8 Myths About Fostering Rescue Dogs


Every year, thousands of lovely dogs find themselves in animal shelters all across the country waiting to be adopted, but sadly, around 20% of them won’t make it out alive. Most people don’t realize how many dogs are euthanized every year—over 4 million—and this number seems to be rising. Here, we’ll share eight common myths … Read more

How Smart Are German Shepherds?


German Shepherds have been considered one of the best companions since time immemorial. Not only are they known to be incredibly supportive to their owners, but their intelligence has come to use for humans on multiple occasions. Known to be full of strength, agility, and an indomitable spirit, they make for excellent services dogs. Also … Read more

10 Things ONLY a Siberian Husky Owner Would Understand


Siberian husky is a working dog that originated from a primitive tribe in northeastern Siberia. These dogs have been popularly described as being mischievous, outgoing and loyal at the same time. Their thick double coat, markings and a multitude of colored eyes add to the appeal of these dogs. You will find passers-by drawn to … Read more