16 Dogs Who are Most Prone to Diseases


Only people who have owned dogs before can tell you that some breeds are more likely to develop certain debilitating diseases than others. Some of the most common issues that come up involve eyesight and the skin. These disorders could easily be managed with the right dog care, but it can often be tougher to … Read more

20 of the Top Poison Dangers To Dogs

20 of the Top Poison Dangers To Dogs 1

Despite having a vastly strong stomach that can usually handle something dragged out of a trash can, many things are toxic or poisonous to a canine and even potentially deadly and poisonous if consumed. Some poisonous foods are human foods; however, things appear around your home that you wouldn’t usually anticipate a dog to eat. … Read more

How to Naturally Prevent Fleas in Dogs

How to Naturally Prevent Fleas in Dogs 2

Fleas are nasty little biting insects that infest our dogs and cats. They can be a nuisance, causing itching and irritation, and can carry diseases. Fleas feed on both pets and people, and the resulting infections are nasty and dangerous. If you want to keep your dog or cat happy, healthy, and safe, you need … Read more

10 Facts You Should Know About Albino Dogs


Different hues of colors signify different meanings and may even have certain effects on an individual’s mood. The coat or fur of our dog may also reflect the kind and type of personality that we have. There are different breeds of dogs as there are different colors of coats and furs. Albino dog may catch … Read more

When Do Dogs Stop Growing?


When you adopt a dog, it is supposed to be a lifelong companion. In reality, most of us are surprised, at some point, to realize that our lovable best friend is no longer a puppy. This can be very stressful for us—especially if our dog is no longer looking or acting like a puppy. I’m … Read more