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Dogs are around since ancient times, and people breed dogs to perform specific tasks. People from the prehistoric period train dogs for hunting or herding.

As civilization developed, so did dogs.

Today, dogs don’t only accompany their masters in hunting expeditions. Dogs also become good pets at home.

Some dogs are cute and adorable. You can also see dogs that are little and playful. Dogs that have uniform physical traits are called dog breeds.

These dogs are selected based on their coat color, size, and structure.
The term “breed” also refers to dogs that are cross-bred, pure breeds, mixed breeds, and natural breeds.

The First Dog Breeds

For the past 200 years, dogs had phenotypic changes that brought us the modern breeds we know. The domestic dog belongs to the first dog species that had a rapid change.

The dog breeds today vary from size and weight. Good examples of these dog breeds are the teacup poodle and the giant mastiff.

The body, skull, and limb of the dogs are different from other carnivore dogs. You might have noticed that most of these dog breeds show impressive skills such as:

  • Retrieving
  • Herding
  • Scent detection
  • Guarding

These skills as mentioned above show the difference between the dog breeds. It also distinguishes the dogs from each other regarding the behavior and function of the dogs. So, you can observe that not all dog breeds are alike in terms of physical appearance and behavior.

Dog Types

It’s still a mystery how the modern dog breeds spread in different parts of the world.


Most of the dog breeds come from the controlled practices of the Victorian Era. A study in 2010 found that there are genetic clusters observed in modern dogs. These clusters correspond to the function of the dog.

The great examples of these dogs are:

  • Spaniels
  • Toy dogs
  • Small terriers
  • Herding dogs
  • Sighthounds
  • Scent hounds

The study also found out that 17 breeds had a conflict with the dog function. The cause of the conflict was due to the crossing of the dogs to the other phenotypes.

When it comes to genetically divergent dogs, studies state that 13 breeds are genetically different from the other dogs. Some of these dogs are the following;

  • Samoyed
  • Dingo
  • Saluki
  • Akita
  • Siberian husky

Also, there are also three dog breed groups that were distinct and divergent from modern domestic dogs. The three groups are the Asian, Middle Eastern, and Northern group.

The Breed Standards

You might have heard of the breed standards if you’re a dog lover or want to buy a dog. The breed standard refers to the behavior of the dog. The breed standard also shows you other details about the dog such as its appearance and temperament.

Also, you would know the place of origin of the dog and its ancestor types. Dog breeds are divided by groups in major registries around the world such as the Kennel clubs. From here, you would know the category of the dog you want as a pet.

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