10 Hilarious Things You Didn’t Know About The Pug

This cute lovely Pug companion is the best gift you ever had. Including loyalty he has bunch of good qualities.

But no one knows from where those qualities come. This is something that you didn’t know about him and you must know about him.

1. The primary purpose of breeding is to be a lap dog.

Chinese emperors are practices to serve Pugs as lap dogs. His size was fit to the laps.

pug puppy sleeping

Like other breeds, he doesn’t need much exercise. That’s why he has a cute fatty body.

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2. His sign of honor is face with wrinkles.

Wrinkles give him cute looking face. Chinese breeders make those wrinkles in his face purposely.

funny pug puppy face

You can see his forehead wrinkle is different. Chinese create this to resemble character for the prince.

3. Feisty Pug owner is Napoleon’s wife.

She is Josephine. She had a very affectionate and loyal Pug named Fortune. Like his name, he was the ‘fortune’ of her.

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Napoleon is Josephine’s second husband. Before marrying him, she was in prison during the Region of Terror.

That time Fortune becomes her courier. From the prison, he carried messages to her ex-husband.

pug puppy funny face

Fortune is also biting Napoleon during their honeymoon, because of avoiding him to come up to bed.

4. He is a life saver.

In the 1500s the first Prince William of Orange successfully won against the Spaniards. Due to that in the year 1572, Spanish soldiers were tried to kill him.

But William’s pug named Pompey thwarted the effort. He heard them and began barking in full swing.

pug puppy bathing

As honor of life-saving, he becomes the official breed of the House of Orange.

5. They were pets of Buddhist Monks.

cute pug puppy

Tibetan Buddhist Monks were kept pugs as their pets.

6. They are not familiar to Bulldogs.

Pugs are related to Pekingese, not Bulldogs. Some are habited to call them as Dutch Bulldogs. But this is wrong.

pug puppy smiling

The DNA test was showed that Pugs are not related to Bulldogs whether both of them have a similar physical appearance (wrinkles).

7. Pug group is called as Grumble.

pug puppies group

8. Many famous people owned Pugs.

Most of the royals, emperors and instant celebrities have owned pugs as pets.

Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Mr. Harriet Beecher Stowe had 2 Pugs called Punch and Missy.

funny pug puppy

Dracula is another Pug pet who owned to Heavy metal singer Rob Zombie. Likewise, there are so many Pugs that owned by the famous.

9. Pug’s facial expression is the reason for his name.

funny pug puppy face

Marmoset monkey is a breed name who also called as Pug monkey. This monkey face is so familiar to Pug doggie face.

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10. He was a symbol of the Freemasons

A group of Catholics decided to form a secret Freemason society after the Catholic Church forbid Catholics from becoming Freemasons.

pug puppy playing

This society called an Order of the Pug. Because of the loyal and trustworthy temperament of Pugs, they used Pug as a symbol.

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