14 Highest Jumping Dog Breeds

Dogs are an exceptional breed, with their own set of behaviors and quirks that set them apart from their wild cousins. One of the most common traits across the dog world is their ability to jump. This is especially true for healthy purebred dogs and the wild dogs that sometimes take up residence in our homes.

As you will see, there is a wide variety of dog breeds that are especially good at jumping. Agility is a sport that requires dogs to learn to perform agility exercises. The exercises require that the dog jump over obstacles and perform other activities.

The dog may be jumping over high hurdles, jumping over logs, climbing walls, and performing other tasks. Dogs are best known for their loyalty and willingness to please, but one of their best qualities is their ability to jump.

Whether jumping is natural for the animal or it happens because it’s trained, jumping is a useful skill for any dog. Some of the most popular dog breeds have this ability; others don’t.

Breeds that jump the highest in height, from the tallest to the shortest, have been ranked in this list. These dogs are the most amazing, and they can jump high.

Most breeds are of the small breed type, but some of the dogs are even bigger than that. They are the most amazing, and they can jump high. Most breeds are of the small breed type, but some of the dogs are even bigger than that. So here are 14 Highest Jumping Dog Breeds

1. Whippet


Whippets are among the most energetic dogs around. Some can run all day, but few are willing to put themselves through the rigors of a long run. Still, those who do, have a right to be proud of their effort to get the job done.

Whippets are known for running a mile in under four minutes and 200 meters in under two. They are agile and quick on all four paws, and their slim and muscular bodies make them excellent swimmers as well.

These dogs are the tallest of the rabbit dogs, reaching 6 feet before the jump! They can jump over 6 feet in the air from a standing position and have been known to jump over 18 inches off the ground!

2. Rat Terrier


Rat Terriers are one of the most popular dog breeds globally, and they are probably the most athletic. While they aren’t the highest jumping dog breeds, they are the best at running, agility, hunting, and tracking.

Rat Terriers are athletic, aggressive, and prone to chasing other dogs, squirrels, and cats. As a breed, they are good with children and other pets but are shy, timid, and wary around other dogs.

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Rat Terriers are known for their loyalty, and although they are relatively independent, they tend to bond with the family. When the family gets a new pet, the Rat Terrier will often be the first to greet the new arrival—and adopt him or her as one of its own.

3. Vizsla


Vizsla’s are a highly athletic and agile dog breed that excels in many athletic sports. They were the first dog breed to earn their titles in the AKC agility competition. The Vizsla is a highly intelligent, confident dog. These dogs are great with kids.

They tend to be active and like to play, but they can be calm and relaxed with you as well. Vizsla is a popular dog breed known for its boundless energy, playful nature, and love of water. The Vizsla is said to be the most energetic of all dog breeds. They are brilliant and fun to train, making excellent watchdogs. They are also very good at tracking and hunting.

4. Jack Russell Terrier


There is no real official definition of what constitutes a “highest jumping dog breed,” but most people would say that the Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most potent.

This dog is known for its ability to jump high and far and for the fact that it has been able to hold the record for “Longest Dog Jump.” Jack Russell Terrier is a beautiful dog breed.

Its cute and playful look is attractive to children and adults alike. The Jack Russell Terrier is also a very agile dog. It is known to jump very high in the air and catch a football or basketball with its mouth.

5. Belgian Malinois


Belgian Malinois is no doubt the most famous HJC breed of dog. They are the dogs that jump to the highest level in the show rings. In the open dog sport of eventing, the Belgian Malinois is among the most popular jumping dogs.

Belgian Malinois is a very popular dog breed, but it’s also a bit controversial. In reality, Belgian Malinois is not purebred but a cross-breed, meaning that we don’t know for sure if it’s purebred.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Belgian Malinois is a bad dog breed. The Belgian Malinois is a fantastic dog breed that can jump over 10 feet in the air. (Yes, it can jump that high!) They have a short coat that’s typically brown, and the Belgian Malinois has very strong and agile muscles.

6. Rottweiler


Rottweilers are very popular dog breeds, and there are millions of them worldwide. They are a very intelligent breed of dog that is not hard to train. They make a very good companion dog and are very obedient.

They are very confident, and the only problem they may face is their jumping up on things. Rottweilers are very active dogs, and they love to play.

7. Australian Kelpie


Australian Kelpies are dogs that can jump up to 16 feet in the air, and they are known for their exceptional jumping ability. However, because they can jump so high, they also need to be highly athletic and fast dogs, which can pose problems at times.

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That is why they tend to be a great candidate for dog agility training. The Australian Kelpie is a lovable and friendly dog with a lot of energy, but it can sometimes be too energetic for a household.

8. Greyhounds


Greyhounds are some of the most athletic and energetic dogs in the world. These stunning dogs were bred for racing, and many of them have owned world records for their height, distance, and speed.

However, the breed is considered one of the highest jumpers in the dog world, and punters from the dog world are obsessed with seeing how far these dogs can jump.

9. American Staffordshire Terrier


The American Staffordshire Terrier is one of the most popular dogs globally. They have a hearty and friendly nature and are very trainable. They are intelligent, affectionate, and natural cattle dogs.

Many dog enthusiasts consider them one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and it is good living dog. They have a very good sense of humor, but they tend to get aggressive in certain circumstances.

10. German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is a family dog that will love to play with you and your children. It is a loyal friend, protective of its family, and has a keen sense of smell. It is a very intelligent dog and a very active dog.

It is a very energetic dog that enjoys being outdoors. It is an active dog that loves to play. It is a very active dog that plays very well with children. German shepherds have the most intense and purposeful energy in their jumping ability.

These are smart, fun-loving dogs that love to be a part of whatever you do. They like to play with toys, chew on bones, and run around the yard. But there is more to this breed than just having fun. They also enjoy being active, so they do so well when participating in agility or obedience competitions.

11. Papillon


Papillons are a breed of dog that is built to jump. They are a breed that is known to be the best jumpers. They are also known as the “highest jumping dog.” Papillons are a mix of bloodline purebred dogs. They are considered to be one of the smartest breeds of dogs.

Papillon dogs have a playful nature, and they love to be around their family. They are also known to have a strong bond with their family. Papillon’s jumping ability is officially recognized by the (American Kennel Club), with the breed earning the title of “High Jumpers Champion.

12. Australian Shepherd


You might not know it, but Australian Shepherds are one of the world’s highest jumpers of all dog breeds. According to some claims, this means that Australian Shepherds tend to jump high—up to 20 feet.

This breed is especially unique because they are not agile runners. But instead, they prefer to get up on their hind legs and jump. Australian Shepherds are naturally a very active breed, so they tend to be very agile and athletic.

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Australian Shepherds have a very impressive jumping capability when it comes to jumping: they can jump high enough to clear over 4 feet and have great jumping endurance.

13. Shetland Sheepdog


Shetland sheepdogs are the world’s tallest dogs and have been for years. They have long legs, so they can jump very far, but they don’t land very high. Some of the dogs who jump the highest are even taller than the Shetland sheepdog, like the Chihuahua, who can jump up to 9 feet (3 meters), or the Irish Setter, which can jump up to 7 feet (2.1 meters).

The Shetland sheepdog is a small-sized working dog that originated in Shetland, Scotland, and is the most popular herding dog. It is classified by the AKC as a herding dog and is occasionally called the Shetland sheepdog or sheltie.

14. Border Collie


As we all know, dogs can jump pretty high, but some are much better jumpers than others. The Border Collie has the highest jumping prowess of all breeds, clearly outshining the German Shepherd.

The Border Collie makes a list because, despite the increased height of the jumping bar, they can still clear it. Border collies are known for their athletic ability, so they are also called herding dogs.

These dogs excel at jumping and at chasing down prey. Border collies love to run and require a lot of space to stretch out and run around. Border collies are smart and athletic and are great at athletics and dog sports.

There are various dog breeds on the market to choose from. However, not all of them are fit for jumping. Firstly, certain breeds are not good at landing after a jump.

Secondly, there are dangers in jumping that may be unfavorable to your pet. Some breeds may even be killed by the fall. You may want to check out the highest jumping dog breeds above.

The dogs are the best and the brightest. They are our faithful companions and can be called a true friend. Dogs are loyal and affectionate. They will even greet you with a warm welcome. They are the only animals that do not judge us.

They are wonderful creatures, and they can teach us so much. They are very much aware of the dangers that lurk around us, and they can warn us of them. The jumping skill is the obvious one. But it is not only the jumping ability that determines the dog’s genetic fitness.

Some breeds have a better balance of athletic ability and health. Some breeds have a better ratio of energy to size. Some breeds are more energetic, and some are more stable and reliable.

Some breeds are more suited for specific activities than others. Many dog traits resulting from genetic differences between breeds make dogs unique, interesting, and full of personality.

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