15 Amazing Facts about Bichon Frise Dogs

We have known Bichon Frise dogs as outgoing, amusing, sweet, and affectionate pets.

Some even call them “a living cotton candy” due to their very soft, fluffy skin. Such a snug hugging companion!

But, did you know that similar to humans, their hair never stops growing?

They were once a favorite during sixteenth-century French royal courts too.

The Kings of France were completely smitten with Bichon Frise and eventually decided to have one individually.   

There are many interesting and amazing facts about this type of breed. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure to satisfy your arousing curiosity!  

1. Called the “hypoallergenic” dog


Do you have allergies to dog’s hair yet loves to adopt one?

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, around 10% of the US population is allergic to pets, and up to 30% of people with asthma suffer from animal allergy symptoms.

It is good to know that Bichon Frise has a bushy double-layer hypoallergenic coat.

It shed, yes, but only minimal. It also releases less dander compared to other hounds.

You can have this cute little pup in your house without having to grab your allergy pills.   

2. The name Bichon Frise may have a hint of a French word, but their origin tells otherwise.


Bichon is a type of ‘lapdog’ while Frise is for the French term ‘curly.’ Its name is still a source of debate.

One thing’s for sure though – it was not originated in France, but Spain.

Spanish used them as sailing dogs. Bichons were also believed to be descendants of the poodles and water dogs.   

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3. Bichons were known as entertainers during the 19th century.  

This breed has a clownish personality, which is why they were very popular in street performers and circuses.

They are fun, friendly, and intelligent, too, with a bright personality.

These unique traits helped them to quickly adapt to the situation and soon earned back the popularity they once had during the French Renaissance period.

Nobilities did not favor Bichons as they used, but the travel communities became very fond of these hounds.

Thanks to their ability to attract audiences and perform various tricks.   

4. They have been featured in various artworks.


Many renowned artists have featured Bichon Frise in their several works. Many of them were from sixteenth-century Europe.

This breed was a favorite subject of the Infantas in Spain and painted it from the Spanish school.

Franciso de Goya is a famous painter who used Bichon as a source of inspiration for some of his extraordinary arts.

Auguste Renoir and Albrecht Durer were also fascinated by this pet.

It is their fluffy look and small figure that makes them a favorite subject even by modern painters and their cute appearance and tranquil nature. 

5. Separation anxiety is likely to strike among Bichons. 

Having this breed will be both fun and challenging experience.

Bichons are happy, jolly, and feisty, but they also know how to play boss.

If you want to adopt Bichon, make sure not to leave him for a long time.

Otherwise, he will greatly suffer from separation anxiety. He tends to seek attention all the time.

However, he can still be able to stay alone for a maximum of six hours or so.

Those living alone and have a regular tight schedule (around eight to nine hours) may find it unfitting to adopt one. 


6. Bichon Frise dogs are members of a non-sporting or toy group.

Since they are a smaller breed, Bichons are generally grouped into non-sporting or toy group.

This differs from a country to another, though. The Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club has classified them as a non-sporting group.

In contrast, some organizations such as the Australian National Kennel Club and the UK Kennel Club categorized them as toy groups. 

7. They hate water 

Well, we want our furry friend to be looking and feeling great. Bathing them is a routine we’ve been used to.

However, that is not entirely the case with Bichon Frise.

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Sure, some can deal with water and even swim proficiently, but others do not want to engage in any sort.

It’s just a matter of proper training – being able to swim for around thirty minutes.

Floating may be out of their league.

They will paddle their short legs like crazy during the initial tryout, but they’ll find it a fun activity in time.  

8. Bichons Frise do not bark often 


If you live in a small apartment, owning a Bichon Frise may evoke your interest.

Its small size leaves enough space for them to roam around in your dwelling space, plus you won’t disturb or annoy your nearby neighbors since they are not known for barking.

Especially if you have kids, they will surely appreciate Bichons for being a friendly and lovable four-legged companion.

They can be a great addition to your family, but don’t rely on them to guard your house.  

9. The longest living Bichon was nineteen years old. 

Bichon Frise dogs have a life expectancy of up to 17 years.

But that is merely based on the type of environment they are living and the state of their well-being.

In Canada and the US, this pet has an average life expectancy ranging from 12 to 13 years.

Talking about the record holder for a Bichon with the longest lifespan, North America snapped.

Records are showing that dogs have lived here for over 19 years.  

10. Also known as a “high maintenance breed.” 


Anyone can’t say no to a fluffy companion such as Bichon Frise, but only if you spare ample time making him sweet-smelling, good-looking, and extremely healthy.

This pooch requires big grooming due to its white color and double coat.

You have to brush him daily or at least twice per week and offer a bath time when it is essential.

Be careful of the long hair that slips around his mouth and eyes as they can cause eye problems.

Moreover, the dog requires around twenty to forty minutes of playtime every day.

This routine will help them achieve a longer lifespan and avoid being tired and lazy.  

11. They may be small, but over protection is the least of their concern. 

We tend to protect anything small, take babies, for instance.

They’re still full of innocence, so we have this natural impulse to protect them from anything harmful.

The same goes for our furry friend. Bichon Frise is a cute and small breed, but they might not fully appreciate too much protection from their pet parents.

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They are known for being independent and playful.

Overprotection is not recommended, too; otherwise, your dog may likely experience unpleasant behaviors (e.g., being spoiled and fearful).  

12. Bichon Frise still needs to be pampered.


This dog was a real fluffy white dog throughout their life with the royal family in France.

They were properly treated and even sparged with high-priced and rarefied perfumes.

This is also why they were called the pampered dog breed. Even today, Bichons are well-pampered.

You will mostly see them beautifully dressed up with cute little buns.

You don’t need to go expensive, though. An occasional bath and hair brushing will do the trick. 

13. Can tag along with other dogs  

Again, being small doesn’t mean less companion. Whether you own small or big dogs, expect Bichons to be friendly.

They can even get along well with felines. They just love being the center of attention.

So, those planning to adopt one or more pups will have fewer issues mixing Bichon with other breeds, make sure she is fully safe and vaccinated before allowing her to blend in. 

14. Bichons are good travel companions. 


Do you travel often? Is traveling with a furry friend your favorite hobby since then?

Spanish sailors have primitively used Bichon Frise dogs as ship dogs. Hence, they can prove to be a good companion during travel.

Their personality traits and inaptitude to bark often are other valid reasons.

Just make sure to always look after her if you don’t want to search for holes and holes, finding this small pup! 

15. Meet Oliver and Ozzie, a star for children’s book and a social media sensation Bichon Frise   

Even today, Bichons are getting good attention from several fields. Oliver and Ozzie are just some examples.

Oliver is a star for the popular children’s book. Candyce Corcoran owns him.

She rescued the pup which was diagnosed with a hypothyroid illness.

Despite his condition, he still executes a happy disposition.

On the other hand, Ozzie is a well-known social media sensation that is popular for executing an entire range of tricks, such as skateboarding and laundry.  

Knowing these things will also help you decide whether a Bichon Frise is ideal for your home.

There are many other amazing facts about this breed we hope to share with you again soon!