7 Dogs Who Look Like Bears

There are several types of dogs that look like a bear which can be cuddled and played with.

If you want to know those dog breeds that look like bears, this article will introduce the different dog breeds that are fluffy because they look like bears.

Below are the top 7 dogs who may be considered bears based on their physical appearance.

1. Samoyed 


Samoyed is known for its ultra-thick white coat, which resembles polar bears.

Its coat is so dense that you can barely see its skin underneath. During springtime, Samoyed sheds heavily.

In some areas, Samoyed’s wool is carded, spun, and woven by the weavers to make fancy clothing out of it.

Originally, Samoyeds are bred to hunt, pull sleds, and herd reindeer. Their breed is a most loved companion for northwestern Siberia’s Samoyed people.

They’re responsible for hiking, tracking, and warming their owners by cuddling with them at night. Their adaptability to cold weather is great.

Samoyeds are also a working breed, they can be strong-willed, but most of the time, they are friendly, devoted, affectionate, and gentle family dogs.

As friendly and smart they are, Samoyeds are sometimes challenging to have. They express themselves by voicing out their likes or dislikes.

They do it by howling, barking, and even bellowing. They are very talkative.

Their hunting instinct is so strong that they have a hard time resisting chasing rabbits, squirrels, and cats even if they are well-trained. 

This kind of breed has its playful and naughty side. They can have destructive behaviors when they are not entertained.

They dig, jump the fence, chew shoes, and get into the garbage bins.

2. Tibetan Mastiff


If you are looking for a bear-like dog, Tibetan Mastiff is a great pick. Noble and impressive, this athletic and substantial dog has a large but kind appearance.

It stands well with a strong, tight, and giving alert stance. Its head has an impressive broadness, with deep-set and almond-shaped eyes.

Tibetan Mastiff is popular due to its thick and heavy mane, coarse guard hair, and wooly undercoat.

Some of the Tibetan Mastiffs have mini white markings on their chests and feet. Their undercoat may be lighter shades of gray, tan, black.

Originally, Tibetan Mastiffs are used as guard dogs for livestock and property.

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They are a primitive dog breed that was developed in Tibet centuries ago. They can also be family companions and show dogs. 

Despite their intimidating appearance, these dogs are kind-hearted when it comes to their human families.

They can be very fond and cuddly and quiet. But when it comes to strangers, their guardian nature dominates. They can also be aggressive at times and become territorial. 

Tibetan Mastiffs are intelligent, independent, and sometimes stubborn. They are greatly sensitive to human moods.

They can be upset or sad when you happen to yell at them or even arguing with somebody. 

3. Akita


The Akita is a big kind of dog. It is bold with a powerful appearance with a large head but with small triangular eyes.

Akita has a rugged yet confident stance. This kind of presence is powerful; it serves as a warning to most who would cause any trouble.

Originated from Japan, Akita is a large and powerful dog breed. It has a noble and intimidating presence.

They are referred to as the “silent hunters,” the Akitas are quite temperamental dogs that can often be difficult to train.

Akita is the largest Japanese spitz breed and has a subtle bear-like quality. They tend to be fiercely loyal, and they have high energy. 

Akitas are originally used for guarding royalty and nobility in feudal Japan. They tracked and hunted wild boars, black bears, and deer at times.

They are known for being fearless, loyal guardians of their families. Akitas are also affectionate, respectful, and amusing. 

Akita is known for its unwavering loyalty to its human family members. It can be amazingly sweet and affectionate towards its family members.

Akita is courageous, stubborn, and willful. They would not back down from any challenge.

They have this distinct characteristic that may differ from others, they do not just bark for no reason, but they are very vocal by making other sounds like grunts, moans, and mumbles.

They even whisper to themselves, according to Akita owners. 

4. The Great Pyrenees


The Great Pyrenees can be mistaken for polar bears at first glance. They have a beautiful, thick coat with a strong build that exhibits elegance and majesty.

They have the intelligence and steady temperament that is a good quality for a family dog.

The Great Pyrenees originated in the Pyrenees Mountains, which form a natural border between France and Spain.

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Its name also differs depending among several countries. The great Pyrenees in the United States and Canada, Pyrenean Mountain Dog in most of Europe.

The first Great Pyrenees to be imported to North America went to Newfoundland, Canada.

They are the breed which attributed to creating the Landseer Newfoundlands after several crossbreeding. 

The great Pyrenees are developed for guarding flocks, protecting sheep, goats, and livestock alongside shepherds.

Nowadays, they usually work for people doing rescue and therapy work. They are intelligent who are used to working on their own, figuring things out for themselves.

This wonderful trait can create training challenges for themselves. The great Pyrenees is calm inside the house.

They have the ability to determine who is the friend and who is the foe, which is amazing. They are courageous and devoted to their human family members. They protect and loyal. 

5. Chow Chow


Chow Chows have this unique lion’s mane that making these dogs appear like bears.

This distinctive-looking dog breed is proud and has an independent spirit that some people describe as catlike.

They can be distant and suspicious to strangers. But for the rightful owner, they are indeed loyal companions. 

Chow chow is one of the oldest dog breeds. They are ancient that have originated in Mongolia and Northern China to nomadic tribes of Mongolia.

Besides hunting, these dogs were used as guards of their owners’ belongings.

In China, Chow Chow has a different name. The breed went by several names such as Hei Shi-Tou, Lang Gou, Xiang Gou, Guangdong Gou.

In the late 18th century, British merchants included these dogs in their cargo and referred to them as “Chow chow.” And that name had stuck to the breed.

Chow chows are known to be aloof, reserved, independent, dignified, and stubborn.

They are not that active or speedy but have excellent endurance. Chow chow is never aggressive, they tend to mind their own business, and they do not start trouble.

They love to play with people, but not with strangers. They are a highly territorial and protective breed. 

6. Caucasian Shepherd Dog


Caucasian Shepherd dogs are also known as Russian Bear Dogs, Baskhan Pariy Caucasian Sheepdog, Kawkasky Owtscharka Kaukasische Schaferhundor Ovcharka Dog.

They are used in the Russian military and as guard dogs to guard livestock, and they are bred to defend the home against wile predators.

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There are two breed types of Caucasian Shepherd dogs: the mountain type, which is long-coated and heavier, than the steppe type, which is a shorter-coated dog with lighter body mass.

Just like Chow chow, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are one of the oldest and most ancient breeds.

They originated from the Caucasus Mountains region. Some people believe that this breed came from domesticated wolves.

Experts claim that they came from sheepdogs from Tibet, but some archaeological evidence suggests the breed dates back to Mesopotamia. 

Caucasian Shepherd dogs are highly territorial and would not ever back down from a fight even against bigger mammals like bears and wolves.

They are intelligent and independent, but they are sometimes stubborn. They are loyal, strong, and courageous. They can be aggressive if a stranger tries to handle them. 

7. Newfoundland 


The Newfoundland is a large and strong breed from Newfoundland, Canada.

They are hardworking dogs and very flexible. The Newfoundlands have a double coat and with flat, and it is water-resistant.

The undercoat is soft and dense, while the outer coat is coarse and long. They can work on land and water. They are a strong swimmer.  

Newfoundland came from the province in Canada named Newfoundland. They are working dogs.

The Newfoundland refers to a crossbreed between American Back Wolf and Tibetan Mastiff, which is already extinct. And eventually, Newfoundland evolved. 

There is another theory regarding how Newfoundland originated. When the Vikings visit the New World around 1000 A.D., they left the dogs that eventually bred with Eastern Canada’s native wolves.

The other theory is about the Newfoundland being the product of the mix of European breeds somewhere between the 15th &16th centuries like Portuguese Water Dogs, Tibetan Mastiffs, and Pyrenean Sheep Dogs.

Newfoundland dogs are known for being sweet and lovable breed. They love children, and they are very intelligent and aim to please.

They are protective, known to put themselves in between their family and any stranger physically.

They do not just bark for nothing, but they are watchful and willing to protect. Newfoundland is an intelligent breed.

If you want dogs that have a bear-like appearance, then you may consider any of those breeds that were mentioned above.

For sure, that you will love them because not only because of their physical appearance but also because of their great personalities. 

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