16 Best Dog Breeds for Single Women Living Alone

Are you feeling lonely with being the only queen in your empty castle? Or are you terrified of the unusual noises you hear in your studio apartment every night? 

While living alone can be liberating, it also comes with many different challenges. Hearing creaks or weird sounds late at night may unnerve you, disrupting your sleep. Furthermore, thinking about the possibility of being the target of intruders may daunt you, resulting in nights of insomnolence.

Therefore, it would be ideal to have some company in your haven. And, if you prefer someone friendly, loyal, and affectionate, a four-pawed friend is mainly a great choice.

Whether you are longing for a friendly companion or looking for security and protection, there is a dog breed out there for you. Here’s a list of 16 dog breeds that work both as companions and protectors for single women living alone.

1. Doberman Pinscher


Originally bred as guard dogs, Dobermans are trained to be fearless protectors. They are large and imposing animals that exude a strong “don’t mess with me” vibe. With their terrifying and intimidating looks, intruders will probably think twice about invading your home. And that’s what makes them a perfect choice for single women living alone. 

Additionally, they are brilliant, trainable, and attentive dogs that will make everyone feel protected with their presence. So, if you need a loyal personal protection dog, a Doberman is a great breed for you.

2. Rottweiler


Rottweilers are an excellent deterrent to those planning to break into your home. Their territorial instincts make them a good loyal defender and excellent personal protector. Owning one will undoubtedly make you feel at ease.

Despite their massive size and menacing look, they are great companions. They adore cuddling, going for walks, and spending time with you. These intimidating dogs with huge golden hearts make wonderful four-pawed friends for single women.

3. German Shepherd


Owning a German Shepherd is a wise choice if you are alone at home or out for night walks. German Shepherds, bred to be service or guard dogs, have a strong, threatening, and ferocious bark, which will make every part of your being flustered. So, having these dogs as your serving guard will make home invaders avoid your house.

They are, nevertheless, incredibly intelligent, affectionate, and loyal dogs who make wonderful companions and are friendly even with strangers.

4. Boxer

boxer puppy

If you love physical activities and enjoy adventures, the Boxer is a perfect dog companion for you. These dogs are quite playful and have a lot of energy, so they will keep up with you. They are also highly affectionate and gregarious, approaching strangers without hesitation.

However, do not be deceived by the Boxer’s lack of frightening appearance compared to the dog breeds mentioned above. They are good barkers and great watchdogs for those who live alone. 

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5. Akita


The Akita is another intelligent, lively, fun, and devoted protector ideal for single ladies living alone. Akitas are big fluffy sweethearts who are loving and willful, so keeping them in line entails strong training. If you enjoy strenuous sports and are fond of exercising, the Akita is the dog breed for you. 

Moreover, they have long been seen as protection and good health emblems. In fact, in feudal Japan, Akitas were originally bred to protect the nobles and royals. They are fearless and faithful guardians who will protect you from any immediate threat they detect.

6. English Bulldog


If you work from home and spend most of your time in your cozy little corner, an English Bulldog is an ideal breed to choose. Considered by some as “lazy,” English Bulldogs are just very quiet and would not mind being alone. They spend most of their time lying around. Although they do not need strenuous exercises, they would enjoy short walks. 

Like the breeds mentioned above, English Bulldogs also provide safety and protection. Once they suspect you are in danger, they will get aggressive to defend you. 

7. Greyhound


Even though a Greyhound may not appear to be a logical option for a single woman living alone, there are numerous benefits to owning one. If you like being active and prefer outdoor activities, this dog will keep up with your energy levels. Greyhounds adore walking and jogging, and they make excellent exercise companions.

They are also easily trainable and behave appropriately. However, they might become large couch potatoes once they decide to rest. Like English Bulldogs, they can just lay down on your couch and do nothing. Nevertheless, they are a great four-pawed friend.

8. Golden Retriever


One of the most popular dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for anybody looking for a devoted and playful companion. Being cuddly, smart, and bubbly, these dogs are a great fit and friendly with practically everyone. So, having one would certainly help you make tons of friends.

Although Golden Retrievers are not meant to be guard dogs, their large size can scare off uninvited guests. This makes them great both as protection dogs and friendly companions.

9. Dalmatian


Described as “Velcro dogs,” Dalmatians thrive on one-on-one relationships with humans. When left alone for an extended period, they can already be destructive. That is why these dogs are only suitable for those committed to spending time with a pet.

Also, they are quite playful and energetic. That is why intensive activities are required to expend their unlimited energy. If you are active and committed to daily walks and runs, Dalmatians can probably match your energy. 

In addition, Dalmatians are not just playful and energetic. These dogs are highly trainable, very intelligent, and make excellent watchdogs, as well.

10. Poodle


A Poodle is unquestionably one of the best dog breeds for single women. These undeniably smart, highly trainable, and extremely obedient dogs make excellent companions and great guard dogs.

If, unfortunately, you are allergic to dog fur, but have a strong desire for a four-legged companion, don’t worry! Poodles are good canines for allergy sufferers because of their hypoallergenic coats. Furthermore, their versatility makes them ideal for any occasion. They can either be kept inside the house or be taken outside for walks.

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11. Great Dane


Great Danes are considered one of the biggest dog breeds globally, which can be quite intimidating. With their imposing presence, they will surely deter any intruders into your home. They are, in fact, great guard dogs and can defend you from any threats. 

Aside from being an enormous dogs, Great Danes are also considered one of the world’s gentlest dogs. They also go by the name “gentle giants.” While their size and appearance may be terrifying for some, they are very gentle, quiet, and obedient. Furthermore, they do not necessitate a lot of maintenance. They can thrive with minimal attention, short walks, and limited time.

12. Labrador Retriever


The lovable Labrador Retriever is best described as outgoing. They will undoubtedly assist you in making many friends because of their kindness to strangers. However, if you seek isolation and silence most of the time, having one may be a significant responsibility. 

Labradors have limitless energy and require an owner that is equally energized. They require an outlet for their energy through play, exercise, and training. Otherwise, their hyperactivity will explode, and they may become too destructive.

These high-energy, clever, and lovable dogs are ideal for those dedicated to daily exercises and leading an active lifestyle.

13. Pug


Their undeniably attractive appearance makes them both adorable and intriguing. Pugs are very compact, making them excellent travel companions. They’re also ideal if you live in an apartment because they do not take up a lot of room.

They are incredibly active, despite their small stature. Walking and meeting new people are two of their greatest joys. However, since they are territorial, they are a good option for deterring invaders but might be detrimental to visitors. Nonetheless, they are a great buddy for someone who is easy-going and always on the go.

14. Schnauzer


One way to describe a Schnauzer is an alert barker. If you live alone, these dogs make excellent friends and will make you feel more at peace. They will just cuddle up to you. Simply said, just you being there makes them happy. And, because they favor staying indoors, they are the greatest option for a woman who prefers to stay at home.

Even though they love indoors, Schnauzers also need to be taken for a walk. They are also friendly, which means you will have more chances to meet new people. Finally, they are intelligent dogs who are easy to teach and are athletic enough to participate in sports.

15. Maltese


A fun-loving and playful Maltese is ideal if you are looking for a four-legged pal who does not require a lot of stimulation and energy. You can go about your work as usual, and these dogs will be quite pleased with the home. But, a small bit of attention, a daily dose of play, and a little time for morning walks will not harm them.

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These miniature dogs are gentle, bright, and obedient, making them suitable indoors. Their alert demeanor makes them excellent watchdog and best friend, which is especially reassuring if you live alone.

16. Boston Terrier


The perfect dog for single life in the city, this little sweetheart is a must-have. Boston Terriers are gregarious and friendly dogs. They are incredibly affectionate, charming, and lovable. They might be stubborn and energetic at times. So, these dogs need an owner who consistently monitors their condition and persistently trains them.

Owning a Boston Terrier will undoubtedly make you feel more secure when going to bed alone. They will bark to defend and protect you at all costs if they suspect something is wrong. Therefore, if you need both a companion and a protector, you can never go wrong with the Boston Terrier.

How Do You Choose the Right Breed for You?

There is no optimal dog breed for all single women because everyone’s lifestyle, personality, and demands vary. It will always come down to the preference and characteristics of the individual.

Before choosing your next four-pawed friend, consider which qualities best blend with yours. Here are some things to consider that will help you choose the right dog breed for you.

Time to spend away

If you lead a busy life, you might want to select pups that are more laid-back rather than energetic. With this, you will need to devote little time to training, play, and exercise. If you spend most of your time working, it is best to look for dog breeds that do not require maintenance and attention. 

Some breeds are better suited to being outside since they require a lot of stimulation and strenuous activities, which might consume most of your time and energy. Furthermore, some dog breeds despise being left alone, so they may not be the greatest choice for you if you work all day. You’re only going to give them separation anxiety.

Energy level and lifestyle

While some dog breeds enjoy nothing more than snuggling up to you, others require a lot of exercise and activities to release their pent-up energy. Short walks and little attention will not suffice for very energetic dogs. Having these dogs may necessitate an owner with a similar level of enthusiasm. Otherwise, they can be hyperactive and destructive.

So, if you prefer solitude and spend more time in your haven, you will want to choose a dog breed that is suitable indoors.

Preference and Needs

You will also have to consider what you want and what you need. If you are sensitive to dog fur, dog breeds with hypoallergenic coats can be a good option. Furthermore, if you prefer things to be neat, dog breeds that enjoy playing outside and getting muddy may not be right for you.

Dogs require a lot of love and attention. Human engagement and companionship are beneficial to certain dog breeds. So, it is wise to pick a dog breed that you know will fit your preferences and needs.

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