-Apso likes following their guardians around the house because they are very loyal.

What does Yorkie Apso look like?


The Yorkie-Apso’s rich coat of fur can appear in different shades of cream, red, brown, or black. He has kind, almond-like eyes that compliment his tiny black or brown button nose along with his rounded head and average-length muzzle.

The Yorkie-Apso’s straight medium length hair also compliments his rather feline paws. This adorable breed got the best of both his parents’ worlds, along with their witty and lovable personalities. 

How big does the Yorkie Apso get?

Having hundreds of different breeds, dogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some dogs can grow bigger than their owners, such as the Great Dane, who are perfect cuddle companions.

There are also small but feisty dogs like the Chihuahua. Of course, some dogs are just the right size, ideal dogs for the entire family, like a Golden Retriever or a Siberian husky. The differences are quite plentiful. 

The Yorkie-Apso averages around 8 – 11 inches and belongs in the middle average size for dogs. These dogs will love running around and exploring the house, seeing as how big the world is to them.

The lovable furball is also perfect for walks around the block, as well as being your jogging partner. Typically, these dogs can live up to 12 to 15 years.

How much does Yorkie Apso weigh?


Weight is a key aspect of health that must be regulated, which applies to dogs or animals in general. If your dog is underweight, then you probably don’t feed it enough.

It is also possible that your dog has contracted some disease that has damaged his or her appetite. On the other hand, being overweight is equally as bad. Generally, dogs that are overfed tend to have a shorter life span.

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Even though your pet may seem cute with its large size, this does the animal worse than good. Keeping that in mind, a fully grown Yorkie-Apso will average about 7 to 15 pounds, depending on their gender. If you are unsure if your Yorkie-Apso is maintaining proper weight, it is advised to consult a doctor. 

Do Yorkie Apso shed?

 Coming from the Yorkshire Terrier and the Lhasa Apso, the Yorkie-Apso is a good option for people that are only mildly allergic to dogs since both dogs have little to no coat shedding.

Of course, this trait was passed onto their mixed breed baby. The Yorkie Apso has straight, fine, mid-length hair that is rarely shed. That being said, these kinds of dogs generally require their fair share of grooming. 

How often should you bathe a Yorkie Apso?


Unlike people, dogs don’t need frequent baths. This goes especially goes for dogs with small bodies. As a general rule, you should only bathe your Yorkie-Apso every 2-3 weeks. It’s also perfectly fine to give your Yorkie Apso weekly baths, but this isn’t normally a necessity for them unless he or she is very dirty.

It is also important to note that Yorkies with long hair may need more frequent baths than small puppies with shorter hair. This is to prevent dirt from getting tangled in your Yorkie-Apso beautiful coat of fur.

How often should you groom a Yorkie Apso?

The Yorkie-Apso’s relatively long and fine fur will need grooming! Given the length and characteristics of their hair, you can brush your dogs’ coats of fur to avoid matting or to get rid of the dirt that may have accumulated. Dogs will average to long hair require a lot of attention when it comes to maintaining their fur. 

Pet parents must also note that clipping your dog’s nails and brushing their teeth is also necessary! Although the minimum is thrice a week, you can also brush your dog’s teeth twice a day for maximum care.

When brushing your Yorkie Apso’s teeth, you must be gentle and use a toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs. Although your dog may get annoyed at first, with consistency and enough care, your pet will come to get used to brushing their teeth and may even look forward to it!

Clipping and cleaning your dog’s nails are also a necessity. Pet owners can do this task themselves, but you must be careful not to accidentally clip too much as this will hurt your dog a lot! This is why this particular task is better left to professional and experienced groomers!

If you don’t have the time to groom your dog, you can always take them to a groomer weekly so that your Yorkie-Apso will always look beautiful and elegant.

Do Yorkie Apso dogs bark a lot?


Both the Lhasa Apso and Yorkshire Terrier have a unique history that considers a large number of their behavioral characteristics. Among these characteristics, the resulting Yorkie-Apso inherited their notoriety for barking.

A brief history of the Lhasa Apso

In the thousand-year existence of the Lhasa Apso breed, they were primarily known as sentinels. Tibetan folklore suggests that the Lhasa Apso helped in protecting the country as the mythical Snow Lion protector.

With their small stature, they were never expected to fight intruders, but rather, they were expected to raise the alarm and inform people if intruders were spotted so that more capable dogs and people could take care of the problem. With their ancestry in mind, it is no surprise that the Lhasa Apso is prone to barking at unfamiliar faces.

A brief history on the Yorkshire Terrier

By nature, the Yorkshire Terrier is very territorial and protective. These are small dogs that think they rule the house. This causes them to feel the need to guard their family and home.

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The Yorkshire Terrier tends to bark at even the tiniest noises because of this innate need to protect. Pet lovers often purchase this kind of dog for their intelligence and ability to inform homeowners of unwanted people and animals. 

Barking overload

As you may have guessed, the Yorkie-Apso does not lose out to his or her parent breeds. These dogs are also prone to barking, especially when they want the attention of their owners.

They also tend to love being in the house and are more sensitive to the outside world. Although not particularly hostile, these dogs like it more when staying around their owners than unfamiliar people. 

Is Yorkie Apso hypoallergenic?


Owing to their coats that are barely shed at all, the Yorkie-Apso is a perfect choice for pet owners who have mild allergies but want to have a furry companion.

Despite their relatively long fur coat, the Yorkie Apso barely sheds and is perfect for people even with allergies. It is also advised that you give attention to their needs since these dogs may bark at you if you don’t cater to them enough.

Is Yorkie Apso easy to train?

Although these puppies are very smart and enthusiastic, they could be quite a handful for new pet parents. The Yorkie Apso can often be headstrong and tough to train, so they are ideal for experienced owners.

With consistency, confidence, enthusiasm, and affirmation to reinforce training, the Yorkie-Apso will be trained in no time. Like most dogs, he or she also loves treats and praise, which can motivate your puppy to keep learning.

It is important to note that you shouldn’t train your puppy too much, but instead, keep it short and sweet so that they don’t exhaust themselves too much.

This makes it so that they look forward to learning and generally feel more comfortable around you. Training your Yorkie-Apso may take a bit of time and dedication, but this will benefit both you and your companion in the long run.

Proper training is required with these kinds of dogs so they don’t develop behavioral issues such as small dog syndrome.

Your dog will treasure the time that you spend with him and will benefit your relationship altogether. However, if you’re having trouble with training your dog, you can always hire somebody to help or do it for you.

Yorkie Apso behavior problems


As mentioned above, the lack of training or attention for your Yorkie-Apso may lead to various behavior problems. These dogs tend to be sweet and loyal to their owners.

This is why one of the behavioral problems your Yorkie could have is Separation anxiety. Dogs may become destructive when the people that they are attached to leaves. Your dog might tend to defecate, urinate, claw, dig, or even try to escape home.

Some of these tendencies can be brushed off when taught properly, but consistent behavior may indicate that your dog is in distress and might have separation anxiety.

Another common problem with most small dogs is what we call small dog syndrome. As most pet owners tend to do, these dogs tend to become pampered and spoiled.

It is great that you love your dog to such an extent that you can’t seem to resist the furball; however, your dog is getting used to having all the attention and things she wants, which is affecting your Yorkie-Apso’s behavior.

This gives your dog the idea that they are bigger than they are. This causes them to bark at every dog that you may pass by, become aggressive when being picked up, jumping on their owners and other dogs, as well as other behavior that is bratty.

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How much does Yorkie Apso cost?


Being a mixed breed designer dog, the average price of a new pup can cost anywhere from 400$ to 1500$, depending on where you bought them from.

There are also times where particular colors that are more sought out for rarity cost make it cost more; they are designer dogs, after all. 

Aside from the initial cost of buying a Yorkie-Apso, there are also the yearly expenses that you need to account for. If you want the best for your furry friend, a pet owner must be prepared to spend quite a bit on their dogs’ maintenance. 

The average annual medical expense for the Yorkie-Apso is about 435$ to 535$ in total. Keeping your dog in top-notch health is among the best ways to show your affection to your dog.

Ensuring that your dog receives all the vaccines that he or she needs will ensure a long and vigorous life. These expenses also include your annual trip to the vet. You must get your dog checked at least once a year.

During these checks, the vet will perform various physical exams to ensure your dog’s overall health. If your dog is still a pup or an older dog, it is advised to frequent the vet more as they are prone to health issues.

Additionally, the average non-medical expense for the Yorkie-Apso hovers from around 530$ to 630$. At first glance, this seems like a rather generous amount for a dog, but pet enthusiasts will often find themselves buying their furry companions’ many things without noticing.

From spoiling your dogs with an abundance of toys to treats, people will be surprised to find themselves buying all sorts of things to pamper their pets with. Of course, this will also include the daily food of your Yorkie-Apso. Like any other animal, dogs also need a sufficient amount of food.

Where to buy/adopt Yorkie Apso?


If you have read this far, then you are most probably interested in getting a Yorkie-Apso of your own! There are many ways for you to get a Yorkie-Apso. With technology development, you can purchase your companion by using the hundreds of websites available.

These websites often coordinate with local pet shops so those pet enthusiasts can easily find their dream dog. Just set up an account on these websites, enter the breed you are looking for, then wait as the website looks for the nearest pet shop in your area.

You can also search in various social media places for dog breeders. In the vastness of the internet, there is bound to be at least one seller with the Yorkie-Apso. You can then meet up with these people and take your furry friend to their new and lovely home.

Lastly, pet owners can always adopt. Adopting is the best way to show your love for dogs. There are hundreds of animals waiting to be adopted in your local pet shelter.

By adopting a Yorkie-Apso or any animal for that matter, you are helping them find a place to call home. If your heart desires it, looking for and adopting sheltered dogs will be the best option for animal kind!

Quality time with your Yorkie-Apso

The most important part of building a good relationship between you and your Yorkie-Apso is spending some quality time together, of course! Giving time daily to play with your dog will boost his or her energy and will grow steadily closer to you.

These small and loyal dogs will appreciate a few cuddling sessions now and then and help build trust and friendship. Once you get used to the Yorkie Apso, you will learn just how lovable, friendly, and smart they are.

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