Facts About Havanese Dog Breed

The Havanese dog is one of the cutest dogs in the world. People love to adopt this because this is a kind of pet that loves to be around people.

They have a small height and very furry appearance, which makes them so comfortable to touch, and it looks like a sheep in some ways.

Cuba’s country is well-known because of Havanese dogs because that is the first country who discovered Havanese came from.

Havanese Dogs do not like the idea of being alone because they love to be surrounded by people; they love to play and to walk outside the house because they are enjoying that kind of exercise.

Havanese Dogs might be a famous poet globally, but not all people will know about this pet’s characteristics.

Well, Havanese dog breeds are very useful. You can find friends from them because they know how to make people happy, especially when they feel that their owners love them. 

On the contrary, there are many dog breeds around the world, there are many kinds of it that makes it hard for you to choose, but for the record, Havanese dogs are famous, well-known pets in today’s generation.

You will never feel uncomfortable by having Havanese as your pet because it is not just a pet; it can be a family.

These pets are very common because of their popularity. Yes, it is not only human beings who can feel the popularity of animals.


Because of their cuteness, not anyone can resist, especially dog lovers. It is not that challenging to have this kind of pet because they are very gentle.

Most importantly, you should always visit veterinary clinics for them to check your Havanese dogs because it is also your responsibility as their mentor. It would be best if you prioritized their health status.

Aside from that, Havanese dogs like to cuddle with their owners or mentors.

They love to get and give attention to everyone near them, very playful they love extreme challenges and games. 

When it comes to exercise, the Havanese dogs need only 30 minutes to take some exercise every morning because of their size, and they might be tired if they do some extra exercise every day

As per the research, people like to adopt male more than female Havanese dogs because a male Havanese dog is very calmer and gentle.

Also, they are more patient than female Havanese dogs. People think that Havanese female dogs are more complicated than males.

So funny to say that they are comparing it just like a human female individual.

The Havanese Dog Breeds Appearance


Havanese dogs have a big and deep dark brown color of eyes that are shaped like an almond.

They also have a broad but smooth coat structure. It looks like a sheep, but honestly, you cannot compare their appearance to any animal because they have their uniqueness.

This type of breed is an intelligent one, they know how to entertain people and know how to make you happy, they could be your life-saver or relieve your stress, especially when you are having a bad day.

It has 7.9 to 12-inches of height and 6 to 13-pounds depending on how you will feed them.

Havanese dogs are very charming, and they always have a lively spirit, could be trained as long as you are patient, and do not have to take so much effort because Havanese dogs can catch up easily since they are fast learner dogs.

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They might be a small animal, but they can run as fast as the other dogs. It also has various colors, white, black, or brown, but they still look lovely whatever color it is.

You can also talk to them because they know how to listen.

Having a Havanese dog as a pet is not a bad idea to do and might be a little pricey but money does not matter because it is one of the best companions you could ever have

How Big Havanese Could Get?


Havanese dog breeds are a small type of pet. That is why they look cute because of their size.

But still, Havanese dogs can be a little taller, and it will begin when they reach up to 18 months of their age.

It is the same for males and females, and it could be eleven to twelve inches tall and get heavy up to thirteen pounds.

Do Havanese Shed?

This is a universal question, and when you say the universal question, it means that this is very common to ask.

Of course, Havanese breeds do shed because they have a natural growing coat, and if you don’t shed that, it could be irritating. 

However, the Havanese breeds’ coat is not hypoallergenic, or it will not harm your skin.

There are also short-coated dogs, and apparently, it is a genetic trait that needs to run a test for you to know if it will grow or not. 

It does not shed to some degrees even though some Havanese dogs didn’t experience any shedding at all, and we will see how their behavior determines whether you did or not do the shedding part of their coat.

So when you read this article, we hope that it will help you know that their coat cannot harm anyone. 

The coat of Havanese breeds can be useful. It can be a mat because their coat is very silky and smooth, that is why sometimes they are made from a mat.

It is not also true that the Havanese coat is being changed to a new one after shedding it because their coat is growing naturally.

How Often Should You Bathe A Havanese?


Your Havanese dog should bathe only once every two weeks because this kind of breed does not require you to bathe every day; it is not necessary.

It is more important to follow the veterinarian’s advice regarding bathing your dogs.

If you clean them once a week or twice a week, it may harm their skin that might cause a big problem or damage for them.

You only need to use specific shampoo when you take them to bathe, just like a Ph shampoo for Havanese dogs only because it might irritate their coat when you use another shampoo that is not compatible with them.

If you feel that your pets are being nervous or scared, ask help to hold them while you are bathing them because sometimes Havanese dogs are afraid of water.

Do not pour water to their heads because it might damage their ears that can cause a secondary level of ear infections because of moisturizing that goes to the ear canal.

Generally, you only need to bathe your Havanese dogs if they smell bad because it is unnecessary to clean your dog if they are healthy and not dirty or do not look bad.

For them not to be smelly, you need to feed them high-quality dog food, a portion of healthy food that also smells good. It is very helpful.

Do Havanese dogs bark a lot?


Havanese are chill out dogs. They hardly bark or growl, but when they do, that means they promulgate your arrival or presence not just to a stranger that the usual dogs would bark but once you also greet properly and the barking or growling will be over afterward.

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But you should also know that Havanese dogs can be very lonely easily, and they will bark if they are.

Are Havanese hypoallergenic?

Havanese dogs are hypoallergenic, and these are what makes this dog.

One: Dander and saliva are one of the reasons why people are allergic to dogs, but if you are allergic to one and you still want to have your own, then this dog breed is perfect for you because this dog breed will not trigger your allergies.

After all, this dog does not tend to drool much. S

econdly, their silky double-layered coat sheds only produce less dander than the typical dogs.

Nevertheless, there is no dog completely considered hypoallergenic.

Are Havanese easy to train?


This dog breed is very trainable because Havanese are pretty smart and cooperative.

They love to learn new tricks and love performing for people, even strangers.

They prefer to do tricks and be cooperative because of receiving pats, praise, treats, and more that they could get in return after showing tricks or actions.

They are also friendly dogs, and they love to be around people, especially those who owned them.

Havanese dogs are an environmental breed, they are not harmful, and they can easily trust you, with no hesitations.

Havanese behavior problems:

As stated above, Havanese dogs could be very lonely easily. This is also known as “separation anxiety.”

Your dog will start to bark or growl when they are lonely. Your attention is not just what they want – they need it.

They will start to suffer from (separation) anxiety if you are away for three or four hours or more.

So this is fine if you work for yourself at home or make sure that they are not alone in the house when you leave.

Shyness in some lines or situations when they are not used to socializing, so it is advised to take your dog for a walk from time to time to meet people and other dogs because this can boost their confidence.

You can also try training your dog in front of other people and give them pats or rewards when they successfully did the trick for them to acknowledge that they are doing well not just in front of you but also in front of others.

They need habitual brushing and combing unless your dog regularly has proper grooming because of their silky hair.

How much does Havanese cost?


A Havanese dog or puppy’s average cost could start from $1,000 – $1,500. Quite expensive, but you won’t be spending another $1,000 for your dog just right after you purchase it.

Buying and adopting dogs can cost big money, but you won’t waste it because having Havanese dogs is truly worth it. Spending that huge amount of money is not a waste. 

Suppose you are going to spend it buying the breed of Havanese dog. Your money will be back in your hands, but the opportunity of having a trustworthy dog like the Havanese dog should not slip away.

You can spend your money on whatever you want to buy. But with the Havanese dog, that is not just an ordinary dog, and your money will be on a matter of worthiness. 

Why would you need to spend it to buy other things that will make you happy if a little wise dog breed named Havanese can make you smile already?

The cost maybe that huge, but in exchange for the adorable and lovely Havanese dog, that will be just a cost. 

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Having a Havanese dog at home is a good choice. You can also bring your Havanese dogs to any place you want.

Just trained them with the right politeness. Your $1,000 is not a waste if you buy a Havanese dog.

The excellency of Havanese dogs’ personalities and characteristics are the best on the lists.

Where to buy or adopt a Havanese dog?


If you think it is a hassle for you to roam around the city and visit each pet store in town, then here are some of the sites where you can use in helping you find what you have been looking for without wasting your energy and time in driving and walking and dropping by in each store.

You can also see the previous customers’ feedback that they have entertained before if they can provide you utmost customer service that you deserve.

  • Adoptapet.com is one of the websites that will help you find the perfect Havanese dog for you.

This is where you could enter your location and let you choose what sex of the dog you are going to adopt and what age, and this site will do the searching for you instead of that is near your locus.

  • Petfinder.com also offers the same thing, but they can provide you with information about that certain breed of dog that you have been looking for in an instant.

How big the dog is already indicated in the information and the energy level, exercise requirements, playfulness, affection level, friendliness to other dogs, friendliness to other pets, friendliness to strangers, watchfulness, ease of training, grooming requirements, and heat sensitivity.

You can also know the history of Havanese dogs on this site, the temperament, upkeep, and health of this certain dog breed in just one site for you.

  • Havaneserescue.com is a non-profit organization where they are formed for the charitable purposes of rescuing Havanese dogs.

This site can let you browse their current or available dogs and pups. You can also volunteer and donate if you want to.

People can also surrender their Havanese dogs on this site and provide you with other information.

havaheartrescue.org has completely volunteered staff and members and is also a non-profit organization found in Springfield, Missouri.


They do not have their facility to call their own for everyone’s information. Rather, each HavaHeart pup is placed in a safe place of their foster home until they find someone they can call their new owner or what this organization calls ‘forever home”.

Their mission is to rescue, take good care of, and rehabilitate the homeless or abused or neglected dogs.

It also includes Havanese dogs and educates the general public on the importance and what else we can do to show our humane treatment and love to our loving animal pets.


One of the best little creatures to be your companion is the Havanese dog. Leave your stress away and loneliness out of your life.

With this breed of dog, enjoy your daily life with the companionship that you wanted.

The saying was proven that the best of friends is not always humans, but dogs who have no words for you but the actions that will embrace you.

These lovely creatures can be your buddy wherever you go. Havanese dogs are not just a companion you can always be with.

They can also be your best buddy that can give you entertainment because of how wise this breed is with the positive personalities that this dog has, you never need to worry if you are lonely.

Be with the dog and enjoy the hours together. A Havanese dog is a breed that every owner is worth it to have.

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