How smart is Border collie?

The border collie is a very bright, amazing, and workaholic breed of dogs. These have very high energy and Very faithful, People without thinking about this bread quickly keep it in their homes.

These dogs are very energetic and even have energy after the long workday because they are very active and dynamic.

These are an athletic breed of dogs; medium-sized approx—18 to 22 inches from the shoulder.

The overall look of this type of breed of dogs is perfect and includes both type of coat that is rough and smooth.

You can adopt the puppy according to your choice of color, as they come in a variety of various colors and patterns.


Border collie has almond-like Eyes; it is the sign of Intelligence expression.

This breed of dog has very sharp eyes and recognizes the enemy very easily with the help of an intense gaze. They are brilliant athleticism and training.

The breed of a Border collie is very hardworking and developed in the Scottish borders.

The other name of the breed of a Border collie is Scottish sheepdog because these dogs come from the border region of Scotland and England.

Are border collies a good family dog?

The border collie is a lovely and people-oriented dog. Most people say that these breed of dogs are amiable and mix with the whole family within very less time.

Some borders are doing not mix up with other dogs or cats, but most of the borders mix with other dogs or cats within no time.

Dogs are very faithful and beautiful petrify you want to keep the puppy; then, you have to purchase the dog of Border collie breed as they are very hardworking and intelligent.

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This puppy is capable of doing activities like agility, obedience, flyball, and freestyle.

Children will play very well with the border collie as it is easily able to play flyball with the kids. This breed of dog can mix up easily with others and very friendly.

Do border collies bark a lot?

Likewise, other dogs, Border collie bark as a way of communication as a comparison to other breeds. Border Collies very intelligent and contains a lot of features to say.

Border collie only back when they are bored, stressful, excited, curious, and lonely, and playful.These logs area perfect examples of smart dogs.

The border collie is recognized as one of the smartest dog among all breeds.

This breed can quickly learn voice commands; follow directions if you give a whistle or hand signals and can able to understand many other words as a comparison to other dogs.

The IQ level of this breed is very high and efficient. If you want to purchase a border collie for your home, then you will make the right decision because it is worth a dog.

This breed sits on the top of the list of the very brilliant and intelligent dog breeds; various people believe that Border collie is the smartest and brilliant dog among all the breed of dogs.


This is a dog that will follow all the commands, whether it is oral or in signals that given by his or her owner, complete in a very brilliant manner.

But this breed requires a lot of exercises that increase the stamina and builds up the body of a dog.

Sometimes you have no time to entertain your dog; then, the border collie is almost capable of doing anything; he will able to find something that entertains himself and not getting bored.

This is a breed of dog with various benefits, features and specifications. Border collie never stops thinking and has a powerful memory.

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If once they see their enemy, then they will recognize him or her very easily.

You can use this dog to examine and notice the environment because he can easily search for everything that is going on in the environment around him.

He is a very capable and brilliant dog, can able to learn almost all the things that you want to learn or teach him.

You have to give him training regularly, and after some time, you will notice that he will do precisely as you want.

Border collie needs very much of mental refreshment as well as physical exercise to keep mind and body good.

You have to make sure that what type of things you will teach him because he has very high memory and intelligent breed of dog, do not forget things very quickly.

You may use intelligent strategies to teach your dog and always teach him good and beautiful things.

The breed of dog are very smart, you can see it with the help of specifications of how smart is Border collie?

Border collies are very smarter than the average Dog.


These dogs do work with the Unstoppable power and can able to do the works on which they set their mind.

They are very expert in finding the roots which can escape, and even some owners say that this breed can able to open the locked doors also, with the help of their Intelligence.

This breed of dog is very hardworking and capable of making decisions with his own. The memory of this dog is very high, and that is why he is a very quick thinker and doing the job in the very best manner.

Most of the people praise a lot about the breed of Border collie, but these dogs are very stubborn also.

An owner seriously needs to understand the things and have to be aware of the Intelligence of this type of breed of dog.

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If you want to keep your dog under your control you have to entertain your dogs after time to time because a bored dog is not able to do things in a very effective manner and you may face serious behavioral problems in your dog and can be rude with your family, especially with the kids.

This breed of dog is very smart and observant; they can pick up the smallest variations if you who gave the voice command to a border collie.

You can also use your hands while you train a border collie because this breed is very intelligent and smarter.

If you are an owner of the Border collie, then you didn’t need to take worry about his Shelter as Border collie find their Shelter with itself.

Facts about Border collie

The border collie is a very highly animated and dynamic dog as they have very high energy. This breed is seriously loved to run as this breed requires a lot of exercise.

Weight range

The weight of Border collie f male is approx. 30 to 45 LBS and weights of a female Border collie is approx. 30-42 lbs.

Exercise requirements 

You have to give exercise approx. Forty minutes in a day if you want to build the body and muscular power of your dog.

Energy level 

The energy level of this dog is very energetic, as these are the smartest and intelligent dogs in the world. They have these special powers to find the escape routes and also can able to open the unlocked doors.


This breed comes in various colors, like black. Black and white, white and red, tricolor, Sable, and solid color. You can choose according to your wish.


These dogs have a very attractive and brilliant personality with high Intelligence, able to learn quickly, and very capable and smarter.

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