13 Things To Never Say To A French Bulldog | Frenchie Facts

A dog is man’s best friend and having a dog as a companion is a pleasant experience. Just like your pet dogs have undesirable behaviors like jumping over your coffee table and barking at night, dogs too have their feelings and things that irritate them.

Relationships are two-way traffic, and your relationship with your dog is no different. The French Bulldog is particularly very sensitive, and you have to be extra cautious to avoid getting on its nerves.

This little dog is also known as the Frenchie is a great attention seeker that loves people and craves constant companionship. The following are 15 things to never say to a French Bulldog.

1. “Are you French?”

french bulldog puppies

Despite being called French Bulldogs, these dogs are not from France but of British origin. They are of the British Bulldogs lineage and were originally used for bull baiting before the sport was banned.

2. “Nice bat ears.”

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs originally did not have bat ears but rose-shaped ears that resembled their British Bulldog cousins. American breeders preferred the bat-shaped ears which they have preserved to date.

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3. “You are are a nice little fat dog.”

french bulldog puppies

As much as humans are conscious about their weight, French Bulldogs do not like being called fat. Their body image matters to them.

4. “Meet my cat.”

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs are not aggressive towards cats, but if not properly socialized they find it uncomfortable being around cats especially during meal times.

5. “Time to take a jog.”

french bulldog puppies

The French Bulldog is a lazy dog that is quite inactive. It does not require any exercise or activity to remain healthy; instead, they prefer napping and relaxing around the house.

6. “Mannerless dog!”

french bulldog puppies

Frenchies never take criticism lightly, and they hate to be yelled at instead they respond well to rewards and encouragement.

7. “Time to take a bath.”

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs naturally hate water and most probably taking a bath would be the last thing on their minds. They like being themselves-dirty.

8. “Good dog, you need a big hug.”

french bulldog

Never try to hug a French Bulldog, they do not like it at all. While it is the natural way to show affection for humans, it is not so for Frenchies. They feel intimidated by hugs, and they could even bite.

9. “Look at me in the eyes when I speak to you.”

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs are shy, and they don’t like it when you look straight in their eyes. They might feel uncomfortable when trying to stare back at you.

10. “Be a nice dog and look after the home.”

french bulldog puppies

Frenchies are naturally social animals, and they don’t like being left alone. This could cause behavioral issues such as separation anxiety.

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11. “ Go and play with other dogs.”

french bulldog puppies

French Bulldogs get annoyed and defensive while in the company strange dogs, especially in parks.

12. “Time to wake up.”

fench bulldog

Like the saying goes “let sleeping dogs lie.” Frenchies hate it when their sleep is interrupted suddenly, they get scared. Let them wake up naturally.

13. “No more treats.”

french bulldog

Your Frenchie hates a sudden change of routine especially meal times. This can stress your dog leading to behavioral issues.

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