Facts About Beagle Dog Breed

Beagles are very active and attentive dogs; they make very loyal and loving pets if you keep them in a happy and caring environment. When they are socialized and exercised well, beagles can get good with other pets and children.

But it is essential to remember as a dog owner that beagles have a short attention span if you do not train them well.

Their behavior can get too aggressive if they do not feel comfortable around their daily environment or is unhappy or angry over something.

Therefore, keeping a close eye on their behavior change can help you prevent many calamities in the long run.

What’s a Beagle Dog? 


Beagles have their origin in Europe, and they have been bred there over many centuries. Even during the reigns of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I, you would find the history of wire-haired Beagles, which were small enough to carry around in the pockets of hunting jackets.

But over the years, the size of the breed has increased, but sometimes you can still get to see the pocket version beagles here and there in the western countries.

Beagle is a type of breed amongst dogs, which is small, compact, and hardy. When you keep your beagle well trained and well maintained, they can grow to be very active companions for kids and adults.

Beagles tend to be very merry and fun amongst all the dog breeds. But as they are hounds, they can get a little stubborn at times, so you have to be very patient when they are in this type of mood. With proper loving and care, you can keep them calm and collected.

What Does Beagle Dog Look Like?


Beagles usually have a muscular, solid body with a slightly domed skull. They have muzzle which is squarish while their nose is a little broad, their ears are long and floppy making them look even cute. 

Their chest is deep, and they have their back straight. Apart from that, beagles also have a moderately long tail that they like to carry high in the air mostly all the time.

They also have a smooth and dense coat consisting of three colors of black, tan, and white scattered in patches all around their body. 

What Is Beagle Dog’s Temperament? 

They are cheerful dogs who love to get affection from you as their owners. But they sometimes like affection from their company, yet when you leave them alone, they might resolve howl and get destructive.

If they feel uncomfortable or threaten, then there are high chances that you would see some aggressive behavioral changes in them.

Apart from that, they might get destructive or get overly mischievous if it wants to get your attention and affection.

Therefore, you have to be very careful and loving towards your beagle and make them as comfortable as you can.

Are Beagle Dogs Good Family Dogs?


Beagles are very active and curious dogs. They are also a breed of hound dogs, so it is natural to roam around in the environment.

You have to take a great deal of care to prevent them from wandering off into some harmful situations by keeping them contained in either a fenced-in yard or on some strong leash when you take them outside for walks.

Beagles are also very friendly around new people if you introduced them to a familiar environment. They have a short coat of fur, which is remarkably easy to take care of as it needs very minimal grooming and once in a while bathing. 

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And once your beagle passes the puppyhood, it is even easier to take care of them but looks out for their diet to get overweight after giving their puppyhood. A beagle life’s expectancy is about 12 years. If you look overall, Beagles are fantastic family dogs. 

How Big Does Beagle Dog Get? 

Beagles can vary somewhat in their sizes, and the female beagles tend to be smaller than their male counterparts. The American Kennel Club has recognized beagles in two different types. They are discussed below.

Beagle breeds are small in size, but there are two varieties of beagle. One can get 13 inches big and are for hounds, and they usually do not exceed 13 inches in height at the shoulder.

And the other type of beagle is 15 inches and is a bigger version of hounds and can stand up to 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder. 

How Much Does Beagle Dog Weigh?


As you know, Beagle dogs, when they pass their childhood, tend to get more of an eater to get overweight quickly—but depending on their height ( 13 inches or 15 inches ), the weight up to 18 to 30 pounds.

Beagles that are 13 inches tall have their standard weight of around 22 to 30 pounds. While on the other hand, beagles 13 – 15 inches tall have their average weight of around 25 – 35 pounds.

The male beagles weigh more than the female beagle breed. The males have their standard weight of 10 – 11 kg as grown-ups, while the female Beagles weigh around 9 – 10 kgs on average as adults.

But of course, depending on their diet and eating patterns, some beagles’ dogs can either be lighter or heavier than others, according to the American Kennel Club research. 

Does Beagle Dog Shed?

The beagle dogs might not have the fluffiest coats of fur or have the longest dog hair, but yes, beagles shed a lot. They shed all year long moderately and very heavily during the two shedding seasons, spring and winter. 

They would shed his summer coat at the beginning of winter and make way for its heavy-duty winter jacket.

Then when the time comes for spring, they would shed their winter coat and grow lightweight jackets to keep their body temperature cool in the warmer days.

Beagles have the most distinctive coat colors, so hiding a beagle’s hair will be a little difficult compared to other breeds of dogs.

As their hair is of medium length, that means that their hair will not be as apparent as compared to other species of dogs; you do not have to do much work to maintain their fur. But ultimately, your house or outfits will never be hair-free. Sorry to disappoint you! 

How Often Should You Bathe A Beagle Dog?


Because of their low maintenance coat of fur, you do not have to worry about bathing them frequently; you can bathe them every two to six months.

Frequent baths can make their skin and coat of fur dry, which can be harmful to them. Therefore, a bath every two to six months is more than enough to clean their fur and skin and get rid of dead skin and hairs tangled with the new hair.

But if your dog has got soil in their coat which beagles are very prone to do, you might have to rush them for a bath before they start smelling.

When you take your beagle for a bath, you put them in a bathtub and use a shower attachment to wet the coat with light warm water.

That way, you can make your beagle more comfortable during the bathing time and prevent it from jumping here and there, trying to avoid water. 

And if your dog hates getting into the bath, always make sure that you reward it after successfully taking their bath. That will encourage them to take a bath never the less the next time. 

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Does Beagle Dog Bark A Lot?

Beagles are not the quietest breed, and while beagles are not likely to bark all day long, except for frequent vocalization.

But like all the other dogs, beagles also communicate with different types of barking. If you pay close attention to your dog, you will realize that your dog barks a little differently in different situations.

For example; if your dog wants to go out for playing it will bark in its normal voice, while if it sees something or someone that it does not like or are unfamiliar to them, they would howl and bark, and when it wants to get your affection or attention, they might bark a little different.

But again, if they are scared, uncomfortable, or unhappy, they might bark more than more to express themselves.

Therefore, it is vital for you as a dog owner to take proper care and show an adequate amount of love and affection towards your dog.  

Is Beagle Dog Hypoallergenic?


No, beagles are not hypoallergenic. And unfortunately, there is no truly hypoallergenic dog bread. Like all the other dog breeds, even beagles have allergens in their saliva, fur, and dander. This breed generally makes an average amount of dog allergens.

Hypoallergenic claims are usually made about hairless breeds of dogs like the Chinese crested or dogs with a coarse or wooly coat like the fur of poodles.

The most important thing to remember is that there is always a slight variation in allergen production when you compare dogs; it depends from one breed to another.

But as for the Beagles, they are common laboratory people animals. They are used to create dog-produced allergens for research purposes. 

Is Beagle Dog Easy To Train?

Beagles initially were bred as hunting dogs; therefore, they might get a little distracted when you take them out for walks, making them one of the problematic dogs breeds to train.

Therefore, you have to be very patient and use creative training techniques to train them. Here is how you could train your beagle with ease and no problem whatsoever.

  • Always be Consistent. 

Always use the same cue for the same command every time; it will help you avoid making your dog confused about a certain type of training.

If you say come one week, come here during the next week and come here boy the next after next, you will surely confuse your beagle.

If your beagle is allowed to pull on the leash sometimes but is jerked by the color when he pulls at other times, in this case as well, you will end up confusing your dog. Therefore, make sure that everyone around your dog follows the same rules and uses the same cues.

  • Use praise and reward. 

The best motivator is usually a combination of small food treats during the training time before mealtime and enthusiastic praise and pats.

Do not worry that you would wind up with a beagle who would only work for food. Once your beagle gets the idea of what you are asking it to do, you can start to reward it infrequently, and eventually, you can cut out the treats entirely.

  • Make it easy for your dogs to get it right. 

Train them slowly and start in a quiet and in environment familiar with no distractions. And with time, you can make it more challenging for your dog. And never try to go to the next step until your beagle has mastered the current one.

Beagle Dog Behavior Problems


If you plan to get a beagle, you should know that Beagles are stubborn, but they are very affectionate towards their owners.

Therefore, other than them being stubborn, here are the most common behavior problems and methods of dealing with it that you could face with your beagle.

  • Chewing around the house 
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Beagles love chewing. It somehow makes them happy and satisfied. While it is nice to chew on toys, it is not okay to chew around furniture and other things.

This problem is more common than you think. Young beagles could be like zombies; they could chew everything that they could fit in their mouths. And the furniture in your found could have scratches and teeth marks for a long time.

The best way to stop unwanted chewing is to confine your dog to only its chewing toys. Please do not give your dog a chance to chew anything else.

Please do not allow it to roam freely in your house till you have beagle-proofed your home by removing all the unnecessary things that your puppy can nibble on easily.

  • Ignoring commands 

Beagles are very smart and cunning dogs. They will stop following commands if they feel that there is no benefit from following them.

As you know, your dogs need some positive reinforcement to follow your commands. The first thing that you can start doing is give it treats every time it follows your command, gradually decreasing the frequency you give treats.

Once your beagle knows that following orders would make you happy, it would start following your commands to please you and gain your affection.

  • Pulling on the leash 

Beagles have a curious mind, and you can say that they are dogs with the hashtags of wanderlust. But sometimes, due to this, pulling on their leash becomes a common behavior problem.

Whenever your dog starts to pull on the leash, stop right there. It needs to understand that pulling the leash will not let it get what it wants.

Once it stops and comes back to you, you can give it some treats and then continue with your activity.

  • Biting 

It is very typical for young puppies to bite because it does not know how to interact with humans. It is your duty as an owner to teach them the correct way to respect and communicate with you.

But sometimes biting habits can continue to adulthood if you fail to teach them the correct way of communicating when they are young.

Redirect your beagle’s behavior to a toy whenever it starts to bite. When it bites, make a low pitch laugh noise until it stops and then ignore it for some time. This will help your dog understand that biting hurts and will end all the fun.

How Much Does Beagle Cost? 


The initial beagle price would go on average for around $400 to $1000 for a puppy. The current median price for all the beagles sold is about $537.50.

If you are looking for a beagle with a higher lineage, you should expect it to cost around $1500 or higher. 

Where to Buy/Adopt Beagle Dog

If you want to buy or adopt a beagle dog, then you short start researching the best animal stores near your town.

You would get many store names in your first-page result, make a list of stores and places with good reviews by other people, run a background check of the place, and make sure that it is not a mill.

Another way is you can ask around people with pets about good pet stores; that way, you can get references and mouth of a word the store from the people you trust.

Ending Note 

It is difficult to resist the appeal of a beagle’s dark down or hazel eyes with his soft, pleading expression.

Beagles are very happy and outgoing dogs; they are not very yappy dogs like others; they love you just as much or even more than you love them. If you train them well, they can be a great family dog and a companion with time.

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