Top 10 Dogs with Long Lives

So you are planning to bring home a dog! Well, this is the best idea indeed, especially if you are having kids at home as it allows you to see growing your pup into adulthood with your child.

Above all, you intend to bring home this four-legged member into your household, which can stay around longer.

So, you must know the overall lifespan of the dog that you intend to purchase.

Some of the dog breeds are healthier with lifespan ranging from 10 years to 13 years, while some of the breeds have significantly shorter lifespan.

But there are some breeds of dogs which live longer even 15 years to 20 years and beyond that.

So, below is some dog breeds that are known to have the longest lifespan

1. Dachshund


Originally it was bred as the German hunting dog, which tends to hunt for badgers and other small animals.

The dog breed is shorter in height with a total weight of 16-32 pounds, depending upon whether it is small or standard in size.

This dog breed is playful and aggressive to strangers, while they can be stubborn, and this makes it harder to train them

They possibly don’t have any serious health condition, and hence they tend to live longer.

This dog breed is also referred to as wiener dogs because they have long back. Due to their long back, they are prone to have back issues.

But if you take proper care, they tend to live anywhere between 15 years and 20 years

2. Chihuahua


This is another small breed of dog which is quite fierce. The total weight of the breed is hardly 6-7 pounds, depending upon their overall size.

Because of their small size, they tend to have some health complications, which are essential to diagnose timely to get it treated.

This is the great household dog breed, especially for the home with small kids.

They are very joyful dog breed, and they tend to attach to just one person in the some, and hence they can make great companions for someone who lives alone.

To avoid the complications, you must take proper care of the dogs, and the total lifespan of this dog breed is anywhere from 15 years to 20 years. 

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3. Toy Poodle


This is the hypoallergenic dog breed, which doesn’t shed much, and hence this makes it the excellent family dog for houses with allergic complications.

The total weight of the dog is between 10 and 12 pounds, and they are known for its unique appearance.    

This is the breed of dog which is very eager to learn, and they are smart acting dogs too.

They hardly fall ill and have any health complications, and hence they live longer. This fun and loveable dog breed can stay with your family for more than 15 years

4. Beagle


This is the dog breed that weighs in at 20 to 23 pounds and more.

This is the breed of dog, which is referred to as tracker dogs, and this means that they have a good nose for finding and tracking things.

Beagles also make an excellent family dog because of its small size and sturdiness, and also for their unique temperament and personality.

But if you don’t like the dogs that howl, then this is not the breed for you.

This breed of dog is very spirited, and sometime they may also get stubborn and makes it challenging for training.

They are harsh at strangers and friendly and sweet to the known faces.

If you can manage the vocalization tendencies and howling of the dog, then this can prove to be the best dog breed for your family. 

But ensure to keep them performing their physical activities as they are likely to get obese quickly, and this may impact their health negatively.

The well cared Beagle breed can live longer, even more than 20 years. 

5. Lhasa Apso


He super long tail of the dog is what attracts the most, and this is small and might dog breed, which makes it the great apartment dog.

The total weight of the dog is merely 18 pounds, and they are smaller in size.

The persona of the breed is very different from others, and these ranges from mischievous to dignify. This dog is easy to train.

This dog breed tends to last for 15-20 years, and in some cases, they even live more than this. 

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6. Pomeranian 


This is the smaller breed of dog, which weighs around 6-7 pounds, and they are full of persona.

They are often considered as vivacious breed of dog, and they are joyful and love to play.

This breed of dog is often considered as the best family dog, especially if you have kids at home.

This breed of dog can live for 12-16 years and even more. This breed has the longest lifespan of over 20 years if they are well cared for.

Timely checkups and immunization is necessary and ensure that the activities of the dog are monitored well and carefully.

They usually don’t have any health conditions, but care is needed to avoid the possible side effects of clod and extreme hot climatic conditions.  

7. Australian Shepherd 


Australian Shepherd is the herding dog breed, which was once used for driving the livestock’s in farms.

They love to perform multiple physical activities, and any task assigned is fully and perfectly completed by this dog.

This dog breed is very energetic and intelligent, and the master has to keep their dog busy all the time.

They never mind to take the job and be in charge for any task assigned. 

This dog easily gets bored and destructive when no physical activity is there, or no work is given to them.

Sometimes they may even decide to herd the kids around them, and hence it is necessary that you keep an eye on them always.

They are the best dog breed for active families, and the total weight of the dog ranges from 40 to 65 pounds.

It has the life expectancy from 12 years to 15 years, while some of the dogs have even lived more than 18 years

8. Toy Manchester Terrier


This breed of dog is very agile and lively, and this breed was once used to kill rats and hunt the rabbits because they love chasing things.

This is the loyal dog, and they are excellent as watchdog who love to hang out with their master.

They love to learn new things and smart and active listener at the same time. 

They are independent kind of dog and have passion for their master. But in some situations, they prove to be destructive in behavior, especially if they become nervous or bored.

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They even get quite vocal and louder when left to their device. So, this is not the breed of dog which can be left alone for a long time.

The total weight of the dog breed is between 13 pounds and 22 pounds, depending upon its size, and they have a life expectancy between 15 and 16 years. 

9. Scottish Collie


The appearance of Scottish Collies actually varies, and they are often considered as the working dog, which was once used for herding.

This dog breed is quite friendly with kids and has a gentle and friendly behavior.

This breed makes a wonderful family dog that loves to be in thick of things, but sometimes they get too clingy.

They are known for their protective nature and love to protect the master and kids from intruders.

They never mind having other pets at home as they are friendly and known for their playful nature.                

The total weight of the dog is between 40 pounds and 70 pounds, and hence they are the large breed and have the life span that is between 12 years and 15 years and even more in some cases.

10. Maltese


This is the breed of dog that is agile and spry, and they are small dog breed that makes a great companion for people who live alone.

They are also known as the competitor and therapy dog, and they love spending time with their master and kids, showing their gentle and fearless disposition.

This breed of dog is known for their friendly nature with those who come within their orbit. 

This small breed of dog comes with a total weight of 7 pounds, and they have a life expectancy of 15 years and even more. 

So, these were the top 10 dog breed with the longest lifespan. However, there are also other dog breeds which you may consider, if you are looking for longer life expectancy.

Toy Poodle, Havanese, New Guinea Singing Dog, Yorkshire Terrier, and Shih Tzu are some of the breeds of dogs that are known for longer life expectancy.

So, next time when you are about to purchase a pup for your home, ensure to consider any of this breed if you want them to stay with you longer.         

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