12 Interesting Facts about Yorkie Poo Dogs

Yorkie Poos are an example of dogs that are under the “designer breed” category, along with other dog breeds such as Terri-poo (a mix of an Australian Terrier and a poodle), Shih-poo (a mix of a Shih Tzu and a poodle), and so much more.

Dogs categorized as a designer breed aren’t purebred because they’ve been purposely crossbred between two different dog breeds.

A Yorkie Poo would be the mixed breeding of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy Poodle. This dog breed is known to be intelligent, so training it wouldn’t take too much of your time.

It’s also curious, making it more eager to learn and easier for you to teach. From basic training such as knowing where to poop or behaving when you’re on the table, it could also do tricks such as playing dead or giving high fives.


They also have a reputation of being the biggest social butterfly, so find yourself free from worries once you go outside because your Yorkie Poo would be sure to be able to socialize with every dog it meets, no matter the breed! Expect them to be friendly with humans, as well.

Your friends who’d be coming over to your place would love playing with your Yorkie Poo. And, just like every other dog breed, the Yorkie Poo has so much love to give and offer, not only to you but to the whole world, as well!

With that said, keep in mind that adopting a Yorkie Poo would mean that you’d have a loyal companion with you – it’ll be by your side for as long as their health allows them to (because the truth is told, Yorkie Poos aren’t exactly one of the healthiest breeds).

Keeping and taking care of a Yorkie Poo would mean endless laughter and love, as it has been believed by countless of pet-owners already that playing and developing a friendship with a Yorkie Poo could help you with your mental health.

The only downside that one would consider when taking care of a Yorkie Poo is that the dog breed is prone to illnesses and would most likely have many allergies.

But as you read in this article, you’d know how sweet it is to be able to take care of a Yorkie Poo because they’re one of the sweetest dog breeds in the town, ready to make everyone’s day better.

1. They are a great companion for those who suffer from dog allergies.


Those who are allergic to fur do not need to suffer when it comes to these dogs. The Yorkshire Poo dog breeds are hypoallergenic.

They are a non- to low-shedder and are low on dander, which is a great way to take a break with your sniffles when petting a dog. Don’t you just think that they are one of the best health-handy companion dogs?

The reason for it being hypoallergenic is because of their breed — they are the combination of a Yorkshire terrier and a Poodle.

They are also known to have a reputation as one of the small-sized purebred dogs and one of a kind toy breeds.

You can either get a Yorkie Poo that is more on the Yorkshire Terrier’s characteristic sides, which has a long, straight, and silky coat, or get a curly wooly coat just like from Poodles or even a mix of both.

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They have various colors; brown, silver, gray, and white, your choice! Some can come in two tones: a chestnut body, legs, and mask, silver on its collar, and the top of its head and ears.

2. Yorkie Poo Dogs needs a lot and wants a lot of your attention.


Like all other pets are, they would need the care and attention you give just the same as to your children.

Dogs are considered to be another member of the family or a second child to some.

The Yorkipoos are a gentle and loving breed, so they would want your attention to be the star of the show and also to keep you and your family entertained throughout.

They can easily get along with anyone and can brighten up your day just by spending it with them.

You can get two times the fun with your family when you include them in your activities.

They are happy to meet many people and would even share the same enthusiasm that they give you to strangers.

You could probably see them wagging their tail all the time when you bring them to social occasions.

If you are the type who likes to play a lot with your pets, then a Yorkie Poo Dog can be the perfect companion you would ever wish for.

They are very active, affectionate, loyal, and fun to be with, which fits as a true companion dog that no one can resist.

3. Training them is simple, and can perform your tricks in no time!


Yorkie Poo dogs’ enthusiasm is to die for! They have this never-ending desire to bring out the biggest smiles on our faces.

With their eagerness to please their owners, they would focus their attention on you and learn manners and tricks in such a breeze.

They can quickly understand your basic commands and perform those fun tricks such as crawling, play dead, giving high-fives, and you will never know.

They might even dance in front of you. They are always fun to play with and will surely keep all of you laughing and entertained.

Quick tip, if you are training a Yorkie Poo, it would be best to stay positive.

Get along with them and match their enthusiasm, and don’t forget to cheer them on every time their training is a success.

Giving them treats would also make them more eager for you to train them, and would be rolling over the ground in no time.

Always be kind to them and avoid using harsh words or actions to train them. This applies to all pets that you train.

Have more patience with your pets when training them, as it could lead to their unwillingness to cooperate with you.

4. Yorkiepoos are sweet dogs to live with.


Yorkie Poo dogs love cuddles. If they see you sitting without anything on your lap, they might just go and cuddle up with you.

They are at their happiest when they are sitting on their owner’s lap.

Treat them with plenty of tummy rubs and back rubs, and they wouldn’t even mind staying there all day long.

They are tiny dogs with a big heart. Dogs are our loyal companions.

As long as you treat them right, they would surely love to spend their time with you for a lifetime.

Make sure to pay them back with lots of praises, love, and attention — they would surely appreciate all of that.

And with its breed, Yorkiepoos can become either dependent like Miniature Poodles or an independent dog like the Yorkshire Terriers.

They can even be in between. Independent or not, Yorkiepoos does not do well with separation, so it would be best for you not to neglect them and give them their deserved love and care for the world.

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Since they are a friendly dog, getting along with people was never a hard time for them.

They are well-loved by families, older folks, and is even a great partner for your children.

5. They have a healthy lifestyle.


Every living being needs a healthy lifestyle. Dogs are not an exception. Yorkiepoos needs a good diet and plenty of exercise.

Giving them those two will surely lead to a healthy life. With that, you will have more time, more bonding moments, and more memories with your Yorkie Poo dog.

The recommended ratio for its food is 1/4 to 1 cup of dog food a day.

However, you should take note that this can still depend on your dog’s size, age, and build.

In the same way as humans, dogs eat different amounts of food.

They also need a nourishing meal, so the healthier and better you prepare their food, the more active they can get.

Make sure you measure their appetite and feed them twice a day.

I’ve mentioned exercise for these dogs. Yorkie Poo dogs are more likely to be an indoor dog.

With its size, they don’t fit well with an outdoor-going lifestyle. A simple walk or jog around your area is already enough exercise for them.

You can also play a game of fetch with them, and it will surely keep them healthy and happy.

6. They are a social butterfly and can get along with many people and even to different pets.


Yorkie Poo dogs are friendly to a lot and to anyone that they meet.

If you leave them unguarded on a family gathering, you might see them wagging its tail and following other people.

With its high spirits, it can easily get along with other dogs and even play with your children.

These dogs are a chosen family companion and are a great playmate to be with your kids.

However, with toddlers, you might need to guard your Yorkiepoo with them since they can get over-excited and hurt them.

Toddlers still can’t do that much, so it would be best just to let your dogs observe them.

They never run out of their enthusiasm, so you might want to catch up with their energy.

Yorkiepoos are always in high spirits and would never fail to make you bring out a big smile.

7. They are a fashion icon.


Since they are a mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, they have the features that can make them a designer dog.

They are already a popular show dog, which they are known with its fine and glossy fur coat that comes in light or rich-colored tones.

Whatever color they may come, they would still look elegant and fashion-ready.

Not just in fashion, but they are also good at performing. They shine as well with fantastic tricks and will cooperate with whatever performance you’d want for the both of you.

The Yorkie Poo dog requires care to maintain its fine silky coat.

Since they are also a mix of a poodle, they can have tangled with their fur; brushing them daily will pull out the tangles.

Also, remember to brush their hair away from their eyes so they won’t get irritated.

Much better, you can trim them when it gets longer, so their eyes are protected.

All dogs deserve grooming, don’t you think so? You should brush their teeth at least two or three times a week.

Handle their paws frequently and trim their nails once or twice a month. A trip to a dog salon is also a considered treat for our dogs!

8. Yorkiepoos are cute-sized dogs.


The Yorkie Poo dogs have a height of 7 to 15 inches and weigh up till 3 to 14 pounds.

Their growth can still differ, but the usual adult size of a Yorkiepoo is the same as Poodles.

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As I have said, Yorkiepoos are sweet companions. They love snuggling on your lap, and with their size, they fit perfectly.

Yorkie Poo dogs are indeed small but have a very big heart.

9. Yorkie Poo dogs can live up until 10 to 15 years.


Like most designer dogs, the Yorkie Poo has the same lifespan, with them being able to live up till 10 to 15 years.

They can even last longer than 15 years as long as they are happy and well cared off.

However, like all the dogs out there, Yorkiepoos can also experience health problems.

Make sure always to check their health and give them proper nourishment.

We have no control over future events, so spend as much time as you can with them, and they will surely remember memories with you for a lifetime.

10. They are not one of the healthiest dog breeds to own.


One of the dog breeds that can easily get sick is the Yorkie Poo. Don’t worry, as long as you take care of them.

They can live healthily without any problems. If you are planning to get this type of breed, then you will need to consider that one of these health conditions may get them:

  • Patellar Luxation is very common for these breeds. This happens around their knee, wherein it temporarily dislocates their joins that hinders them from walking.
  • Another common health condition is Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease. It affects their leg joints and is often cured with surgery.
  • Epilepsy is a common brain condition, not just for the Yorkie Poo dogs but also for us – people. With the Yorkie Poo dogs, common symptoms include showing unusual behavior like running in places as if it were being chased, losing consciousness, etc. These symptoms can be observed as they turn one to five years of age.
  • Addison’s Disease. It is a curable disease and can be managed by getting your dog the right medication for them.

If you see your dog acting differently or feeling weak, it would be best to get them diagnosed by a vet as early as possible.

Prevention is always better than cure, so make sure always to keep your dog in check and keep them in a healthy lifestyle.

11. They have an unending enthusiasm and a love for adventures.


Fun fact! Yorkiepoos is ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed.

Poodles are known to be a clever canine, so they are a popular choice in breeding poodle mixes. With its intelligent comes their desire for hunting.

Add up their undying enthusiasm, Yorkiepoos are an adventurous fellow.

They will hunt anything for practice, your shoes, the remote to your TV, their toys, anything, as long as they are up with it.

They get those traits from their parents.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed that hunts rodents in cotton mills, and Toy Poodles is also an intelligent breed with moderate hunting skills.

This sums up the vibrant energy of Yorkiepoos.

Not just that, Yorkiepoos loves barking. They would bark at anything they see and to anything suspicious for them.

They aren’t the best guard dogs, since they can have a different view on finding something suspicious.

12. Playing with them helps with their mental stimulation.

Yorkiepoos are one of the most enthusiastic breeds out there. What’s the use of all their stored energy if they won’t use it?

Playing with them helps with their mental stimulation, and can also be considered an exercise for them.

Get him a toy, take them outside, and let them chase squirrels!

Whatever it is, playtime is surely the best option for them to enjoy their selves.

Let them have as much fun as they can, to keep them happy.

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