A Brushing A Day Keeps Shedding At Bay

It was love at first sight for you and your new best friend — a new adventure for you both.


Especially, since he is your first dog, questions about a new pet are usual. Familiar to being a new parent. One issue that could be on your mind is about shedding.

Shedding is a very natural concern. Here is some educational information specific to Yorkshire Terriers to make you and your dog happy for a very long time.

Shedding Made Simple

Almost every breed of canine will shed its coat to some degree. Unless it is a hypoallergenic breed that is genetically uninformed not to do so. This is, however, if a dog grows a fur coat. Fur has a process in which it grows and falls all year long; The Yorkshire Terrier breed is a different story altogether.

This excellent fellow naturally grows hair instead of fur. Strangely, a Yorkie has a body of hair resembling that of a human more than that of canine fur.

Here Is Why Your Yorkie Is Different

Here is why the Yorkie bred is special from many of its canine friends. Instead of fur growth, Yorkie will have a type of thin hair similar to your hair. Hair that will grow up and out all year.

Because of this constant hair growth, your new Yorkshire Terrier will shed. Just in a different type of way. Occasionally, Yorkie hair will fall out based on the simple fact that does grow continually.

However, you will not find Yorkie hair that has shed around your home quite as noticeable as a bred that grows a fur coat. This is where you, the owner, comes into play. Learning how to brush and groom your Yorkie properly will maintain unwanted shedding.
yorkie shedding

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All It Takes Is A Brush A Day

The maintenance of Yorkie hair may seem time-consuming, however, owning any pet is if you think about it. The biggest necessity is to remember to brush your new friend. Every day if you can. What brushing does is removes dry, damaged, and broken hair tangled up in the coat.

Once this old hair is removed, new hair can proceed to grow back naturally in its place. A pin brush with rubber covered tips is one recommendation for a useful grooming tool.

You can research any grooming question you might have on the internet. Better yet, many pet stores allow Turbo to accompany you inside. You can get grooming tips, and he can make new friends all at the same time.

You know you are in love when you have walked out with more treats and squeaky toys than grooming supplies. The research was the answer. This information about Yorkies put your mind at ease, and you are sure Turbo will be happy for a lifetime by your side.

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