16 Best Dog Christmas Gifts for 2023

A dog is a wonderful companion. They can be your cute family member that can offer fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Just like humans, dogs also deserve love and attention. You should provide them with lots of time and love.

Dogs love to be with their family-owned, and they love physical affection.

However, they also love to receive gifts. So, you can give them the best gifts this Christmas season. 

The following is the list of the 16 best dog Christmas gifts for 2021 that you can choose from for your dog to help you with this. 


1. Frisco Holiday Dog Christmas Tree Cave Bed

Your pet also needs to rest comfortably. The Frisco Holiday Dog Christmas Tree Cave Bed can be the best gift for your beloved friend this Christmas.

Aside from its beautiful Christmas Tree design, it has a soft cushion for your dog’s maximum comfort while resting.

It comes with a removable cushion for easy maintenance and cleaning. This cave bed is foldable, making it easy to transport in different gatherings. 

2. La-Z-Boy Chaise Furniture Sofa Dog Bed

The Christmas season is a time to spoil your dog. This furniture sofa dog bed can be the perfect Christmas gift for your dog.

With this item, your pup can experience a royal treatment since it can also be a cute, adorable accessory in your home.

The La-Z-Boy Chaise furniture sofa dog bed has a stylish design. It is made from furniture-grade materials that have posh textured chenille upholstery. 

3. Frisco Personalized Nylon Dog Collar 

If you want to give your pet a more personalized gift for the holidays, this dog collar is the best option. You’re free to choose your desired color combination.

You can also put your pet’s name or initials and your contact number on the woven nylon dog collar. It is available in various sizes for a perfect fit. It can be the best-personalized bling you can give to your little friend. 

4. Design Imports Santa Belt Pet Bowl 

Feeding your dog is essential for the overall health of your pet. If you want to level up your dog’s food bowl, this gift item is the best solution.

This Santa-themed bowl is made from ceramic with a glossy finish, ideal for small and medium dog breeds’ use. It can be used as a water or food bowl. 

5. Goody Box Holiday Toys 

Treat your dog by offering the best box of holiday toys this Christmas.

The Goody Box Holiday Toys set is hand-picked by professionals who know about the happiness of dogs.

The set contains a soft blanket, holiday-themed bandana, cute reindeer toy, and lots of delicious treats.

You don’t need to worry because the treats in this gift box don’t contain wheat, grain, soy, or corn.

Another unique feature of this item is that it comes with a list of exciting holiday traditions that you and your best friend can enjoy. 

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6. Merrick Seasonal Christmas Day Dinner Canned Dog Food

Christmas is a feast when you can enjoy your favorite foods. Well, your dog may drool while gazing at you.

So, make sure to treat them too with the best dog foods that they deserve. Purchasing Merrick Seasonal Christmas Day Dinner Canned Dog Food is a good decision.

The food is delicious and grain-free. It features a deboned chicken being its main ingredient.

It is combined with other tasty flavors like sweet potatoes, duck, and peas to make it more traditional.

It is an all-natural recipe making it safe to eat by your pet. It has essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients for your dog. 

7. Wobble Wag Giggle Holiday Dog Toy 

Your dog needs playtime to keep them active and happy. It helps them to prevent boredom and loneliness.

This Wobble Wag Giggle Holiday Dog Toy can be a cute gift for your little friend since it is perfect for indoor and outdoor plays.

It comes with six clutch pockets, so you can easily pick up the ball for a fetch game.

It can give a more fun game for your medium-sized and big-sized pet since it emits giggle sounds as your dog shakes or rolls the ball. 

8. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Holiday Trees Dog Treats 

Just like us, your pet also needs delicious treats this holiday season. The Zuke’s Mini Naturals Holiday Trees dog treats don’t contain soy, wheat, corn, and other fillers.

Instead, it contains superfoods such as cranberries and sweet potatoes for low fat.

It comes with a tasty turkey flavor that your pet will surely love. These dog treats are rich in minerals and vitamins. 

9. ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Aid for Dogs 

Another unique Christmas gift for your beloved pet is the ThunderShirt Anxiety & Calming Aid for dogs.

It can help dogs who suffer from tension and separation anxiety. It has a patented design with gentle, constant pressure that can calm your pet in stressful conditions.

This item can be compared to giving your pet a continuous hug. If you want to make your dog feel comfortable in stressful situations, this gift item is a perfect choice. 

10. Frisco Boulder Dog Puffer Coat 

It cannot be denied that dogs that wear jackets are so cute. The Frisco Boulder Dog Puffer Coat can be the Christmas gift item you’ve been looking for your pet.

It features a soft fleece lining for optimal comfort. It also comes with a water-resistant shell to keep your pet dry and warm.

It can be a fashionable coat perfect for snowy and cold weather. It has a stylish design with an on-trend buffalo plaid collar.

It can provide your pet with additional winter insulation. It is available in different sizes for a perfect fit. 

11. Grain-free and Gluten-Free Biscuit Dog Treats 

Feed your dog with love and delicious foods this Christmas! Grain-free and Gluten-Free Biscuit dog treats can be the best giveaway for your dog.

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These treats are good for dogs that have sensitive stomachs. It contains all-natural ingredients that are made in the USA. 

12. Frisco Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar Dog Costume 

If you want to level up the spirit of Christmas with your pet, you can give them this Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar dog costume.

You can purchase it in 3 sizes, so all dogs of different sizes can participate in the festive fun.

If you are conscious of budgeting for your pet’s Christmas gift, this item is the best solution. It is available at a wallet-friendly cost.

The collar can be worn on top of the dog’s ordinary collar. With this product, you can transform your pet into a reindeer.

The costume has an adjustable elastic chin strap for a comfortable fit. 

13. Pawmlgo Free-Fit Peppermint Mesh Dog Harness 

If you want your pet to join the feast of Christmas, this mesh dog harness is the best Christmas gift for your dog.

It has a stylish and cute Christmas design. It comes with adjustable straps at the waist and neck to make your dog feel comfortable.

The harness also has a 4-point lock system and metal D-ring for lead attachment. It is safe to wear by your dog and machine washable in cold water. 

14. Fetch for Pets Friends Turkey Head Dog Toy 

This turkey head dog toy can be the best Christmas gift for your beloved best friend. It can entertain your dog this Thanksgiving season.

It is a 12-inch jumbo size toy with a noise squeaker that will amuse your pet. It has a cuddly and soft cotton construction.

It is ideal for bigger dogs who love good chew. 

15. KONG Holiday AirDog Donut Dog Toy 

You can give your pet with KONG Holiday AirDog Donut Dog Toy to keep them entertained, active and happy this Christmas.

Your pet can be wild while trying to seek the toy’s hidden squeaker. Its chew consistency can mimic that of a tennis ball.

It has an attractive candy-cane color, so it will not get lost in a pile of gifts. 

16. Hyper Pet Christmas Oogie Boogie Plush Dog Toy 

Oogie Boogie is the antagonist of “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

It can be a little bit spooky for children, but it doesn’t appear terrifying by using it for a game of fetch for your pet.

It is an ideal gift for dogs of all life stages. It is constructed with polyester with great durability.

This toy resembles the favorite character in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” 

There we go, so that is the list of the 16 Best Dog Christmas Gifts for 2020 that you can choose from for your pet.

With lots of Christmas gifts for dogs in the market, the challenge for you to pick the right one for your puppy is real.

Throw your worries away because the following is a buying guide for the best dog Christmas Gifts for 2020.  

Buying Guide for Dog Christmas Gifts 


Are you done with your Christmas gift list? Do you already have a gift for your little best friend this holiday season?

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If you plan to buy a Christmas gift for your pet, consider the following tips. 

1. Type of gift 

One factor to consider in buying a Christmas gift is the type of gift. The following are some types of Christmas gifts you can give to your pet. 

2. Comfort accessories 

Among the ideal gifts this holiday season for your dog is comfort accessories like a plush cooling bed, comfy pillow, jacket, and anxiety aid.

With these comfort accessories, your dot can regulate their body temperature to release excess heat from their body.

It can also help them to stay warm during the cold weather. 

3. Drinking and feeding accessories 

Hydration and nutrition are important for the overall health of your pet. It is a good idea to give them drinking and feeding accessories this Christmas.

These accessories may include an automated water dispenser, stainless steel, or ceramic food bowls, which are more hygienic than plastic. 

4. Dental chews and dog chews

Chewing is among the common behaviors of a dog. Why not give them dental or dog chews this holiday?

It can be a great alternative, so they will not be destructive in your home. 

5. Dog toys

Just like your children, dogs also love to receive toys. Meanwhile, there are lots of dog toys on the market.

You can prefer toys that can help them in obedience training. Ensure that the toys are safe to play with and not harmful to your pet’s health. 


6. Types of dog toys 

Toys are among the best Christmas gifts for dogs. It can provide them with fun and entertaining gameplay.

There are types of dog toys that you can choose from, including interactive toys that develop your dog’s intelligence, plush toys, and tug toys.

You can also give them fetch toys and teething toys. 

7. Safety 

It is also important to consider the safety of your dogs before buying a Christmas gift.

Make sure that the item doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that can affect the health of your dog. 

8. Cost 

You can choose a gift that suits your budget. Luckily, there are lots of safe and quality Christmas gifts that are available at an affordable cost.

With that, you have an assurance that the time, effort, and budget you invest for the gift item are all worth it. 

9. Quality 

You must only buy quality gifts for your pet. For example, you must give them a safe but delicious treat.

You can provide them with toys that don’t contain toxic chemicals. 


To sum it up, there are lots of Christmas gifts that you can select for your dog. You can pick one from the gift ideas mentioned above.

Your pet deserves happiness and love during the holiday season. So, you must make them feel special and loved too in the Christmas season.

Shower them with attention and love by giving them the best Christmas item that can make them happy.

What are you waiting for? Get a Christmas gift for your dog now! 

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