Facts About Yorkie-Ton Dog Breed

Yorkie-Tons are very fun, never boring dogs. They are playful in every way, and they can brighten up your day as well. If you are looking for something soft and huggable, Yorkie-Tons will be there to accompany you and give you the best hugs.

But there are some things that you need to know first before getting one because you have to know at least how to raise a Yorkie-Ton and how to take care of it. And I will help you with that, so let’s get started with the FAQ about the Yorkie-Ton dog breed!

What’s a Yorkie-Ton? (Yorkie Coton de tulear Mixed dogs)


A Yorkie-Ton is a well-balanced combination of a long-established rat-catcher and a companion dog, respectively the Yorkshire terrier and the Coton de Tulear. They are very well-tempered and also very loving dogs with a fluffy look to boot.

All in all, there is only little to not like about this type of dog breed. Yorkie-Ton’s have high intelligence, they’re very affectionate, and also surprisingly adaptable for their small size as a dog.

And because they are small and the level of activity they can perform, these animals don’t need that much exercise. Unlike other dogs of similar stature, they don’t get as yappy. 

You will also need to pay attention to their coats. They should be maintained short, so if you plan to get yourself a Yorkie-Ton, remember always to give attention to the dog’s coat. These designer dogs are fantastic companions that you can have at home, even with small drawbacks.

What does Yorkie-Ton look like?


They are the type of dogs that don’t grow that big, and they rarely weigh much more than 13 pounds. Yorkie-Tons have long and fluffy coats that can come in different colors like white, black, tan, and even the color blue.

These dogs generally have exaggerated mustaches and eyebrows, a short snout that is capped with a charcoal black nose, folded ears, and bright, marble-like brown eyes.

They’re also even-muscled, although sometimes it doesn’t show. These types of dogs have a relatively square stance with an even back that ends with a docked tail, short or medium, and it has enough fur to match the rest of the Yorkie-Ton’s look.

How big do Yorkie-Ton get?


As I’ve mentioned before, Yorkie-Tons do not grow that big, and they a pretty small dog breed. And if we are talking about the size of the Yorkie-Tons, they will all depend on which of the parents that they favor the most and, of course, their gender.

Here’s an example for you, if the dog takes after a Coton de Tulear or males, he’ll be closer to the larger number and the female Yorkie-Tons and the puppy Yorkie-tons. The opposite is true for them. 

How much does Yorkie-Ton weigh?

I have also mentioned how much Yorkie-Tons can weigh before, but they can usually weigh between 6 to 13 pounds on average and when they fully become mature.

There wasn’t that much information, and that’s the only thing I could get. You can Google and search for more information about Yorkie-Tons and their weight after finishing this article.

Do Yorkie-Ton shed?


The answer to that question is yes, but they do not shed the same amount as dogs who are furrier. Think about the dog’s coats; usually, dogs have these thick, coarse, and short strands of fur to cover their bodies.

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The fur of most dogs grows several times every single year. The old fur from the dog is pushed out during specific seasons, causing the dog to have some intense shedding. This is not good for any dark clothing for your house and every piece of furniture you have. 

Now the fur of a Yorkie-Ton is much different. The fur of these types of dogs is fine, silky. They are much longer than most of the fur of other dog breeds.

They also grow at the same rate for every, and it’s like how human hair grows, so Yorkie-Tons do not have the same growth rate and shedding cycles as most dogs.

How often should you bathe a Yorkie-Ton?

Having a proper bath is very important if you want to keep yourself clean. And as for Yorkie-Tons, they also need to bathe properly so that they can always be clean.

Every single Yorkie-Ton is different from each other, and they also have individual needs. So, when you are an owner of this dog, you need to analyze how often it should take a bath.

If your Yorkie-Ton likes to play a lot outside or just even in your backyard and has a regular play session, there is a high chance that he needs to be bathed more often.

But if he likes to stay inside your home and does not go outside and get dirty, there is no need for frequent bathing. 

This factor can also depend on what type of fur and what type of skin your dog has. Remember that when it comes to bathing, it needs personalization.

If your Yorkie-Ton usually has long fur, you should wash and bathe your dog at least once every week. Their long fur can collect dirt very quickly, and it’s also quite easy for it to catch dirt.

And if yours has short hair, you can bathe him every two or three weeks. This can also depend on your convenience.

Also, remember that if your dog has very sensitive skin, be sure that you do not do frequent bathing because this might lead to skin damage.

And if you do not have the time to bathe your dog or you just don’t feel like it sometimes, you can also apply oil onto your dog’s body and make sure that his fur is oily because oil preserves the heat to keep his body in a warm state. This way, you can keep your Yorkie-Ton neat and clean even without bathing him.

Step by step on how to bathe your Yorkie-Ton


Since we have discussed how often you should bathe your Yorkie Ton, I will give you a written tutorial on how you can properly bathe your Yorkie-Ton.

  • First of all, before you bathe your dog, remember to brush his fur and remove any tangles and knots that you can see from your Yorkie-Ton.

You should not forget to do this before his bath since they have long, fine fur, and with that, they can tangle very easily.

If you do not do this step, the knots from his fur will turn into matting, making the removal process much more painful and difficult.

  • The second step would be to make the water just right, and Yorkie-Tons do not like a scalding hot shower. Yorkie-Tons are small and prone to have rapid swings when it comes to their body temperature.

Hence, you must get the bathwater’s temperature just right for them. If you are wondering about the ideal temperature for a Yorkie-Ton bath, it is between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, room temperature. 

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A human’s body temperature is 98.6 degrees, so if you feel that the bathwater is warm for you, it’s most probably a bit too warm for your Yorkie-Ton. You should try achieving water that just feels neutral or slightly cool.

Remember to no use your hand when testing the water’s temperature. Instead of using your hand, you can use the wrist of your forearm to test the water because they are a little more sensitive. If you feel that the bathwater is a bit too warm, then go ahead and cool it off and then retest.

  • You should try to set the mood, and I’m not saying that you should do this with candles. Instead, set the mood with treats.

Most dogs do not like the sound of baths, but there is a way that you can reduce their anxiety. One of the easiest techniques you can do is associate their bath time with something they see positively.

One great example of something that they see positively is a dog treat! So, you should give your dog a treat when they enter the area that you will bathe them and just “good job!”


  • When the water gets into a Yorkie-Ton’s ears, yeast and bacteria can grow. This causes ear infections to follow, and they are not fun.

One way you can protect their ears is to gently put cotton balls into the outer canals of their ears or buy a doggy shower cap for them to wear during baths.

You should avoid pouring a large amount of water onto your dog’s head or directly spray towards their face or ears.

Instead, use a sponge to help soak and clean their heads and keep their ears folded with your fingers but be careful to be gentle and dry around the ears.

  • It’s time for the bubbles to come around. There’s not much to this next step. All you got to do is bathe them in shampoo and conditioner but with the right ones.

You should never forget that finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your Yorkie-Ton is important. You can start to apply the lather from the neck and then to the dog’s back, chest, and legs.

After, grab a sponge and add a tiny amount of lather and start to make bubbles on the Yorkie-Tons head. You should be careful when you’re near the eyes and also try to remove tear stains that are made by the eye discharge of your Yorkie-Ton.

  • As for the next step, it is time to rinse off all the bubbles. Wet your sponge and then squeeze out half of the water. Then start to rinse the head and face.

Remember that your Yorkie-Ton’s ears are kept shut and protected. Do your best in keeping the shampoo out of your dog’s eyes, and if ever they do get in his eyes, you should flush your dog’s eyes immediately with lukewarm water.

After that, there isn’t any hard work left, just the rest of the Yorkie-Tons body. When you have succeeded in rinsing off all the lather, go ahead and dry your Yorkie-Ton. 

Do Yorkie-Ton dogs bark a lot?


Yorkie-Tons loves to bark and maybe even more than any other breeds out there. And this is a factor that might annoy a lot of Yorkie-Ton owners.

If you will buy your very own Yorkie-Ton, remember that they will bark during the day and night. Sometimes, they will bark at nothing at all.

A club named AKC or American Kennel Club said that a Yorkie-Ton puppy will always be filled with so much curiosity and energy.

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That’s why, as a Yorkie-Ton owner, you should always be ready for a romp. Yorkie-Tons loves to have human attention. I think that you can tell that this is where the issue starts.

Most young Yorkie-Tons will start to begin their vocalization when they are two or three weeks old after birth, and at the same time, they will also start to open their eyes.

They are just like human babies. The noises from most Yorkie-Ton puppies that you will hear when they are around this age would be expressions of hunger, discomfort, or other needs. These puppies will need to be a few more weeks to have a grown doggy bark fully. 

Now, why do Yorkie-Tons bark so much even though they don’t need anything at all?

A big reason why Yorkie-Tons are barking nonstop would be how their ears are shaped and positioned. And because of this reason, this makes Yorkie-Tons hearing especially acute, and because of that, they notice all the different kinds of disturbances that we humans are not aware of.

Also, keep in mind that Yorkie-Tons will want to assert dominance and let the thing that made the noise know whose territory they are entering. There is also a good side to Yorkie-Tons and their barking. These dogs make perfect guard dogs because of their excessive barking.

Not to worry. A Yorkie-Ton’s barking can be tamed because there is proper training that you can find online. There may also be some places near where you live to give your Yorkie-Ton training and tame his barking if you prefer a quiet home.

Are Yorkie-Ton hypoallergenic


Both parent breeds are also hypoallergenic, which makes them suitable to live in any situation. So there is no need to worry if your Yorkie-Ton would not be comfortable moving to a new home since they will adapt pretty quickly and will not upset them.

Is Yorkie-Tons easy to train?

Yorkie-Tons are not that hard to be trained because they are very independent, and they can also be a little stubborn at times. You should make sure that your Yorkie-Ton receives firm and consistent training from their trainer.

If you are trying to figure out what type of training method you should give your dog, I recommend using different positive methods for training your dog.

For example, you reward your Yorkie-Ton with a treat after accomplishing his training, and that will also give him a source of motivation to be better.

You should keep in mind never being hard on your pets, even if they make a mistake at times, as this will only end up with your pet developing aggressiveness.

Yorkie-Ton behavior problems


Another thing that you should know about this yorkie mix dogs because they love to bond with their owners, and they enjoy the time that you spend with them.

So, if you leave your Yorkie-Ton for a very long time or are not that home often, they may develop separation anxiety and maybe even develop depression.

With that being said, you should not leave your Yorkie-Ton all alone without any human interaction for a long amount of time.

How much do Yorkie-Ton cost

The usual cost of a Yorkie-Ton is between the amount of $500 to USD 750.

Where to buy/adopt Yorkie-Ton Puppies

One of the easiest ways to adapt and get your very own Yorkie-Ton Puppies would be through a rescue specializing in the Yorkie-Ton dog breeds.

I am pretty sure that there is a place that you can go to where you live, and if there aren’t any available, you can also check online. There are a lot of websites where you can get your very own Yorkie-Tons.

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