Miniature Schnauzer Dog Colors: A Complete List of All 12 Recognized Coat Colors

Are you looking for the smallest Schnauzer type? If so, you would love to have a Miniature Schnauzer at home. They are not only affectionate dogs but also intelligent.

Miniature Schnauzers combines a rich appetite for life with an extroverted temperament. They can always stay by your side to give you excellent companionship and make you laugh. They are among the loyal breeds.

According to the earliest records, this breed originated in Germany in the 19th century. These dogs were used to herd cattle and guard property. In 1924, they came to the US and became an official breed by the American Kennel Club two years later.

If you plan to adopt Mini Schnauzer, keep reading and get familiar with their coat colors and more! Let’s get started!

12 Recognized Coat Colors of Miniature Schnauzers


Miniature Schnauzers have two coats: outer and undercoat. The outer is wiry and hard, while the undercoat is dense and soft. Their coat must be plucked in tail, body, neck, ears, and head.

Below are the 12 recognized coat colors of Miniature Schnauzers you should know:

1. Black Miniature Schnauzers

Black Miniature Schnauzers have a black undercoat, but they can have occasional white spots on the chest. The undercoat is a softer shade of black, while the topcoat is glossy black.

It is rare to see puppies with some white markings. However, if they have these markings, those will go away after the puppy stage. That is because they blend with the coat, making them less noticeable.

Black Mini Schnauzer dogs with white spots, stripes, or patches anywhere else on the chest are not recognized in this variation. Most of the puppies are born and remain black for their entire lives, but some of them start to have brown, silver, or other lighter shades on their hair tips.


2. Black and Silver Miniature Schnauzers

Black and silver Mini Schnauzers have solid black bodies, while the legs and beards are silver-white. Their dark hair is also seen on their legs. The black and silver are mixed with hints of copper-colored accents on their face and feet.

As they grow, those accents become lighter and become a gorgeous shade of silver. Their bodies remain solid black throughout their lifespan. It is acceptable that these dogs have some white hairs on their bodies as they grow.

Beware that not all black and silver Mini Schnauzer dogs come in a similar silver shade on their furnishings (longer hair around eyebrows and mustache) and faces.

Some may have a darker silver shade, while others have a noticeable very light shade of silver, almost white. Those with very light silver shade are called Phantom Miniature Schnauzers.

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3. Salt and Pepper 

in the Salt and Pepper color coat variety, the legs, beard, and eyebrows are silver, white or light gray. If they have stripes from the show ring, their body hair is banded in shades of gray, white, and gray. Their topcoat hairs are banded that alternates black and white and then black. 

This coat color is the most recognizable and popular color of Miniature Schnauzers because it is eye-catching. They typically have banded topcoat hairs. Black and white is the most common color mix for this. However, other combinations may include gray, light silver, and black. 

Their bodies often have a darker shade than the furnishings due to the chinchilla gene they carry. This gene causes those areas to fade lightly. When it comes to undercoats, silver, gray, or black is see. The undercoat color may also fade out in the furnishing.


4. Parti Miniature Schnauzers

Parti Miniature Schnauzer has white patches on its predominant base color. Small or large white patches can cover their base color. Black Parti Mini Schnauzers, for example, have a black base color with white patches. 

Similarly, black and silver parti Mini Schnauzers have black and silver base coats combined with white patches. Keep in mind that this breed comes in varying colors; they may have many parti patterns.

5. White 

White Miniature Schnauzer dogs are born with solid white color, and that color remains throughout their lifespan. That color also does not fade to be shiny or even turn into different colors. 

On the other hand, a blackish or grayish tint to their skin is also noticeable. These furry buddies often have black pads, brown eyes, and a black nose.


6. Liver Miniature Schnauzers

Liver Mini Schnauzer dogs are also called chocolate because of their brown color. These dogs have an entirely brown or chocolate coat. They have chocolate pads, eyelids, and nose, and hazel or green eyes.

Some of them are born with white markings on the toe tips, chin, and chest. While they are young, the white markings are quite noticeable. However, those marking still blend with the coat. Then, they become less noticeable once they grow older.

7. Wheaten Miniature Schnauzers

If Miniature Schnauzers have wheaten genes, their entire coat may have red, cream, or yellow. The term wheaten describes a dog’s reddish, banded hair. They have light hair roots, and the tip remains dark. Their pads and nose are brown or black, and eyes appear hazel or green. 

Wheat is one of the rarest colors of this breed. The coat color comes in various red shades that range from lighter orange shades to dark red. Most of the time, if they have a darker wheaten coat, the rarer they are. 


8. Black and Rust Miniature Schnauzers

Black and rust Mini Schnauzers have black base coats with orange-colored or rust eyebrows, beards, and chests. Some of these dogs may have rust patches under their tails. The intensity of orange shade often varies, ranging from light to dark orange shade.

9. Liver Pepper 

Miniature Schnauzer dogs have a similar pattern as salt and pepper ones, save for their liver-colored eyelids, nose, and pads.

They are born with banded hairs of chocolate or brown. When they age, those banded hairs tend to become lighter. Beware that the color fading also varies. They have green, hazel, or brown eyes.

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10. Salt and Pepper Parti

The salt and pepper base coat of these Mini Schnauzers is covered with white patches. Their eyes often have brown eyes and black pads and noses. They also have very interesting markings. Their base color also varies, from whitish or silver to black.

They have gray patches that are banded gray and white hairs. Then, these patches will fade into a lighter gray shade once they age.

Some salt and pepper parti Mini Schnauzers come in parti blankets, where the color on their back is different from that is seen on the underside. That difference makes them look covered with a blanket.


11. Ticked Parti 

In ticker parti Mini Schnauzer dogs, the parti pattern resembles the regular part, except that the parti, in this case, is not entirely white.

These dogs have parti spots mixed with white and other hair colors. For instance, there are parti Miniature Schnauzers with white and black hair, white and liver hair, or other color combinations.

As these dogs grow older, the pattern changes. The markings are often different from one dog to another. Their eyes are the most consistent thing that may be green, hazel, or brown.

12. Liver Parti 

If pet lovers are looking for the most straightforward patterns, liver parti Mini Schnauzers are a great choice.

They have chocolate or liver base coat covered with white patches. They often have green, hazel, or brown eyes, while the pads and nose are brown.

In some cases, the dogs’ white spots may fave into a beautiful liver pepper once they grow old. Others may have blanket parti, where they have a large patch covering the underside rather than having many spots in different parts of the body. The parti markings also come in various patterns, giving each unique beauty.


What is the Rarest Color of Miniature Schnauzer Dogs? 

The coat colors of Miniature Schnauzer dogs are a result of recessive genes and when breeders develop them. These new colors have become even more popular among pet lovers over the past years. 

Their popularity is due to the difficulty of producing them. After all, dog lovers today look for unique-looking puppies, and Miniature Schnauzers have attractive rare colors. Here are some of the rare coat colors of this breed:

White Chocolate Miniature Schnauzers

White chocolate Mini Schnauzer dogs have a solid white base coat, but their skin underneath the hair is often pink. They have brown colored pads, eyelids, and nose, and brown or hazel eyes.

Liver and Tan

Liver and tan Mini Schnauzer dogs are the same as the black and silver variety, except that they have liver-colored coats instead of black coats. In other words, they have a solid liver body with white or cream markings on the furnishings, chocolate nose, and chocolate nose. Their eyes can be hazel or green.

Black Parti

Black parti is an eye-catching color pattern for Miniature Schnauzers. They have a black base coat combined with white patches. They have brown eyes, a black nose, and black pads. Some black partis come in the gray shade covered with patches once they grow. 

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Liver and Pepper Parti

These dogs have liver and pepper coats covered with white patches. Each of them comes in unique patterns that will fade out into a light silver shade once they grow old. They have brown pads and a nose and hazel, brown, or green eyes.

Parti Merle 

Parti merle Miniature Schnauzers come in different colors. They can be liver, wheaten, salt and pepper, black and silver, black, and more. The major difference is that merle markings are seen on their markings. These dogs also have base color combined with white, going over their topline. 

Most of them come in white legs. If the dogs have silver parti, black, silver, salt, and pepper, or black coats, they often have black pads and a nose and blue eyes. Those with liver and tan, liver and pepper, and liver coats have hazel, blue, green, or brown eyes, brown pads, and nose. 

What is the Best Color of a Miniature Schnauzer Dog?

When it comes to the best coat colors for this breed, there is no particular color. From a furry parent standpoint, the best colors depending on your preference.

With so many color options to choose from, you can find the best one for you. From black to rare colors to merle once, you cannot go wrong taking care of these dogs.


What is the Original Color of a Miniature Schnauzer Dog?

Originally, there are recognized colors for Miniature Schnauzer dogs: black, salt and pepper, and black and silver. However, due to recessive genes, other coat colors were produced. So, you can see this breed in other coat colors such as white, wheaten, liver, parti, merle, and more.

How to Groom Miniature Schnauzers 

Miniature Schnauzers shed less than most breeds. However, you have to trim their undercoat regularly to remove dead hair. Since they have a sparse outer coat, the shedding becomes less noticeable.

Ensure to bathe them more than once a month to wash away protective oils that can make them itchy and dry. Clean them with warm water and gentle shampoo formulated for dogs.

It is recommended to use no-tear shampoo on their facial and head hair. Ensure to rinse them well to prevent shampoo residue that may cause skin irritation. Use a clean, absorbent towel to dry them. You can let them air-dry or use a dryer designed for dogs.

After feeding them, wipe away any food bits that made lodge in their long facial hair. When it comes to their beard, ensure to groom trim it every 6-8 weeks.

Do not forget to brush their hair at least twice a week using a rounded-bristle brush. It will help keep their hairs from tangling. It also removed anything that lodged in their wiry hair.


Miniature Schnauzers are obedient and friendly companions. They are also smart and affectionate. They may be small in size, but they have likable personalities. Because of their playful and pleasant nature, many furry parents love to adopt them.

Plus, they have many stunning coat colors to choose from, making them even more exciting and popular. No matter which coat color you picked, give them the attention, love, and care they deserve.

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