10 Things ONLY Yorkie Owners Would Understand

Often referred to as “Yorkie,” the Yorkshire terrier is a high-maintenance and affectionate dog with a big personality.

These lively pups were initially used to capture rats in clothing mills and mining shafts.

Every owner can agree and attest to the vibrant personality of these dogs. Generally, Yorkshires are energetic though hilarious in some way.

This point nailed it!; they can get scared by their own shadow and run all around the compound.

However, there are several things that not everyone would enjoy being bound by them.

Though their owners are oblivious about them, they have to understand to push along well with their pups. These things are discussed below.

1. The shyness.

yorkie shedding

This character makes these dogs very unique among other popular breeds.

These dogs will feel comfortable only when around their immediate family members contrary to other breeds that will walk up to anyone as if they do not care.

A Yorkie may be quiet when in the presence of visitors and may opt not to play with visiting children.

2. Yorkshire terrier dogs enjoy being dressed up.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
As strange as it sounds, it is a fact of the matter, and you have to go by it.

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Yorkies are the kind of dogs you will have to devote going shopping within the morning to collect their small tiny clothes.

Owners out there are doing it to make their Yorkies look good. This can be a hard thing to contemplate about especially if you don’t own one.

3. Toy obsession.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
These dogs love playing with toys and can turn anything into a toy without tiring out.

Their owners have to understand this character and learn how to stop them from bossing everything.

4. A Yorkshire terrier likes hiding.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
They are very teeny, and I can guarantee you are spending all the time looking out for your pup while it’s just beneath the pillow.

I should put it better than they love playing hide-and-seek with their owners. This is a trait many people would find hard to tolerate.

5. The Yorkies like lapping.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
These dogs find great comfort when curling up in your lap. They will jump over and sustain comfort while on your laps.

Ridiculously, this can serve you a better purpose especially in cold weather conditions as they can generate you more heat.

6. You need to keep their coats perfects at all time.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
Owning a Yorkie requires you to trim and brush his hair to make him adorable regularly.

I find most people holding the hair with a stylish clip to keep it out of the pup’s eyes.

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7. Yorkshires like yapping.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
The only problem about these dogs is that some will never stop barking. Of course, you love your cute pup, and so you have to control it from barking right from day one.

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8. Yorkshires can be very scary when in the bath.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
This dogs can be very scary to your eye view. You can be left wondering if you went out and collected a big rat as your pet from the first site of their hair at that time.

9. The fear.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
In the introduction, we stated that Yorkshires possess typical human instincts. They can shake and shiver with fear at the site of a strange person about to crust them.

10. The dogs possess a very independent character.

Yorkie Haircut Pictures
The Yorkies are known to be naturally smart in what they do. If you fail to train them what they should do, they will formulate a streak of their own rules.

In conclusion, these dogs have been touted as “big dog in a little dog’s body.” This describes their brilliance and their high-spirited mind.

I guess you have already come in terms with this fantastic features that in most times, only owners will understand.

Meanwhile, acquiring a Yorkie as your family pet can be the best step you are initializing. I am a great fan of these dogs, and so you can bear my testimony.

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3 thoughts on “10 Things ONLY Yorkie Owners Would Understand”

  1. I never knew that Yorkies are like big dogs in small bodies. As you mentioned, they will be creating their own rules when their owners don’t train them in the beginning. I guess I will be hiring a trainer to help me when I have bought my own Yorkie this year as a gift for myself to ensure that they are trained. It is my favorite and dream breed, so I am really excited.

    • My Yorkie took on a 120 lb Deer in our back yard one morning. Scared the crap out of the Deer! He came back when called. Loved him for 16 years. He was my buddy when I was sick and loved him til the end.


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