Yorkeltie | Yorkshire Terrier Shetland Sheepdog Mix Breed

Yorkeltie is one of the smallest dog breeds globally but has the best characteristics combined with its dog breed. This Yorkie mix is quite small. But despite its size, it has the fierceness just like its large counterparts. This pup was bred in England with the main work to kill rodents and enter the mines.

Aside from that, many hunters are using this breed to drive badgers and foxes to their dens, considering the small size of Yorkies that is perfect to fit even in the smallest den holes. Many believed that a lot of dog breeds are used to make this cute pup.

These include the Skye Terrier, Tan, Black English Terrier, Maltese, Dandie Dinmont terrier, Paisley Terrier, and Manchester Terrier.

In this post, we are going to answer the Frequently Asked Questions about the Yorkeltie dog breed. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep reading and enjoy!

What’s a Yorkeltie?


Although many dog breeds are believed to have been bred to create Yorkeltie, only two notable dog breeds are known to be the parents of Yorkie, which are the Yorkshire Terrier and the Shetland Sheepdog.

Hybrid dogs, which are also known as “Designer Breeds,” are the ones that have shared the combined characteristics of their parents. This means that different temperaments are possible when creating different combinations or types of dogs you dream of.

You can tell the type of hybrid dog that is suitable for you by searching the characteristics and personalities of the purebred dogs that could be the parents of your Hybrid canine.

If you are looking for a cutie buddy during your pastime, a Yorkeltie dog breed is perfect for you.

What Does Yorkeltie Look Like?


One of the best physical characteristics of a Yorkeltie dog breed is that they have a long and lush double coat that makes up a quite wiry surface. In most cases, Yorkies come in three different shades, such as white, black, and brown.

They got the shape and size of the Sheltie’s ear, but this is a very rare condition considering that most Yorkies feature a pair of upright ears. A Yorkie has a fox-like look together with a swooping forehead and a long nose when it comes to their face.

How Big do Yorkeltie Get?

The size of a Yorkeltie dog breed is ranging about eight to nine inches from its shoulders. But this might change depending on several factors. According to its breeder, Yorkies have varying sizes.

How Much Do Yorkeltie Weigh?

When it comes to their weight, they are weighing about 24 pounds. But most dog lovers prefer taking care of a four to six-pound Yorkeltie. A lot of PAWrents love the loyalty and gentle personality of this Hybrid pup.

Compared to other small dog breeds, this one does not excessively bark when he hears a strange sound or a stranger is coming towards their property.

Do Yorkeltie Shed?


Yorkeltie dog breed is popular because of their silky, flowing, and long coats that have some show rings at their end. In connection to that, this attractive feature of Yorkeltie needs to be taken care of regularly. Taking care of this beautiful feature is quite a daunting and time-consuming task.

Considering that its coats have similarities to human hair, regular brushing is a must to prevent tangles. One of the good things about it is that Yorkeltie comes with an undercoat. This means that they don’t shed as frequently as human hair does.

Professional breeders advise Yorkeltie owners to maintain their pup’s hair short as it can be maintained and brushed easily.

How Often Should You Bathe a Yorkeltie?

Bathing your Yorkeltie should be done at least twice every month. If your canine comes with long hair and is very adventurous, it would be best to bathe them more often. But be sure that you will not bathe them regularly.

Once to twice a month is enough for them not to get smelly. Also, when bathing your pup, make sure to use a pet-friendly leave-in conditioner. This will keep the beautiful and long coat of your pup soft.
If you over bath your Yorkeltie, it can cause them to develop skin irritations.

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Aside from that, too many baths can turn your dog’s skin dry. On the other hand, if you are going to bathe your Yorkie less frequently, their coats will turn matte that can gather a lot of dirt, which can cause to stinky smell.

Do Yorkletie Dogs Bark a Lot?


Take note that even though Yorkeltie is quite small, they are considered to be notorious barker. Take note that dog breeds like this are territorial. In other words, they always want to protect their property against strangers and possible intruders.

This natural characteristic of them causes them to bark towards even the smallest noise. That’s why many dog lovers in apartments love to take care of a Yorkeltie, considering their high intelligence and small size. But as time goes on, they experience problems because of too much barking of this dog breed.

Is Yorkeltie Hypoallergenic?

There are some things you might hate when taking care of a Yorkeltie. Also, a lot of things you will consider as lovable in this dog breed. Yorkeltie is small dogs that always want to show their affection to their masters and always eager to please other people and dogs.

Aside from that, these hybrid dogs are also intelligent. Compared to the other small dog breeds, this one does not require many exercises, making it perfect for anyone living in an apartment.

Considering that its parents don’t shed more frequently, rest assured that this Yorkekltie dog breed is hypoallergenic. This means that this dog breed is ideal for most dog owners and situations.

Is Yorkeltie Easy to Train?


When purchasing or adopting a dog, make sure that you have a lot of patience, especially when training them, and Yorkeltie is not an exception. This is because Yorkies don’t have good focus. This means that they can get distracted easily by something, especially when they are just starting their pieces of training.

Aside from that, they quickly get tired because of their compact size. In connection to that, we recommend you to start your training session with your Yorkeltie as soon as you get them from a dog center or its breeder.

The earlier the training, the higher the chance both of you will reach success. Yorkeltie adapts to the environment easily. Thus, it would be easier for both of you to start the training as soon as possible.

In most cases, Yorkeltie pups retain their baby teeth. In connection to that, make sure to take good care of your pup when they feel discomfort because of dental issues. Yorkelties that are short-tempered are usually experiencing pain, which results in them having a hard time in training.

Yorkeltie Behavioral Problems

There are many reasons why a Yorkletie negatively behaves when seen with new faces and other animals. This might be an issue for either the owner of the dog itself. This might also be because of the different unpleasant events they had seen when they were young.

You might also notice that your Yorkeltie develops behavioral problems as early as six to seven weeks old. This age is very important for the development of your pup’s good behavior.

At this age, young Yorkleties should interact with other people and animals daily. Through this, your pup will feel more comfortable in a different environment and with the presence of people other than you.

Another possible reason that could trigger the aggressiveness of your Yorkletie is when they are taken away from their parents and siblings at an early age.

Aside from that, young Yorkies should not experience harsh behaviors from their new owners. Harsh punishments, hitting, and screaming might cause your young Yorkletie to behave as they grow aggressively.

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Yorkelties are popular because of being independent. Just like the other dog breeds, Yorkies should also determine their master. A dog that does not know who his master is usually experience stress and find it hard to interact with other people.

In this case, the owner should be responsible for solving it. The owners are required to show their pup with love by taking them for regular work or simply feeding them. These are just some of the effective ways to help the owners control the behavior of their dogs.

A Yorkleltie that is suffering from possible behavioral problems does not always cause by different aggressive aspects. Some species of Yorkletie dog breeds show behavioral problems because they are shy.

You should check the ears of your dog to check whether or not they are experiencing shyness. A laid-back dog’s ear is an indication that they are shy. Some signs to pay close attention to determine your dog’s shyness include pupil dilation and excessive panting when they see other people or animals.

You need to help your Yorkeltie gets off their shyness. It would be best to make your dog understand that shyness does not have room in their life. Do not console your dog.

Give him enough attention and praise when they are doing something bold and new. It is important to allow your dog to interact with other people and be accustomed to their environment. Let them socialize with other animals. Proper socialization allows your pup to overcome his shyness.

How Much Does Yorkeltie Cost?


The average cost of a Yorkeltie dog breed differs from country to country. Not only that but it is also affected by different factors. Buying a Yorkletie from a licensed and professional dog breeder needs you to pay an amount ranging from 1200 US Dollars to 1500 US Dollars per head.

In addition to that, most dog breeders will require you to have a non-refundable deposit, which costs around 200 US Dollars to 300 US Dollars, as you are processing your application.

Where to Buy or Adopt Yorkeltie Dog?

After knowing some facts about the Yorkeltie dog breed, you might get encouraged to purchase one. You might be wondering where you can buy or adopt a Yorkeltie dog breed in connection to that. Well, this depends on your country.

If you are in the United States, you can purchase a Yorkeltie dog online. All you need to do is to visit a reliable website that sells the said dog breed, which includes the American Kennel Club (AKC), Petfinder, and many more.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the money to buy this dog breed, you may consider adopting one. You can find a Yorkeltie dog breed that is ready to adopt on online sites, such as Adopt-a-Dog.com.

What is the Needed Yorkeltie Breed Maintenance?

One of the first important things you need to do as a Yorkeltie owner is brushed their long hair regularly to prevent tangling. They usually have a thick undercoat, enabling them to prevent shedding more frequently.

But, this undercoat is being blown two times per year, leading to a lot of excess furs. In most cases, Yorkeltie needs to get bathed at least one to two times a month, keeping his fur bright, smooth, and in tip-top shape.

Aside from brushing their hair, it is equally important to look into their dental hygiene. Brush their teeth a few times every week. This will prevent your little pup from removing plaque and avoiding doggy breath.

Considering that Yorkeltie has a very active lifestyle, it causes their nails to wear down. When their nails are long, make sure to cut them short.

They also have an upright pair of ears that can accumulate debris and dirt in the flaps. In connection to that, make sure to wipe them out using a smooth cloth.

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What are the Activity Requirements of Yorkeltie?

It is important to keep in mind that the Yorkeltie breed is an active dog. This means that it requires moderate exercise.

Compared to other small dog breeds, Yorkeltie does not require a huge amount of exercise. In connection to that, it would be best to take them for a regular morning walk to meet their activity requirements.

The Yorkeltie has a strong herding characteristic he gets from his Sheltie parent. This instinct usually kicks in around other pets and small children.

One of the best characteristics of a Yorkeltie is high intelligence. This means they are an ideal choice of dog breed for agility, flyball, and obedience.

Aside from that, Yorkeltie loves to learn different things. He would be happier if you will share your happy moments with them as they learn. You can make this dog breed happier if you will give them enough outdoor activities that should be done regularly.

What is the Temperament of Yorkeltie?


As we have mentioned earlier, the Yorkeltie dog breed is a very affectionate and loving canine. He loves to be with his master every minute.

Compared to the other yappies known as an independent breed, the Yorkeltie feels happy when they please their masters. They are also a good companion during your morning walks.

The Yorkletie’s love of playing, high intelligence, and a quick wit make them a perfect pet to be cared for by the family. It is also a good dog breed for those living in small apartments. Just make sure that they have enough space to walk or perform exercises.

One of the best things about the Yorkletie is that they love to interact with other canine breeds. Just make sure you will teach them the importance of socialization. Give your canine lots of healthy interaction by visiting dog parks and performing obedience training more frequently.

What are the Good Friends of Yorkeltie?

Considering that Yorkeltie has the biggest personality of a dog, they are considered an ideal companion for every family. If you don’t have time to go to the dog park frequently, why not consider adopting or buying other dog breeds that are compatible to play with Yorkeltie.

These include the Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Collies, and other herding breeds. On the other hand, both Golden Retrievers and Labradors work best with your Yorkeltie when they are already grown-ups.

Is It Good to adopt Two or More Yorkelties?

Yes, of course. In most cases, a lot of dog lovers want to fill their house with dogs. If you are planning to purchase two dogs of the same breed, it would be best to get one female and one male.

You may also consider having two females. We do not advise you to have two male Yorkeltie unless you have experienced handling different dogs.


As of now, you might be thinking of buying your own Yorkeltie. Considering their amazing personalities, this is an ideal dog breed for every homeowner, especially for living in a small apartment. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for the clinginess and sweetness of this dog breed.

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