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The German Shepherd has been a hero and a dedicated dog. No doubt that these massive qualities have led this breed to be America’s second most popular dog.

Thanks to the breeders who prioritized the dog’s health, intellectual ability, and temperament so that they become well acclimatized to different situations.

The world is frequently struck by beautiful and touching stories of German Shepherds sacrificing lives to save people; owners and even strangers.

Let us narrow down to the top 10 dogs in this breed who earned the title “hero” for an act that won people’s hearts forever.

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1. Bruno (1995)

German Shepherd dogs

In 1995, Bruno, a nine-month-old German Shepherd saved the life of an eleven-year-old boy, Donnie Skiffington who had been thrown from his bicycle into a ditch.

Donnie lay in the ditch unconscious from severe bleeding. Bruno licked his face until he regained consciousness. Incredibly, Bruno began dragging him by his shirt collar towards home.

2. Dick (1989)

German Shepherd dogs

In 1989, a German Shepherd named Dick owned by a police Sergent; Larry Bigley took a bullet for his handler.

The dog repeatedly took vicious attacks during the search for two coyotes. The incident left him deaf in one ear, and one eye could see no more.

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3. Sasha.

German Shepherd puppy

A German Shepherd named Sasha jumped into a pool in Argentina and saved a four-year-old girl.

The girl had left home unnoticed and was wandering in the neighbor’s yard when she fell into the pool. Sasha struggled and pulled her out alive.

4. Buddy.

German Shepherd dogs

It was in 2010 when a man named Ben was trapped in an inferno. Ben asked Buddy to go out and seek for help.

Buddy courageously ran out and attracted the attention of a police officer along the road.

The police trusted the dog and followed him to the place where his owner was trapped in danger. More troopers were called in, and the situation was taken back to normal.

5. Rambo.

German Shepherd dogs

This is another utterly incredible story in 2015 of a German Shepherd named Rambo.

Rambo sacrificed his life when he saw that his owner was hit by lightning and touched him to discharge the electricity.

Jonathan Herdsman, the owner, took to reveal the story immediately he recovered.

6. Hero MAXX led firefighters inside his home to save a four-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl trapped inside.

German Shepherd dogs

Authorities in Central Florida confirmed that Maxx, a German Shepherd led the firefighters to locate the children who were chocking in heavy smoke as a blaze demolished their house.

The firefighter succeeded in evacuating the children, an encounter which neighbors had already declared a lost course.

7. Hero German Shepherd saved the entire SAS crew from ISIS ambush.

German Shepherd dog running

This US army German Shepherd dog who was on the verge of completing his special force training saved the life of soldiers on board in convoy.

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The Soldiers were reportedly attacked by the Jihadists, Islamic attackers in a position hard for them to hit back.

When the dog was released off the leash, he trusted his instincts and savaged the attackers.

The soldiers were able to flee. It was even encouraging as the dog came back unscathed.

8. Nemo A534.

German Shepherd dogs

US troops were in operation based in Vietnam. Nemo and his owner Robert Throneburge were taking a night patrol when the brave German Shepherd sensed the approach of enemies and alerted his owner.

Nemo and his owner managed to kill the two combats, but both were left seriously injured.

Despite the injuries, Nemo could not leave Throneburge until help came by. Not until a Vet lured him away to leave the sight of his injured owner.

9. Noah, a German Shepherd who took a bullet to save his family.

German Shepherd dogs

It happened that a father pulled out on a trip to buy a new collar for Noah. There was abrupt gunfire in the parking lot.

Noah jumped to the front seat and guarded the family against where the bullets were piercing from.

It was a remarkable scene that saw all other family members left sober albeit Noah sustained wounds from bullets.

10. Baggins, a German Shepherd, saved a six-year-old boy.

German Shepherd dogs

Baggins had not taken any tracking training when she carefully located this boy who had been missing for hours. She found the boy buried under a snowbank.

To conclude, it doesn’t take too much time to conclude these dog’s actions. After all, we all know that only a few breeds would scare off the attacker to protect their owners or engage in an operation that will amaze the world.

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Let me imagine that this time around you learned of a dog that can spring into action at any time to save its handler; German Shepherds!

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