Dog Facts

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15 Labrador Mixed Breeds

The Labrador Retriever is a medium-sized, short-haired breed that originated from the Labrador region of Newfoundland, Canada. It is considered one of the most intelligent …
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14 Schnauzer Mixed dog Breeds

Schnauzer Mixed dog Breeds are any dogs that are half Schnauzer and half other dog breeds. The mix started due to the selective breeding of …
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25 Celebrities with Their Bulldogs

Bulldogs are amazing partners. A number of English Bulldogs have received worldwide publicity, and became real stars. Here are 25 Celebrities with Their Bulldogs. Adam Sandler …
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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

Dogs don’t just have floppy ears, long snouts, and big floppy feet for no reason. They have also been bred for a long time with …
Dog Facts 3
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15 Dog Breeds With Curly Hair

You can tell some breeds are cuter than others just by looking at them: they have different shaped heads, different shaped bodies, different shaped ears, …
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11 Dog Breeds with Curly Tails

Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. However, some breeds are unique more than others. There are many dog breeds out there, and each …
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16 Most Independent Dog Breeds

The term “independent” is often used to describe a breed of dog; in this case, it is a general description of the breed’s personality. A …
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Top 16 Exotic Dog Breeds

All dogs have unique temperaments and personalities. Each breed has its unique traits. However, these genetically engineered canines have been cross-bred with their wild counterparts, …
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16 Least Aggressive Dog Breeds

The topic of dog aggression can be a controversial one. While some people swear by neutering their dogs to reduce aggression, others will tell you …
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16 Calmest Dog Breeds

Dogs are considered to be the most popular pets of all time. They provide the best companionship, comfort, and joy to people. They are great …
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20 Dog Breeds that Love to Dig

All dogs have an innate desire to dig. It’s arguably natural, similar to how they wag their tails and yelp when they’re excited.  Anything from their …
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14 All-American Dog Breeds

Dogs are man’s best friends and are extremely loyal. They are regularly associated with joy, happiness, and a more cynical side of things – money. …
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11 Australian Dog Breeds

Australia is home to a wide variety of dog breeds, not all readily recognized outside the country or even inside it. Some breeds are native, …
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12 Military Dog Breeds

Military dogs are highly trained to serve the military in various roles, from search and rescue missions to guard duty and bomb detection. They are …
Dog Facts 7
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16 Cleanest Dog Breeds

We all know that dogs bring joy into our lives and will love us until the day we die. But of course, if you want …
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14 Highest Jumping Dog Breeds

Dogs are an exceptional breed, with their own set of behaviors and quirks that set them apart from their wild cousins. One of the most …
Dog Facts 9
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Top 21 Best Lap Dogs

What is better than sitting down on the comfy sofa with an adorable and cuddly dog on your lap? Perhaps you have considered getting a …
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21 Italian Dog Breeds

Different dog breeds have originated in different countries around the globe. In connection, we can trace the origin of most dog breeds in Italy. There …
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The 7 Types Of Dog Breeds

Man’s best friend has been around for a very long time. Evolution has taught us that dogs have come a long way from their original …
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Why Dogs Wins Our Heart?

Why dogs win our hearts? There are a lot of reasons why dogs win the hearts of a lot of people. This article will give …
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Top 10 Wire-haired Dog Breeds

Are you considering getting a new furry family member, but you suffer from an allergy? Do you want a dog that requires less brushing? If …
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Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds

The world’s fastest dog breed is the same as it’s always been: the Bloodhound. They’re the first dogs to sniff out a scent on the …
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What a Dog’s Tail Tells You

Dogs have their language, too. They are just like humans. However, their body language is different. Your gesture and other bodily actions that you interpret …
Dog Facts 19
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15 Easiest Dogs To Potty Train

If you’ve just adopted a puppy, the last thing you want to worry about is housebreaking him. Fortunately, you can make the process go smoother …
Dog Facts 20
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17 Best Therapy Dog Breeds List

Therapy dogs are often used in hospitals and nursing homes, but they also visit schools, churches, libraries, and other settings. They assist in companionship for …
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12 Most Popular Terrier Breeds

A terrier is a breed of dog, commonly small, “typically energetic and keen-sensed.” Terriers tend to be very energetic and are very good watchdogs. The …
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12 Most Hyper Dog Breeds

Not all dogs are created equal, but some breeds are more energetic and high-maintenance than others. These breeds hail from various backgrounds, including herding, hunting, …
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10 Ways to Bond With Your New Dog

Dogs are known as intelligent animals, which can create secure connections with humans. That’s why they are ideal and the most popular pets. Kids typically love …
Dog Facts 25
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7 Cutest Playful Small Dogs

Playing makes someone happy. Happiness is being comfortable in anything that you do and with the people or things surrounding you. Being playful is natural …
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Cutest 12 White Dog Breeds

Having a white dog breed at home is like having an irresistible, fluffy ball of cotton. Be it small or large, these dogs are truly …
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Low Shedding Mixed Dog Breeds

In many cases, people get purebred puppies for their charming and cute appearances; however, when you take the best qualities of a beautiful purebred with …
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What Dog Has the Highest IQ?

No doubt, dogs are some of the most intelligent ones in the animal kingdom. However, what you might not know is that certain breeds are …
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12 Trainable Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are cute and lovable pets. Do you know that they are also trainable? Despite their small size, you can train them quickly …
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12 Smartest Mixed Dog Breeds

Having a pet is a blessing. You can have a cute family member you can spend with when your family and friends are busy. Meanwhile, …
Dog Facts 27
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7 Low Shedding Small Dogs

While some people can tolerate shedding dogs, some people couldn’t, and that’s completely understandable. When taking a fur friend home with you, you must make …
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15 Energetic Small Dog Breeds

Let’s face it. Selecting the dog breed is not a simple endeavor. Are you currently searching for the most energetic small dog breeds? Look no …
Dog Facts 28
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7 Things That Make Your Dog Happy

You lost a special someone, failed a promotion, experienced a family problem, or lost a job.  Still, your dogs are always there at the most challenging …
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7 Smartest Small Dog Breeds

Dogs are great companions. They can be there for you when you’re alone at home. Besides having a cute little friend, you can also be …
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7 Hypoallergenic Small Dogs

Most homeowners have at least one family dog. Aside from cats, dogs are one of the most-known pets considering that they are adorable, furry, loyal, …
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How smart is Border collie?

The border collie is a very bright, amazing, and workaholic breed of dogs. These have very high energy and Very faithful, People without thinking about …
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Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds

Hunting dogs are canines who hunt. They hunt with or for humans. Hunting dogs are mainly used by the police force to hunt down for …
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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Dogs and kids are really enjoy their life together. Let’s know about Best dog breeds for kids. But proper training and guiding any dog breed …
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16 Dog Breeds With Blue Eyes

From what we know, dogs are great companions. Dog breeds come in different appearances, which make them cute and adorable friends. Some dogs have beautiful …
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The 12 Fluffiest Dogs Ever!

Cute paws, fluffy tails, and floofy bodies. Yes, we are referring to a man’s best friend, dogs! They are highly intelligent and are capable of …
Dog Facts 32
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Best 10 Small Dogs for Seniors

Dogs are wonderful pets and considered to be man’s best friend. Dogs provide companionship other than any animal pet out there. If you are an …
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Top 12 Small Guard Dogs

Small Guard dogs are companions in our home that serve as protection from unwanted people or even animals. It is a common mistake that all …
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Top 10 Benefits of Having a Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are extraordinary dogs despite the common perception of fearing them and perceiving them as irrationally loathed. Tragically, Pit Bulls are occasionally abused and exploited …
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Dog Breed Groups By FCI

The Federation Cynologique Internationale, a dog breed’s standard organization, is a 10 dog breed group system created on May 22, 1911, and currently in use …

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