Top 10 Cutest Small Dog Breeds

Dogs have been a part of the household for a very long time. They are one of the most loyal, loved, caring, and affectionate pets.

People domesticate dogs for their loyal and affectionate characteristics. Dog owners take care of their dogs just as a part of their family.

Many dog breeds are popular among dog owners. Some people prefer small dog breeds while others prefer big dogs.

Small dogs are well-loved and are much-admired pet dogs. They are considered portable and family-friendly.

They can be domesticated in a small space and usually have lower food intake and medication costs than dogs of larger breeds.

When considering buying or adopting a puppy, one must do proper research on all the small dog breeds out there and select a puppy according to their personal preferences and needs.

Small dogs are little, but they often make up for their size with their exciting and adorable personalities.

Small dogs require training, just like other dogs.

What are the top 10 toy dog breeds?

There is a huge variety when it comes to small/toy dogs. However, some are more popular than others.

They all come with different personalities, so before picking a small toy dog, one must always ensure to read about their breed and their natural tendencies and traits.

1. Yorkshire Terries

Yorkshire Terries

Yorkshire Terries are also known as the typical ‘purse dog.’ They are so little and easily carried that they are often seen being carried in their owner’s purse or arms.

These dogs are on wimpy. They are little and look delicate, but these adorable dogs make up for their size with their thrilling and energetic presence.

They are excellent watchdogs and are very vocal. They are very loud when they witness and movement or activity in their household.

They are considered to be the most affectionate companions when it comes to small dog breeds.

2. Havanese


Havaneses are unique among the toy dog breeds list as they hail from Cuba. These little dogs are spunky, lively, and smart.

They are very adorable and have plush long coats and big brown eyes. The dogs from this breed range in size from 7 to 8 pounds.

These little dogs have an average lifespan of 13 – 18 years. There silky and lovely coat needs daily combing and grooming.

They can also go for regular haircuts to maintain their hair and coat so that the owner can reduce the daily maintenance.

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The dog owners must make sure that they have time for a quick brushing session every day.

3. Maltese

toy maltese puppy

The Maltese breed stands apart among the toy dog breeds. These adorable dogs have a pure, lush, and amazingly silky white coat, which makes them look irresistible.

It is often said that if these dogs don’t move, they could look like a real toy instead of a living, breathing creature.

They can blend in with the toys and look like a moving carpet as their paws are not even visible under all their hair.

These adorable, sweet dogs weigh less than 7 pounds and make amazing house pet dogs.

Though they lack in size and height, they have an extremely delightful and lively personality, which makes them so well-loved.

Their average lifespan is anywhere between 12 to 15 years.

4. Poodle

Toy Dog Breed

Poodles generally come in three different sizes – toy, miniature, and standard. Standard sized poodles are often larger while the toy and miniature poodles fall under the category of small dogs.

The poodles are extremely adorable and are known for their long life. These small dogs are incredibly intelligent and have curly coats on their body.

They are loving and affectionate companions and need constant activity to keep them entertained.

5. Chihuahuas

chihuahua puppy

These adorable little dogs are considered to be one of the world’s tiniest dogs. They are often seen carried around in carriers and purses of their owners.

These dogs are very energetic and have amazing personalities. They are very lovable, affectionate, loyal, and active.

They are also said to be sassy and intelligent. They form deep, intimate bonds with their owners, but they are often wary of strangers and unknown people.

However, when they get to know the person, they are very friendly and lovable.

They often wear an alert and attentive expression and weigh almost 6 pounds.

6. Pug

white pug puppy

Not exactly a toy dog, but pugs are considered to fall under the category of small dog breeds. These dogs are round, and little dogs and are very jovial souls.

These dogs were once the pets of the royalty and the companions of the Tibetan monks.

They are said to be a little tempered, but they are affectionate and fit in almost any place setting, big or small.

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Regular checkup is recommended as pugs are prone to get eye issues and breathing difficulties with time.

7. Shih Tzu

shih tzu small dog breeds

This breed of dog is said to be the infamous lap dog. These dogs are strictly considered to be companions.

They have long, silky hair, and owners see a need to get regular haircuts and trim the coat on their body for simpler maintenance.

They are little, but they have a charming personality. They tend to be very alert, confident, and clear in their disposition.

These dogs can weigh from about 9 to 16 pounds, and their height is less than afoot. They come in black, blue, brown, silver and more colors.

8. Pomeranian

pomeranian small dog breeds

Pomeranians often get mistaken for a soft toy, thanks to their long, fluffy coat. Sometimes they look like a mixture of a stuffed toy animal and a lion.

They are highly energetic and sometimes tend to be a little bossy. However, these adorable toy dogs are extremely loyal and fierce when it comes to their owner and loved ones.

They require constant and consistent training and boundaries to keep their strong, fiery spirit in check.

They are compact dogs and make perfect for owners looking for small, house-friendly dogs.

9. Boston Terrier


These dogs are cheerful, energetic, loyal, and are even said to have a good temper.

This breed hailed from the English bulldog and white English terrier .

This dog was named after the city in which it was originated.

These adorable dogs are playful, positive, and they love spending time in their loved one’s laps.

10. Dachshund


Though the dogs of this breed are tiny, they make excellent watchdogs. They were bred to eliminate vermin.

These dogs are very attached and connected to their owners and share a deep connection with their loved ones.

They can be a little hyper around children. These dogs are a daring, enthusiast, and love chasing and hunting games.

They have a strong sense of smell and are fond of digging.

What are the advantages of owning a small toy dog?

Though having a huge-sized dog is amazing, it can also be an exhausting task and taxing task.

They require greater maintenance, care, time, and energy.

Although big dogs are very popular among dog owners, many people prefer owning small toy dogs for their several benefits.

Some of the advantages of owning a small toy dog are,

1. Small dogs eat less

Small dogs require less food intake and eat very less.

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Their appetite can be easily satisfied with lesser food.

This helps the owner save the costs in the purchase of dog food.

2. Small dogs are easy to cuddle

Small toy dogs are so small that it is a lot easier to snuggle and cuddle into them.

They can be easily lifted into arms and fit into the lap for a cuddling session.

People of all age groups can slide them up in their arms for a cuddle.

3. Easily transported

This is one of the greatest advantages of small dog breeds. They can be easily transported from one place to another.

They make traveling a lot less stressful for pet owners. One can buy an adjustable handbag and carry them in it.

Some airlines allow small dogs to travel with their pet owners. A small dog can easily fit into a car and other means of transportation.

4. Small dogs are easy to handle

Small dogs, in general, are a lot less hard work. They can easily be taken for walks and can be kept on a lease. They can be handled with care.

5. Small dogs have high energy levels

Though these kinds of dogs are smaller in size, their personalities are a work of art. They are extremely energetic, lively, and fun-loving.

6. All love small dogs

Some people, especially children, are often scared of big, huge dogs. Small dogs seem more approachable and less intimidating. They are loved by all the people and considered to be friendly.

A small dog requires lesser maintenance, and whether it is their haircut, teeth cleaning, ear-care, it is easier for the dog owners to groom them and give them proper hygiene and care.

Small dog breeds can be looked after better than big dogs. Their grooming can be done quickly and regularly.

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  1. You’ve made a terrible mistake….You’ve not included the Pekingese…far cuter than the Boston Terrier or the Dachsund. I accept your apology!

  2. I would like some information on chorkies. I have that’s 5 most old and she is great. Would like information on temper and energy. Also and most important there health.


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