7 Low Shedding Small Dogs

While some people can tolerate shedding dogs, some people couldn’t, and that’s completely understandable.

When taking a fur friend home with you, you must make sure that you could take care of them well, and to do that, they must be compatible with you.

Not everyone can handle a big dog with just as big energy, and many people couldn’t stand shedding as it can irritate their nose or demands a lot of time for cleaning.

If you see yourself as one of those people, you should try and adopt a low shedding small dog instead.

They’re just as friendly and loyal as other dog friends, and they’ll be sure to love you just as much.

Detach yourself from the worry of constant cleaning by adopting a low shedding small dog; if you couldn’t decide which dog breed to get, however, then try checking out the list below.

1. Maltese Terrier


The only color a Maltese Terrier would ever sport is white, and it does a great job at doing it, as well.

Its fur sheds less, which makes the dog breed nice to keep around, especially when you do not have time to clean often.

Roughly the height of 20 to 25 centimeters, the Maltese Terriers proves trustworthy and loyal.

The most thing that dog owners worry about when adopting a fur friend is that they would not have sufficient time in their hands to take their pets on brisk walks and let them exercise.

Not everyone has the privilege of time to spare for such activities, and not giving a dog sufficient amounts of exercise can make it rather unhealthy. 

However, the Maltese Terrier begs to be different. This cute, small combination of Maltese and Terrier does not need a whole bunch of exercising to do.

It will do well with just staying inside your home—in fact, it good even to guard your house well. Regardless of its size, Maltese Terriers are always on alert.

It is easy for this dog breed to bond and become emotionally attached to its owners, too.

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If you work from home or are a homebody, then the Maltese Terrier will surely be compatible with you.

2. Havanese


For a dog of its size – roughly 8 to 11 inches tall – the Havanesecarries a big amount of charm with it. They originated from Cuba.

This dog breed is a bundle of fun and love, as well, as it is known to be friendly to any animal or human and is always up for anything exciting.

That would mean that you should make sure your Havanese friend gets enough fun in their life—a simple game will do, or you can also teach them tricks from time to time.

Any activity would count as exciting as long as they do it with their owner, as the Havanese dog breed is known to be extremely affectionate, as well. 

Havanese’s coats do not shed, but for this to happen, you must always take extra good care of it.

This would mean weekly brushing, along with giving it regular baths, as well. These tasks are extremely vital in keeping your small fur friend’s coats lush and shed less.

3. Shih Tzu


Who would not love Shih Tzus? To be frank, a lot of households had already adopted this loving fur friend – it is not only friendly, intelligent, and of the toy breed, but its beautiful coat sheds less, making them worry-free from constantly cleaning the house.

The meaning of “Shih Tzu” is actually “little lion,” but this toy dog breed that stands roughly 8 to 11 inches tall is not wild or ferocious.

They are, in fact, lovely and friendly fur friends. They bond well with humans, be children or adults, and get along with other dog breeds with ease.

Shih Tzus’ furs vary in color; there could be black, white, or a mix of both. There are also Shih Tzus that are of the color cream or brown.

Nonetheless, make sure to take care of your fur friends’ coats well and see them become not only lovely but healthy, as well.

4. Miniature or Toy Poodles


When hearing about poodles, you may think of a dog breed that stands around 24 to 28 centimeters tall, but some poodles are of the toy breed.

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No matter its size, expect every poodle fur friend to shed less and be hypoallergenic, making it more of a better dog to adopt.

This cute, adorable coat of poodles requires a lot of care and grooming. If you do not, they will grow to be rather unhealthy.

Aside from their physique, miniature or toy poodles are amazing to adopt as they are loyal to their owners and are friendly.

To make it better, poodles – miniature or not – are known to be intelligent.

This means that training them is easy and would take less time than training other dog breeds.

You could also teach them a few tricks that you could have fun with. A brisk walk is also enough to serve as an exercise for your friend to stay healthy, as well.

If you want to adopt a fur friend that is small, hypoallergenic, and is easy to train, then miniature poodles are your perfect match. This dog breed is said to be energetic, as well.

5. Bichon Frise


Small? Cute? Energetic and hypoallergenic? The Bichon Frise has all of those characteristics, and to add to those—they are extremely cheerful and full of love.

This dog breed is a must-adopt if you have kids in your household, as they are known to be friendly and be full of fun, as well.

Despite being hypoallergenic, however, a Bichon Frise’s coat requires extra attention and maintenance.

To keep it as it is—low-shedding, plush, and beautiful—you must always see to it that your fur friend’s coat is groomed, brushed, and is regularly bathed.

If you manage to take care of your Bichon Frise well, then not only would your pet dog look lovely, but be the healthiest that it could ever be, as well.

Its lifespan is expected to last around 12 to 15 years, as long as you are sure to keep them healthy as much as possible.

Some Bichon Frise fur friends are extremely calm and gentle and would do well with napping on your lap for hours you could not even count, but they can also be aggressive and extremely playful—there are times when they would enjoy a fun game or a walk outside the house. 

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6. Brussels Griffon


The Brussels Griffon – or often referred to as “Griffons,” was named after its city origin, none other than Brussels,

Belgium. A part of the toy breed, a Brussels Griffon friend, would stand up to 7 to 8 inches tall.

Despite having a small physique, Brussels Griffons were used for hunting down rats and mice, which says a lot about how they could be helpful when you have a pest dilemma in your household.

This also shows how they are active, as well – but they are chill enough to be kept as a pet.

The Brussels Griffon breed dogs are not all the same, as they may vary into two types of coat.

This would be the rough-coated Brussels Griffon and the smooth-coated Brussels Griffon.

However, regardless of its type of coat, this toy dog breed is known for being hypoallergenic and low-shedding.

What makes the Brussels Griffon better is that they do not demand extra demands of grooming.

Regular grooming, bathing, and brushing for this dog will do, and you will still see how their fur will still thrive on being as healthy as it could ever be.

7. Lhasa Apso


This dog breed will have you gushing at first sight! The Lhasa Apso is not hard to take care of activity-wise, as this small, cute fur friend will do well with short walks or maybe even just napping all day long.

It is friendly and extremely affectionate, so, surely, they will always have your backs.

A Lhasa Apso dog is low-shedding, but that comes with efforts of regular grooming, as well.

If you think you do not have time for this, then you can let your Lhasa Apso friend have a puppy cut, the same way with how most Lhasa Apso dog owners do with theirs.

This will require less maintenance and grooming on your pet’s coat.

Expect a Lhasa Apso dog to stay with you for a long time, as they are known to live a long, healthy life.

Standing around 27 centimeters, this dog breed was also bred to be a guard dog, but then they do well with being a companion in your household, as well.

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