10 Things Only Pomeranian Dog Owners Understand

Pomeranians are types of dogs that are amusing little creatures. These dogs are fluffy and good enough in your house.

The good thing about these dog breeds is that they have beautiful appearance and bigger personalities.

If you have Pomeranians at home, you can understand their feelings and behavior so that you can have a good relationship with each other. 

Only those Pomeranian dog parents could understand the way their pets act and behave.

Here are the ten things which only Pomeranian dog owners can understand:


1. Your dog will play with anything but the expensive toys only. 

As Pomeranian dog parents, you opt to purchase many toys for your Pomeranians, hoping that you can find out the favorite toys of your dogs.

However, your Pomeranian dogs completely ignore the toys that you have bought and just play with the ping pong ball or socks for several hours instead. 

2. Brushing the knots of the Pomeranians is sometimes a disaster. 

Pomeranian dog breeds are prominent for having knots on their thick fur, especially if you do not maintain their straight hair coat.

It’s not only you will feel guilty for not brushing your Poms fur or having to cut their knots out, but you may also be afraid that Dog Protective Services (DPS)may be called in reply to their pig-like yells as you attempt to fix their hairdo. 

3. Meeting some big dogs is always a figuratively and dog and pony show.


Pomeranians are great fans of meeting some new dog friends; however, sometimes, Poms get frustrated when meeting some big dogs since they find them difficult to reach the butt to niff.

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It’s just like meeting some acquaintances but never knowing their names. 

4. Your Pomeranians are generally a local celebrity. 

As dog parents, you may notice that your Pomeranians catch the attention of other people as you walk around the park or even with your place.

So, it would be advisable to add extra time with you when you are walking your Pomeranian dog breeds since everyone will desire to take a pause and meet yourPoms. Some people may ask for a photograph.

If your fur looks so attractive, it is hard to say “NO” to your fans. 

5. Grooming appointments in the salon will make you in a red spot. 


Pomeranian dog breeds have lots of options at their local grooming salons. You can choose to have fancy conditioners, shampoos, formulators, and many more.

Putting your Poms in a salon is require an extra budget since they need a lot of procedures to maintain their long straight hair and overall beautiful appearance.

So, you need to expect that your Pomeranians’ haircut will cost you more than your hair cut or just like the cost of your haircut.

Some additional expenses during your Poms salon hair appointment are added because you may want to be satisfied with your Poms’ appearance. 

6. You may lose all chill once you see your Pomeranians soaking wet.

Sometimes you may just realize that bath time for your Poms is the same as watching hilarious dog movies on YouTube for a couple of hours.

You never find it funny if your Pomeranians take a bath since they will about half their size with their fur wet.

You may then realize a whole different breed underneath that attractive hair coat. 

7. You may always want to cuddle your Pomeranians. 


These dogs always want to be cuddled by their dog owners. So, you can cuddle them in their funniest ways.

You may notice that they are now lying down on your pillow next to your head, touching your foot on a couch for you to be warmed, or simply plopping down onto you.

Your dogs’ actuations will never make you complain because you love them so much. 

8. The bone habits of your Pomeranians will never flop to shock you. 

There are some instances that your Pomeranians might hide their bones around your house.

And you might be curious or shock about the unexpected assault of bones falling out on the cushions of the couch or in the piles of blankets.

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Your Poms may think that they reach great joy once they have lots of bones on their sides. 

9. Your Pomeranians are not that barky, but they are an effective communicator. 


You would probably say that your dogs are always loud and proud. They don’t fear showing their feelings to you.

They can act or behave the way they want as you highly trained them. Pomeranians have lots to say just to communicate with you.

So, it would always be advisable to always understand their feelings and behavior, especially if they keep barking while looking at you.

They just want to say something or probably want your attention. 

10. Your Pomeranians always try to dig a hole before lying down to nap. 

In dogs’ world, this is what they called “nesting.” Perhaps, it doesn’t make sense to a human being, but it is very important before they go to sleep for them.

This is their usual routine for them to be comfortable before lying down.

Your Poms will keep on digging at the flat ground and then keep on spinning about a few times.

And once they deem that their place is ready, they will be put down to sleep. This may take at least five minutes or so before they finish this routine. 

Pomeranians require a lot of attention and understanding, just like other types of dogs out there.

However, if you own Pomeranian dog breeds at home, you may realize that taking care of them needs an extra effort since you need to prolong your patience and invest more time and passion for them. 


Only Pom parents can understand how these dog breeds act or behave like those mentioned above.

You may find these things unusual and funny sometimes because of their actions. But you couldn’t help but still show your affection to them because you love them so much. 

What Can You Expect from Your Pomeranian Dog Breeds?

Pomeranians are cute little doggies because of their long straight fur or haircoats.

They are loyal, jolly, funny, playful, and smart. They can be trained well; so, you can start your training with them when they are still puppies.

At least in this way, you can make sure that they will grow with good behaviors and discipline.

Although you had lots of daily routines and exercises for your dogs’ training, you can still expect some things that may be unusual for you.

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These things are just ordinary for them, just like digging their spots first before lying down to sleep, and others.

These things do not generally need training because they are just making them comfortable sleeping or living their lives at home. 

As Pomeranian dog parents, you need to learn their behaviors, actions, temperament, and everything about them.

As much as possible, explore every detail that would help your dogs for their growth and development.


What Can You Do for Your Pomeranian Dog Breeds?

Suppose you want to make sure that your Poms are growing with perfect health and with discipline, it is necessary to provide them with extra care.

You need to give them the best things they need – feeding, training, and grooming.

These are just some of the things that you can fully attend so that their needs will be given without any problem. 

  • Feeding: To make sure that your Pomeranian dog breeds will have a healthy body, it is imperative to provide them nutritious foods. You don’t need to feed your Poms with too many foods since they do not eat too much. However, make sure that you give them enough food for daily maintenance. The time comes that they will keep barking while looking at you as if they are communicating with you, implying that they are now hungry. 
  • Training: As early as possible, you need to provide your Poms with proper training. Pomeranians are a smart type of dog; so, you don’t need to be free anymore when it comes to tough training. You can give them fun tricks, and once they performed the tricks, you must give them a treat. If you want to make sure that proper training procedures are made and done, you may want to enroll your Poms in the dog training class in your locality. In this way, they will be guided properly and become more disciplined at home and even during your walks outside your house. 
  • Grooming: You can expect to have numerous grooming procedures for your Pomeranians. This is to maintain their beautiful haircoats and cleanliness on their body. Because of these procedures, you also need to prepare an extra budget since the cost of grooming needs a lot of money.

These things cited above are just some of the expectations that you need to understand and things that you must do for your Pomeranian dog breeds.

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