Mini Cockapoo | 12 Interesting Facts About Cockapoo Poodle Mix

The Mini Cockapoo is a cute, lovable small dog with a massive whining temperament and personality.

They could come in a bigger size, particularly if their parent were one of the big Poodles. However, they are normally more famous the smaller they are.

This dog type has been around for much longer than many hybrid dogs today.

They date back to the 1960s. Those affectionate small dogs are people-oriented. They cherish their family and always wish to please them.

It’s extremely smart and is perfect to train, picking up new different tricks easily. They scarcely shed any hair and are less maintenance.

Such dogs excel at agility course work, showing tricks they have acquired.

What’s more, they are suitable as a therapy dog and love snuggling up to you to absorb your attention.

Do you wish to know more about this beautiful breed? Perhaps you are planning to adopt this type of dog.

This dog is a cross between either the English Cocker Spaniel or the American Cocker Spaniel. In many cases, the poodles breed to be a Mini Cockapoo are small poodles.


Do you believe this dog is ideal for you? Then there are several things you must know about them.

This post allows us to highlight the 12 facts about the mini cockapoo dog breed you should know.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started!

What are the characteristics of a mini cockapoo?

The Cockapoos is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle.

This dog type originated in the US in the 1960s. Other names for Mini Cockapoos are the Cockerpoo or Cock-a-poo. 

Did you know that this dog is known to be a companion dog?

It also makes a wonderful lapdog, not to mention that they are extremely energetic and likes to run around play.

If you plan to adopt this dog, you can expect a friendly dog that’s extremely affectionate.

This dog type is ready to shower you and your family with affection and love, no matter if you want an energetic teddy bear or a calm sitting companion:

  • Overview: Hybrid from Cocker Spaniel and Poodle
  • Temperament: Mellow, friendly, and loyal
  • Size: 10 to 15 inches
  • Weight: 10 to 24 pounds
  • Purpose: Companion


This dog looks like both the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel. Their lovely furry face brightens their big, beautiful eyes.

Their coat is the same as that of the Poodles and their floppy ears looking like a Cocker spaniel.

That low shedding breed will rob a place in your heart with their fluffy teddy-bear like look.

Colors & Coat

Cockapoos can appear in different combinations that are seen in Cocker Spaniels and Poodles.

They range from brown, cream, white, black colors and could even have red coats. Their coats are normally either wavy or curly.

Moreover, Mini Cockapoos’ coat is on the lengthier side, particularly over the muzzle area and the legs.

This dog is a slow shedding and doesn’t generate too much dander.

Weight & Height 

The size of this dog type will differ depending on the size of their Poodle parent.

You could find such puppies on average, small, and even teacup sizes.

That suggests your combination could average between ten to fifteen inches, weighing between ten to twenty-four pounds.

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Diet & Feeding 

Cockapoos require at least two cups of quality food every day. Keep in mind that Poodles could acquire food allergies to foods like wheat, soy, and corn.

It would help if you stayed away from feeding your Mini Cockapoo these foods.

These dog types are small dogs that have faster metabolisms. Hence, the search for foods that are made for smaller dog breeds.

They require more proteins in their diet, so go for foods with enough protein percentage between 22 percent to twenty-six percent.

Interesting Facts about Mini Cockapoos 

Below we collect 12 facts we thought you must know about Cockapoos.

1. Mini Cockapoos are low and high energy.

You will find some dog breeds that have high energy while others have low.

The Cockapoo falls in the center. They are a ball of energy when they like to play. They always love to play, jump, and run.

Mini Cockapoos are the canine version of a couch potato when they do not feel like playing.

They will easily curl up next to you on the couch and be happy lying down and cooling down with you.

You must consider adopting this dog, especially if you seek a dog whose energy level is the only happy medium.


2. Mini Cockapoos suffer from separation anxiety.

Did you know that cockapoos could suffer from separation anxiety?

Please note that separation anxiety is when a dog suffers high levels of anxiety because of being away from home or somebody close to them.

They could often experience this when their owners go out, as they are more likely to love humans so much.

Separation anxiety could lead to:

  • Pacing
  • Salivating
  • Panting
  • Urinating
  • Ruining furniture
  • Crying, whining and barking for a long time

No dog must be left alone throughout the day. However, you must be able to leave your furry friend for a while, knowing that they’ll be fine.

Do you believe your dog is suffering from this? Are you anxious that they might have this? Then ensure you read up on how to handle it.

3. Mini Cockapoos are perceived as healthy dogs.

These dogs are extremely healthy dogs, which are not susceptible to different health concerns.

People have noticed different luxating patella cases, meaning their knees can’t be extended properly because of discoloration that causes irritation and pain.

Nonetheless, that isn’t going to happen to all Cockapoo.

4. Cockapoos are great with other dogs.

It could be a big worry if you have a dog that does not get out along with other dogs.

Each trip outside could be frustrating when there’s fear that he could respond aggressively or else could get easily scared.

You won’t have either of those concerns with many Mini Cockapoos.

Such are friendly dogs that love being around along with other dogs and meeting some new friends.

Do you have other pets inside your home? Then you can expect this dog to ease themselves in without too many issues.

These are not difficult pooches that will distress the balance of a family group when they come.


5. Cockapoos are simple to train. 

Not all feel assured about training a new dog in their family.

Of course, some breeds are a bit trickier than others to train the basics, and the likes of Beagles, Chow Chows, and Dalmatians, seen as being the toughest dogs to train.

Luckily, Cockapoos are very intelligent and enthusiastic to learn. That makes them simple to train.

You’ll still require putting enough effort and time into it. However, you must expect to notice signs of development quickly.

You must expect to have a very intelligent dog if you plan to adopt a Mini Cockapoo. Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are both smart breeds.

Hence, their offspring are going to be extremely smart too. Such dogs could be trained to do tricks and act on command.

Indeed, you must look to cherish the experience of demonstrating your new dog relevant skills.

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That must be a wonderful bonding experience that you get a massive amount of happiness out of, whether you bring him to group classes or teach him on your own.

6. Mini Cockapoos require a good amount of exercise.

You will find other dogs that love nothing more running their families to a halt by continuously asking more exercise.

Meanwhile, some puppies are more than satisfied to sit or lie around all day long without doing too much.

Cockapoos are somewhere in the center in this respect. That’s because they enjoy a few exercises but are not that extremely demanding.

You’ll surely wish to bring them out to the park or for a good walk regularly. A bit of added exercise after that will always be welcomed.

Do you enjoy swimming, jogging, or heading out to hike? A Mini cockapoo is fit and strong enough to keep up with this kind of active lifestyle as well. Amazing.

7. Cockapoos love company 

One of the most remarkable qualities of a Mini Cockapoo is that they always love to be around with humans.

That suggests they are ideal for anyone who wishes to have a four-legged friend who’s there for them.

One of the best traits of this dog is that they are extremely social. They are affectionate when it comes to their family.


You will find some breeds that will bond with one family member, and that will be their most favorite person.

Well, that’s not the case with Cockapoos. This dog type often bonds with everybody inside the home, not to mention that it will love everybody the same.

Such dogs will also be amazing when strangers come into your home and when they’re around other puppies.

It is rare to find a Mini Cockapoo who does not love each animal and human that it meets.

Are you often home most of the day? Then this type of dog could be an awesome company to prevent you from feeling alone or getting bored.

Cockapoos won’t get exhausted being with you and playing with you if you offer him the chance.

Alternatively, this dog type isn’t suitable for you, especially if you are always out at work throughout the day.

Keep in mind that a cockapoo who’s left alone all day is going to be miserable. They might end up being damaging as he gets uninterested.

8. Mini Cockapoos always love being with kids. 

Searching for a breed that gets along very well with kids is one of many individuals’ major issues.

Is there a child in your home? Then you’ll like a pup who becomes their best friend rather than one they fear or that tries to shy them away.

Luckily, Mini Cockapoos are known to be gentle and easy-going types of dogs.

They are among the best dog types of pet for a young family to have.

You could feel at ease about allowing them to spend the most time together without too many concerns.

On top of that, they get on well, along with people.

They are best seen as family companion pets that flourish in homes where they get a huge amount of attention and continuously go on around them.

The way your dog is treated, trained, and their experiences with kids have an impact too.

However, this dog type is a breed to consider if you need to make sure your dog is great with children.

9. Cockapoos never really grow up. 

These dogs are always young at heart, whatever their age is. You might see how they calm down with most with some dog breeds.

They are living a peaceful life. Nonetheless, the Mini Cockapoo has a spring in their step for a longer time.


They are always excited, loves to play, run, jump, and cuddle.

That will make having a Cockapoo a wonderful experience as it means they’re active and enjoyed the same amount of affection, exercise, and company.

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Dogs are the lovelies, especially when they’re in their puppy stage. Hence, having a dog that remains in this happy for so long was a big bonus.

10. Mini Cockapoos are allergy-friendly

Cockapoos do have their hair. Hence, they are not hypoallergenic.

Nevertheless, they will make a wonderful addition to a family who experiences dog allergies as they do not shed and have less dander.

Do you often groom your dog? You can lessen the amount of hair your dog leaves on your furniture and clothing.

Before adopting, make sure you first bring your dog home for a bit to ensure it won’t aggravate your family member’s allergies.

That will keep you from adopting a dog that you’ll need to put up for adoption again later if a member of your family is demonstrating symptoms of allergies.

11. Mini Cockapoos can be costly to purchase

There is no denying that these dogs seem to be a sought-after choice of breed.

Did you know that it’s been reported that a breeder charges $1,000 to $2,000?

That’s a huge amount of money to pay. That’s why ensure you review and investigate the breeder ahead of time to make sure they have bred the puppies properly.

Ensure you ask your breeder enough questions when picking your Mini Cockapoo. Some of these questions might include:

  • Does the dog have any other health checks or treatments?
  • Can I meet the parents?
  • From what age could the pup be taken home?
  • Do the puppies have the proper vaccinations?
  • How long have you been breeding?

You could adopt a Cockapoo if the cost is an issue. That would be substantially more affordable, and you’d be giving an orphaned pup a loving home.

Take note that adopting a dog could be a rewarding experience for the dog and the owner.

12. Cockapoo’s coats are not all the same. 


You already know that the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle are the two components that make up the Cockapoo.

These two breeds have two types of coats.

Poodle’s coats are wiry and slow shedding while the Cocker Spaniels have a heavier, longer, and smoother shedding coat.

The mixed characteristics that any Mini Cockapoo receives from their parents could be different in many ways.

The coat is only one of those. Hence, not all Cockapoos have a low shedding coat, such as the Poodle.


This dog type is excellent for most individuals. However, you will find various things to bear in mind.

An apartment or small house might not have enough space for an average Mini Cockapoo.

Nonetheless, smaller varieties of these pups are perfect for apartments.

On top of that, this dog is ideal for somebody who can spend lots of time with them.

They will require a pet owner who can walk them two times a day and provide them some playtime.

Cockapoos are one of the most sought-after mixed-breed dog types.

You will find a massive number of reasons behind the modern fame of the Mini Cockapoos.

They are small to medium in size and makes a great fit for most different types of homes.

These dog types also have awesome personalities, kind temperaments, and outgoing natures.

Are you currently seeking a new dog to adopt for your family and check out for accessible options?

Then a Cockapoo is surely a dog to find out further about! Nonetheless, you need to perform enough research into any dog type before you commit to buy.

That suggests looking for more details about any challenges or specific traits within the breed, which might impact your final decision.

We hope this article has provided you with some good insights about the Mini Cockapoos before you adopt one.

We wish you the best of luck on your journey!

Have you already adopted a Cockapoo? What are your experiences? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments down below!

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