17 Common Dog Behavioral Problems and Solutions

As a dog owner, you may face several challenges while taking care of your dog. These include dealing with their behavioral problems. There are some instances that dog owners mishandled or misunderstood their pets’ behavior problems.

Are you new to dog ownership? Then, you must learn how to handle their behavior problems. The following are some typical dog behavioral problems and the solutions you can apply to help you. 

1. Barking 


Your pet may vocalize through barking. One behavioral problem among dogs is excessive barking.

Dog barking can have various reasons like seeking attention, alert or warning, boredom, anxiety, excitement, and playfulness or responding to other dogs. It might also be an indication they want to protect their territory.

Excessive barking can be a nuisance, especially if you’re relaxing at home. It can also disturb your neighbors. 

With this, you must know how to control your pet’s behavior. You must understand the reason why your dog barks excessively.

For example, if your pet barks because of anxiety, you must make her or him comfortable.

You can make your pet’s bed his or her safe space when he or she becomes stressed. You can also teach them with bark and quiet commands. 

2. Separation Anxiety 


Separation anxiety is the condition when dogs go crazy as you leave them alone. They tend to destroy objects in their surroundings, cries uncontrollably, or bark excessively.

This dog behavioral problem is quite alarming since it can cause havoc. So, you must develop ways to combat this dog behavior. It is also essential to know the signs of separation anxiety.

These signs include being anxious if you’re about to leave, your pet tries to touch you if whenever possible, or misbehavior in the first 15 to 45 minutes after the dog owner leaves. 

If it seems like a dog likes to follow the owner constantly, it is also a symptom of separation anxiety.

The solutions to this problem involve behavior modification, dedicated training, and desensitization exercises. It is also a good idea to walk with your dog to give them exercise.

Play with them and spend time with your dog for their mental and physical stimulation, reducing separation anxiety. Meanwhile, medical recommendations are possible in extreme situations. 

3. Digging


Another behavioral problem of dogs is digging. This behavior can be a matter of instinct. Some dogs which are bred as hunters are prone to digging.

Meanwhile, the possible reasons for digging include fear or anxiety, excess energy, boredom, hunting instinct, desire to hide their possessions like toys or bones, seeking comfort like cooling off or nesting, and to gain access or escape in an area. 

Your pet’s behavior can be frustrating, so you must know the reason behind it. Among the best things to reduce digging are providing your pet with more exercise, giving them lots of time and attention as well as providing them extra training.

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If it’s hard to prevent their digging behavior, you can only teach them to dig in a specific area. 

4. Chewing 


Chewing is natural in dogs. It is even an essential activity for pets. However, it can be a problem if your dog shows excessive chewing, leading to destruction.

Chewing among dogs may cause anxiety, puppy teething, excess energy or boredom, and curiosity, especially for young dogs. 

If you see your pet chewing the wrong thing, distract your pet with a sharp noise and quickly replace the item with a chew toy.

Encourage your pet to chew only the right things by giving her or him lots of chew toys. Make sure to keep away your items from your dog.

If you’re not at home, you can confine your little best friend in an area where he or she can cause less destruction.

It is also important to provide them with more exercise to wear off their energy. In this way, they can be stimulated than chewing. 

5. Aggression 

Aggression in dogs can be shown through showing teeth, snarling, growling, biting, and lunging.

Keep in mind that all dogs can portray aggression regardless of their history or breed. The environment also affects your dog’s behavior.

You can seek help from a veterinarian to know if a health problem can cause your pet’s aggression. Additionally, you can also get help from a professional behaviorist or dog trainer. 

6. Biting 


Biting is another behavioral problem with your pet. They tend to bite because they want to explore their surroundings.

Your dog can bite for different reasons like property protection, fear, sickness or pain, defensiveness, and predatory instinct. Biting habit is not always about aggression. 

If you want to reduce or eliminate your dog’s biting habit, you can provide them socialization, proper training, and breeding practices. 

7. Inappropriate Elimination

Inappropriate defecation and urination can be the most frustrating among dog behaviors. It can make your pet unwelcome at other people’s homes and in public areas. It can also damage your home areas.

To solve this behavioral problem, you need to determine the reasons behind this. Common reasons for inappropriate elimination include anxiety, territorial marking, excitement or submissive urination, and lack of proper housebreaking. 

You must be patient because it can’t be avoided among puppies. Meanwhile, you can need behavior modification to avoid this habit. 

8. Chasing 


Some dogs chase things to portray their predatory instinct. They also tend to chase people, animals, and cars, putting them in danger.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can apply to avoid disaster. For example, you can train your best friend to come at you when called.

If you can’t supervise your dog indoors, you can confine her or him or put him on a leash most of the time.

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It is also a good idea to have a noisemaker or whistle to grab your pet’s attention. You must be aware and observe for possible triggers. You can also solve this through dedicated training. 

9. Begging 

Begging is another behavior problem among dogs. However, some dog lovers encourage it, which is not highly recommended.

Thus, it can result in obesity and digestive problems. The reason for begging behavior is that your pet loves food.

Sometimes, pet owners can resist their dog’s longing appearance, but it can be a problem in the future. One way to fix this behavioral problem is to ask your pet to go to their place as you eat.

So, they will not see you while eating. You can also give your dog a special treat after eating with your family. 

10. Jumping Up 


It is a natural and common behavior among dogs. For example, young dogs can jump up to greet and reach their moms.

They can also jump up as they great people if they’re excited or seek an item in the hands of a person.

Meanwhile, this behavior can be dangerous and annoying. A good method to combat this method is to turn away and ignore your pet.

Don’t speak, make eye contact, or touch your pet. If he relaxes, you can reward your dog. 

11. Playing Roughly 

Playing roughly can also be bad behavior. You can stop this behavior if you stop making sounds or moves.

You can keep your arms and hands close to your body. If possible, you can be a statue even your pet is jumping up on you. It also needs the training to prevent your dog from playing roughly. 

12. Stealing Clothing, Food, and Other Objects 

Stealing clothing, food, and other objects is an easy problem among dogs. You must be responsible for being careful about keeping your things.

Check if there are food leftovers anywhere, accessible garbage cans, open closet doors, and more.

Another way to reduce your dog’s bad behavior is to give them plenty of appropriate toys and chews.

If your pet steals something, you can call her or him to you. You can also give your pet a command like “Leave it” while opening his mouth to get the item. 

13. Eating Poop


Eating poop is another behavioral problem among dogs. Your pet’s disgusting habit can be caused by malnutrition, boredom, or preference. 

14. Clingy Behavior 

Having a dog with too clingy behavior can be a problem, especially if you can’t go to the toilet without your pet.

In this case, offering your dog proper training is the best solution.

15. Climbing on Furniture

For some dog owners, climbing on furniture can be a behavior problem. Thus, it can damage some valuable objects you display in your furniture.

It can also be annoying if your pet climbs on the cabinet in your kitchen to steal your food. 

One of the best things to combat your pet’s bad behavior is to train them how they are supposed to behave. You must be patient when it comes to training your pet. 

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16. Excessive Licking 

Excessive licking in dogs can be frustrating. If you see your pet licking themselves, there is a possibility that they suffer from an infection or injury.

It can be a sign of a health problem, so you must check the status of their health with an experienced veterinarian’s help. 

17. Pulling 

A pulling dog is not a good thing. Your pulling dog can take you to the street, which can cause an unfortunate incident.

With this, you must be dedicated to providing your pet with training and socialization to make them a well-mannered dog. 

Be careful when you feel if your pet becomes too aggressive. You can leave your pet to avoid potential danger. You can seek the help of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. 

There we go, so that is the list of the common behavioral problems in dogs and the solutions to fix them. 

Treat Your Pet As Your Child 


As a pet owner, your dog can be compared to your child. You can love them as your family member and can help you to smile and brighten up your day.

However, just like children, they tend to develop behavioral problems that may be frustrating. Several factors can cause these behavior problems. So, you must determine the possible causes behind your pet’s bad habit.

Fortunately, you can reduce your dog’s behavioral problem in so many ways. Keep in mind that you need dedication and patience when combating your beloved pet’s bad behavior. 

It is also essential to shower your dog with love, time, and attention. Play with them to make them feel happy and special.

It can reduce the symptoms of stress, depression, and separation anxiety with your dog. Give your comprehensive pet care to make them healthy and happy.

Make sure to provide them with proper nutrition, regular exercise and playtime, proper grooming, and providing them with their medical needs and checkups.

If you observe that your dog is suffering from allergies and other possible illnesses, you must take your pet to a professional vet. 


To sum it up, the behavioral problems among dogs can be reduced by providing them extra love, care, attention, and proper training and socialization.

With these effective methods, you can have peace of mind that your pet can be a well-rounded dog that you can be proud of. 

You just need to find out the potential cause of your dog’s inappropriate behavior. Does your pet suffer from anxiety?

Is your pet stressed? Why does your dog act like this? You can get help from an expert behaviorist or dog trainer to provide a solution for your dog’s common behavior problems. 

So, you can have peace of mind when you and your dog is in a public place or the house of your neighbor.

Do you observe some bad habits with your pet? Then, you can apply the solutions mentioned above. 

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