Are Maltese Dogs Smart?


Maltese dogs are comes shrouded in white rich for, and they were destined to live in extravagance. It is frequently said that the Maltese puppy consistently lays on the lap of people. Indeed, even in their adulthood, they will stay fun-loving and enthusiastic. They regularly make their mark move, which is skipping here and there … Read more

The 7 Types Of Dog Breeds


Man’s best friend has been around for a very long time. Evolution has taught us that dogs have come a long way from their original ancestors- the wolves. They are much more friendly, are undeniably lovable, and come in all shapes and sizes to fit your every need. Owning a dog is full of joy … Read more

How Do dogs Communicate With Humans?


Irrespective of the language a being speaks, they always communicate with the beings around them.Be it a human being or an elephant; they are able to communicate through either speech or stomach rumblings. When it comes to communication between human beings and some other animals, understanding their language is quite difficult, but you can always … Read more