Top 10 Wire-haired Dog Breeds

Are you considering getting a new furry family member, but you suffer from an allergy? Do you want a dog that requires less brushing? If yes, it’s time for you to look for wire-haired dog breeds. 

Broken or wire coats are not as silky and soft as most coats that other dogs have. Properly groomed wire coats will be bristly and rough. The coat is coarse in texture and a couple of inches long.

One of the best things about wire-haired dog breeds is that they do not shed a lot, making them ideal choices for people suffering from allergies.

Besides, pet parents have to deal with regular cleaning of furniture due to doh hair layers. If you are interested in this kind of breed, keep reading this top 10 wire-haired dog breeds!

1. Scottish Terrier 


Personable, appealing, and cute, the Scottish Terriers live by their own set of rules. The homeland of this small, black Terrier is Aberdeen, Scotland.

This breed has a dignified and silhouette beard and very popular in the United States.The Scottish Terriers are known to form a strong attachment with their family.

However, they remain strong-willed and independent dogs. While some do not always get along with other dogs, others can be social with them. So, early socialization is essential.

This short, sturdy dog breed has pronounced beard and eyebrows and a long face when it comes to physical characteristics.

When left untrimmed, they will form a wiry, hard outer coat. Other than black, they also come in brindle and wheaten coloring.

This little dog was nicknamed “diehard” by the Earl of Dumbarton regarding their aggressive nature. Us Presidents George W. Bush and Franklin D. Roosevelt are other famous owners of Scotties.

2. German Wire Haired Pointer 


The German Wire-haired Pointers are lively, intelligent, and need plenty of exercises. These characteristics make them good choices for working dogs.

This dog breed was bred as a hunter dog, so they were initially working with hunters.While German Pointers are sociable and friendly, they can still a little reserved with strangers around.

They can be very protective of their family members, but their protective instincts can be intimidating to others. They care particularly endearing.

During the toughest weather conditions, the wiry double coat of this dog breed stands up. They will then get thick during the winter season to protect them against cold weather.

When summer months came, their undercoat will be very finely thin. The German Wire-haired Pointers have bushy eyebrows and a beard. Their coats are double layered and are water repellent.

Their facial hair serves as protection to their face. As for the coats across their body, they protect them from injuries and extreme weather conditions.

During winter months, the coats of German Pointers get very thick. Then, expect loads of hair all over the house because they shed during summer months. 

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3. Wire-Haired Vizsla 


Many people assume that Wirehaired Vizslas are variants of the Vizsla. However, it’s a separate breed. They are loyal to their family members and have sensitive temperaments.

The Wirehaired Vizslas were originally developed in the 20th century. That is because breeders wanted similar attributes in the Vizsla.

However, this wire-haired breed comes with a sturdier body. Their denser coats serve as protection against colder temperatures and injuries.

This dog breed comes with solid golden rust in varying shades. They have a pronounced beard and eyebrows.

Their topcoat is close-lying, wiry, and dense. The undercoat is water repellent and dense on the top of the body. 

While these Vizslas continue their popularity among hunting communities, they are still great options for affectionate, loyal, and eager to please furry best friends.

They have boundless enthusiasm and energy. They are very active at home, which gives them essential exercise. If they are bored, this breed becomes destructive and is notable for being chewers.

Since Wirehaired Vizslas are vulnerable to separation anxiety, it’s best to be in a home where they have a companion for the rest of the day.

4. Irish Wolfhound 


Often referred to as the “gentle giant,” the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog breeds by the AKC.

They are better-known for their affection and loyalty. This dog breed is usually very patient. Despite their big size, they are good-natured with kids.

Compared to average dog breeds, the Irish Wolfhound does not require more space. On the other hand, pet parents need to have a big food budget each month.

In case pet parents have small furries at home, this wire-haired dog breed is not suited to them due to their strong prey drive.

This dog breed can grow 30 inches and up and weighs 105-120 lbs. They have a tall and long body. They come in a rough coat with varying colors such as black, cream, gray, blue brindle, and more.

5. Kerry Blue Terrier 


Hailing from County Kerry, Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terriers are among the most popular choices for wire-haired dog breeds in the US today.

They were originally used for herding cattle and sheep and hunting rodents.The Kerry Blue Terriers have striking blue and gray color coat, which makes them stand out.

Because of their coats’ color coupled with hunting prowess, this dog breed was nicknamed “Blue Devil.”

Their coat can be a bit high maintenance, so many owners get a professional groomer to keep these wire-haired buddies bathed, trimmed, and groomed.

This wire-haired dog breed is spirited and strong-minded, displaying a lot of terrier characteristics, including obedience, enthusiasm, and intelligence.

They do not shed, which means that their coat will grow throughout the year. A weekly grooming session is already enough. It is recommended to give them a clipping once every six weeks or more.

6. Jack Russel


When people see Jack Russel, they probably remember the movie “The Mask.” This dog breed is one of the most popular small dogs breeds wire-haired coats in their homeland England and the US.

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The Jack Russel is outgoing and plucky. They are wonderful entertaining companions and are almost fearless. When they are around the house, life will never be boring.

This dog breed was originally used for hunting foxes. Today, they are great farm forms and popular choices with people living in the countryside.

They offer two different coat types, wiry and smooth. With a little maintenance required, weekly brushing is enough to remove dead hairs.

While they are small, they are still good lapdogs. They are better-known for their determination, intelligence, stamina, and energy.

These hardy dogs are known to live for a longer time compared to other breeds. They best suit having an active home because of their high tendency towards barking and prey drive.

The Jack Russels can grow up to 13-14 inches and weigh 13-17 lbs. Their broken or smooth coat comes in varying colors such as tan, brown, black, or brown markings.

7. Schnauzer


One of Schnauzer’s best things is that it comes in three varieties: giant, standard, and miniature. So, depending on the pet parents’ preference, they can choose the one that suits them.

This dog breed is one of the most cherished breeds in the US. The standard type of Schnauzer was originally bred for guarding and hunting rodents, and as a versatile farm dog. 

The Schnauzers have a beard and mustache and boasts their arched eyebrows. These wire-haired dogs offer a regal appearance, and their intelligent personality contributes to it.

This makes them a popular choice among pet lovers in the US. They do not smell too much, and their coats shed a little, thanks to their stiff and wiry coats.

Schnauzer’s dog name came from the German word, which means snout, whiskered snout, or mustache. These dogs also have distinct muzzle other than their long fluffy eyebrows and salt and pepper coats.

8. Wire Fox Terrier 


The Wire Fox Terrier is another terrier on the list. This small dog breed has a coarsely textured coat. The undercoat is thick to protect them against cold temperatures. As for the top layer of the coat, it is twisted instead of curled and is wiry and stiff. 

This wire-haired breed is best known for its active personality. They need a lot of entertainment. Pet lovers in the US commonly prefer them because of their great pet family attributes. 

The Wire Fox Terriers were originally bred for flushing outfoxes. Because of their intelligent and tough coats, they become less prone to injuries while hunting.

Today, they make wonderful companions because of their smart and brave personalities.This dog breed is sometimes confused as a larger Airedale Terrier or Lakeland Terrier.

They have a coarse beard and coat. While pet parents will love their less shedding coats, weekly brushing helps keep them in top condition.

These fun-loving and spunky wire-haired dogs offer plenty of terrier traits. Pet parents can expect them to be energetic and have a high prey drive.

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Overall, Wire Fox Terrier is loyal and bold companions for people who are active and patient. These dogs are also ideal for those who are not into getting lapdogs.

9. Dachshund


The Dachshund is one of the most popular dog breeds across the world. They come with smooth and wire coated variety.

The homeland of these low-slung dogs in Germany was originally bred for hunting badgers, where dig them out from the set.

Today, the Dachshunds have mini and standard variety. They have snuggly, smart, loyal, and protective personalities.

However, they tend to have a high prey drive and be noisy. They are not even always tolerant of strange dogs and young kids. But, early and on-going socialization would help. 

The Dachshunds can grow 5-9 inches and weigh up to 32 lbs. They have a low and long body and come in a smooth and wire-haired coat. Their coats’ color comes in varieties such as red, black, tan, chocolate, and more.

10. Brussels Griffon


When seeing Brussels Griffons, people are reminded of “Chewbacca” from the movie “Star Wars.” While these wire-haired dogs are intelligent and loyal, they can also be moody and needy.

This means they might demand attention and love throughout the day. The Brussels Griffons love spending their time with their family, which sometimes does not leave room for others.

They are very suspicious of strangers and not into socializing with kids. The coarse coated variety of Brussels Griffon comes with a profuse beard, which helps them stand out.

Their confident personalities, loyalty, and unique appearance quickly caught the attention of many dog lovers in the US.

While they are curious and fun-lover, Brussels Griffons are more comfortable being with older and respectful kids.

If introducing them to a family home, they tend to be not friendly with young children. The Brussels Griffons can grow 7-10 inches and weigh 6-12 lbs.

Their rough or smooth coat comes in solid black, black and tan, or a mixture of reddish-brown and black color varieties.

Tips for Grooming Wire Haired Dog Breeds

If you consider a wire-haired dog, the best way to groom them is by plucking out their unruly hairs using a stripping knife or your fingers.

By doing so, you will help them stimulate their skin as well as allow new hair growth.

The wire-haired dogs require regular grooming. Since they do not shed too much depending on the weather condition and other factors, you can give them a weekly brush.

It is also advisable to trim them once every six weeks.

Final Thoughts 

To sum it up, the wire-haired dog breeds are known for their short o long, coarse with rough and bristly texture.

They often have characterful and pronounced eyebrows, mustache, and beards. Their coats serve as protection against injuries and extreme weather conditions.

Although their coats do not grow fast, they still need a little maintenance to keep them look tidy and even adorable. Are you ready to welcome these wire-haired dogs to your family?

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