10 Amazing Things About Labrador Retrievers

Become an owner of Labrador retriever is the luckiest. He is an affectionate companion. A lab is a very friendly, gentle and loyal buddy.

He is a water-loving guy. He has strongly built, medium to the large-sized body. Good Nutrient foods are needed to feed him from his childhood.

He usually is a healthy companion. Regular grooming is required to maintain his body healthily and beautiful.

Lab is a very active buddy, and he needs sufficient exercise to maintain his body.

Having Labrador is like your kids getting a friendly playing partner. But here is some critical information you need to know about him.

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1. He is a very strong buddy

black labrador retriever

Lab is well muscular breed. He has very strong arms. He requires sufficient training. It is better to train him well from his puppyhood.

Normally his weight oscillates between 70 – 80 pounds. You have to train him to obey your order from childhood.

If not due to his power, you cannot be able to make him under your control.

2. Don’t underestimate his exercise requirement

Labrador Retriever alone

Lab is a working doggie. As a companion dog, he needs exercise at least one hour per day. He needs to get out and get a long walk or run.

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If you want to make him as a companion, you must give him enough exercise as you feed him well.

If he is unable to get sufficient exercises, his health also can lose, so, please don’t think about it simple. Keep it on your mind as a serious matter.

3. Can become the lazy

Labrador Retriever HD

He loves to feed well. Do you have to be well known about how much food should you provide him for diet?

Become fat can take your buddy to open path of a bunch of diseases. That couldn’t happen.

As you feed him well, likewise you should make him do lots of exercises. If not he becomes the lazy guy. Read about bullmastiff lab Mix – Mastador

4. He is a good helper

Labrador Retriever

Lab is a very kind doggie. Due to his high trainability, loyalty, and intelligence, he is used to be an as most important server.

Sometimes he is the handrail for the disabled. According to his higher ability, he is employed by the police, military, law enforcement, etc.

Mostly he is used as a detector. In most cases, he supported to find convicts and bombs.

Due to his high sensibility of smell, he rescued millions of lives. So, it is an honor to have him.

5. He can be English or American

cute labrador retriever

Both English and American traits are similar in their personality. But there are some differences between them.

English Lab’s outlook is much relaxed than the American. American Lab has a more agile appearance and long legs, and an English Lab has rough- and -ready looking and stockier.

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6. Can be affected by Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC)

Labrador Retriever puppy

This is a severe health problem. Normally and often affected by the puppies. But also can change the strong.

He can become weal, overheated and become collapse after a short exercise period. Generally, this condition can be seen in doggie who working in the field.

7. He is suffering from more health issues.

chocolate labrador retriever puppy

If you feel he is not well immediately, you can take him to your family vet. Gastric torsion and hip dysplasia are some common medical problems he can suffer.

Gastric torsion stops the ability of anything to enter or exit the places where his stomach twists around.

Hip dysplasia is common not only for him. Many types of doggies suffer from this disease.

8. He is not a guard dog.

sleeping labrador retriever

Lab is a very friendly and affectionate guy. Whoever person comes to your house he greets him always the same manner.

Guard dog means someone who is active and can differentiate friendly people and strangers. Unfortunately Lab has missed this ability.

9. He is a cute companion

Labrador Retriever puppy

Lab is probably a good family pet. Due to his loyalty and intelligence, he is the most popular family companion throughout the world.

He friendly with your kids and take care of them. He has such an innocent eye.

It makes you love him like a baby. His cute chubby body makes him more attractive.

10. He needs your interaction.

water labrador retriever

He always needs your attention and interaction. He needs to feel how much you love him.

You should know that he is like a baby and his happiness is to be with you and your family. If not so, he can be affected by mental problems.

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Being Lab is your luckiest experience. You have to be attentive to take care of your ever-loving, affectionate and cute buddy.