12 Interesting Facts about Miniature Yorkie Dog Breed

Searching for a dog breed but don’t know how to get started? Your long search is finally over with the miniature Yorkie dog breed.

Appealing and stunning, Yorkshire Terrier is loving, caring, and kid-friendly. 

When you plan to have a pet at home for the first time, the miniature Yorkie dog breed is a perfect option you can ever have. 

Here are 12 interesting facts about the breed you should know before making a decision: 

1. Miniature Yorkie Started as Ratters


Who would have thought that miniature Yorkies were used as ratters before? Nobody would believe that. But it’s true. 

Bred from a variety of terriers, Yorkshire Terrier was used for hunting rats a few centuries ago. 

One of the problems of Scottish miners, business owners, and weavers in their office was rats’ presence.

When they used tiny exterminators like Yorkies, their workspaces became rodent-free and conducive for productivity and quality performance. 

With their compact size, Yorkies can squeeze into tiny spaces with ease.

They also have a fierce personality that helped them take on their prey like what other large breeds could do and offer. 

Like other terriers, Yorkies were also used for flushing prey out of its den, especially during many hunting sessions. 

Now, Yorkies can also help keep any type of rodents at bay. The fierce personality they are known for years still runs in their veins. 

Aside from a good ratter, miniature Yorkies can be a good watchdog. So, don’t ever underestimate how they look.

They are cute and can be dangerous when the need arises.

Whether you want them to be ratters or watchdog, proper training should not be ignored. 

2. They Are the First Therapy Dog Ever


Originally, dogs were used in warfare. Things have changed today. They can be therapy dogs. 

According to research, pet owners show less suffering from anxiety compared to those with no dogs

Current studies also indicate that people with pets have a lower risk of hypertension and high blood pressure. 

But what is the first breed used as a therapy dog? It is Yorkshire Terrier named Smoky that American soldier Bill Wynne found in a foxhole during World War II. 

Smoky started helping Bill Wynne. Due to her obedience and compact size, Smoky was able to run thru string communication wires and pipes. 

Then, she toured hospitals in different corners of the United States and the Pacific as a therapy dog, especially for wounded soldiers. 

Smoky also performed on different TV shows in Hollywood. She was a talented Yorkie, indeed. 

A monument was built to honor Smoky’s achievements over the past few years. 

Whether you have been suffering from hypertension or depression, a therapy dog like the miniature Yorkie dog breed will be your best buddy. 

They can help lower your blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, decrease feelings of alienation, encourage communication, increase self-confidence, reduce self-consciousness, improve recovery time, and maintain motor skills. 

3. Their Name was not Yorkshire Terrier Originally 


Mini Yorkies were originally popular as broken-haired Scotch terriers when first bred in England. 

After a decade, reporter Angus Sutherland opined that broken-haired Scotch terriers should be changed. 

The name was officially changed to Yorkshire Terriers in 1870. 

If you have finally chosen a miniature Yorkie dog breed and encounter a hard time naming it, there are a few factors to consider. 

What color is its coat? Does it have a distinct pattern? Does it have a unique characteristic? Ask these few questions when naming your Yorkshire Terriers. 

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The trick here is to avoid names that sound like a command, as it might be confusing for your dogs. 

What else? Make sure to consider names with one or even two syllables as they are easier for your Yorkies to hear or understand. 

While many pet owners use offensive and funny names, choose something else to avoid embarrassment. 

If you have female Yorkies, popular names include Annie, Sophie, Daisy, Scout, Emma, Rose, Emma, Mia, Lola, Maggie, and Luna. 

For male Yorkies, best names are Ziggy, Bentley, Teddy, Buddy, Oscar, Cooper, Milo, Gizmo, Henry, and Max. 

But wait, there’s more! You can find inspiration from countless movies, TV shows, and movies.

Common options include Toto, Barney, Smoky, Boi, Nemo, Goo-goo, Moses, and Mignon. 

4. Their Hair Grows Like Rapunzel


Unlike Saint Bernard, Great Pyrenees, Chow Chow, and Akita, Yorkshire Terrier shed less. 

Their coat, for instance, is different. It is made of fine and silky hair. They can get longer than average dog fur that’s similar to human hair

When left unattended for months, they will keep growing up to two feet long. 

While Yorkies tend to have longer hair, pet owners keep them short of adding extra protection. 

But it requires diligent and proper care to maintain its luster over the years.

Without regular and quality grooming, they might become matted, which can discomfort your dogs. 

While it is tricky to maintain your Yorkies’ hair, it is easier than you have ever thought. 

All you have to do is comb their hair every day using a pin brush and a detangling spray.

Then, bathe them once or twice a week. It depends on what your pet needs. 

After that, apply some conditioner. Let it sit for a few minutes. Then, rinse the conditioner properly. Lastly, dry the hair. 

When selecting a conditioner, take advantage of the safest and the highest quality products in today’s market.

5. A mini Yorkie Was Used to Start a New Breed


Yes, you read it right. A Yorkshire Terrier named Schneeflocken von Friedheck was born in 1984. 

Because of its unusual markings in gold, blue, and white, the breeders decided to create a new breed out of it. 

After months of selective and thorough breeding, they successfully established a distinct standard for the breed called Biewer Terrier.

Then, its registration was accepted by the American Kennel Club. 

If you encounter some troubles finding a new breed, Biewer Terrier might be your best bet. 

As a rare purebred dog from two Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer Terrier is energetic, friendly, and playful, just like the other types of Yorkies. 

With their energetic and lovable personality, Biewer Terriers are ideal for those who live in small homes and apartments. 

They are perfect for various households, making them a versatile option for pet lovers out there. 

Another quality that people love about Biewer Terrier is that they are a great companion.

Generally, they get along with other pets and children, depending on how they are trained. 

However, they are more likely to be noisy, especially with dogs they don’t know.

They are also active and playful that require enough exercise, proper training, and a good routine. 

6. Yorkie Make Funny Noises 


Like other teacup and large dog breeds, Yorkshire Terriers make funny noises.

Commonly called reverse sneezing, Pharyngeal Gag Reflex is a respiratory condition common in dogs, triggered by a spasm in its laryngeal area and soft palate. 

Referred to as reverse sneeze, Pharyngeal Gag Reflex makes your Yorkies gasp air inward. 

Common causes include pollen, post-nasal drip, dust, mites, nasal inflammation, household cleaners, perfumes, dog allergies, and other irritants. 

Aside from pollen, other causes might also include rapid drinking, exercise intolerance, and excitement.  

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Experts also found that any respiratory problems like sinusitis can lead to reverse sneezing. 

Aside from a miniature Yorkie dog breed, other short-faced dogs like Shih Tzus, Boxers, Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boston Terriers have a higher risk of reverse sneezing. 

While these funny noises might be harmless, there are treatments you should take into account. 

Since allergies are one of the main causes of the problem, antihistamine medications might be useful.

But before you administer this treatment, make sure you consult a veterinarian of your choice.

Medical professionals usually prescribe antihistamine when mites are found in your Yorkies’ laryngeal area. 

A natural alternative is a simple massage. All you have to do is to rub your dog’s throat gently to stop the spams. 

7. They Originally Came from Yorkshire 


Dogs have an interesting history. The miniature Yorkie dog breed is no exception.

They were originally bred from the beautiful country of Yorkshire in England during the mid-19th century. 

During that time, Scottish workers brought a variety of small terriers in Yorkshire.  

While there were no clear details regarding Yorkies’ breeding, they were bred by workers in the woolen and cotton mills. 

Yes, there’s no reliable breeding information ever recorded because mill workers were not well educated, according to Mrs. A Foster in 1886.

She further added that cotton workers didn’t have the capacity to record necessary details.  

Started in Yorkshire, this dog breed has become popular in places across the globe.

People in Asia, America, and other corners of the world can easily find Yorkies without hassles. 

If you want to have a miniature Yorkie at home, there are many ways to find a healthy one.

A careful and thorough research will pay off at the end of the day. 

8. They are the Twelfth Most Popular Breed in the US 


In 2019, Yorkshire Terriers were the twelfth most popular breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club.

It is next to Dachshunds. Retrievers or Labradors land the first spot.

It is followed by German Shepherd, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, Bulldogs, Poodles, Beagles, Rottweilers, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. 

The number of pet owners who want to have Yorkies is also increasing for the past few years.

What makes Yorkshire Terriers a popular dog breed of 2020?

Well, their small size and loving nature make them the go-to option for aspiring and even experienced pet lovers. 

Yorkies are small. But their personality helps them compete with other large breeds.

They are a loving companion that would make your day special, memorable, and fun. 

Besides having an affectionate personality, Yorkies have elegant looks, making them stand out from other medium-sized and large teacups. 

However, having Yorkshire Terriers requires a big responsibility for pet owners.

Although they are great apartment pets, they are more likely to be yappy. 

That’s not all! They require expensive and complicated maintenance, especially their dental care

But if you give them extra love and attention, they can become an adorable companion you deserve. 

9. Miniature Yorkie has a Hypoallergenic Coat 


Another reason why the miniature Yorkie dog breed has been gaining massive popularity is its hypoallergenic coat

Yes, unlike other breeds, Yorkies shed less when bathed, brushed, or groomed.

Perfect for those who have allergies, this dog breed only shed small amounts

If you are allergic to a Yorkie, the cause is the saliva and dander. 

This claim, however, requires further research and studies, according to other scientists.

They believe that Yorkies and even other breeds have different proteins that can trigger a severe allergic reaction. 

Two canine proteins contribute to allergies based on a study conducted by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

These are the can f1 and can f2, which can be airborne.

Once inhaled, these canine proteins enter the lungs, making you sneeze and cough after some time.

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The saliva and feces also have some allergens. While it is easy to avoid direct contact with poop, touching the saliva is hard. 

To reduce serious allergic reactions, tun your air purifier on to promote healthy airflow.

Also, clean up their poop quickly. Then, don’t forget to wash their toys. 

If you start having nausea, digestive problems, post-nasal drip, itchy throat, or stuffy nose, give your physician a call. 

10. Yorkie Bark A Lot 


Similar to other breeds, miniature Yorkies bark a lot, which can be a disadvantage for some people. 

However, other pet lovers find this personality trait positive because they can be an excellent watchdog.

They can help deter intruders and level up the security of your home effectively. 

But be alarmed when they bark excessively. Of course, thorough training is necessary.

Before training one of your Yorkies, find out the type of noises they make. 

Low-tone barking implies that your dog tries to communicate about a threat.

This happens when they hear an unfamiliar animal sound, a sudden loud voice, or a change of place. 

High-pitched barking indicates that your Yorkies seek attention. Maybe, they want to play or want your cuddle. 

Growling in a low tone, on the other hand, is a warning for people to stay away from their territory. 

Whining is a sign that your pets are in physical or emotional distress. 

During the training, never yell at your dog. It won’t help at all. If you feel mad whenever they don’t perform as you expect, pause, and think. 

It is also necessary to keep the training positive. Provide treats and other forms of reward.

Plus, let them engage in a varied, simple, and engaging learning activity. 

11. They Are Easy to Train 


Another advantage of having miniature Yorkies is that they are intelligent, making them easy to train. They can indeed work without the assistance of others. 

Originally, they are bred as a working dog. They worked as ratters before. They are also used as therapy dogs. 

Like other dog breeds, Yorkies are easily motivated by any positive reinforcement, like treats and praise. 

They are one of the most intelligent dog breeds, according to Stanley Coren. 

But training Yorkies is easier said than done, particularly when you are a beginner.

Of course, you can use video tutorials from popular platforms online to lessen the difficulty. 

Aside from using quality and reliable training resources, make sure you establish SMART goals. 

When your Yorkies are eight weeks old, introduce housebreaking commands and socialization training.

Once they turn to 3 or 4 months old, they are well-trained, making your efforts worthwhile. 

As they master a skill, introduce something new. 

Yes, it requires a lot of effort and patience. But it will pay off. For your convenience, there are dog trainers you can count and trust. 

While the services require extra costs, your Yorkies would be responsible and trained. 

12. They Have Two Sets of Teeth 


Just like other dog breeds, miniature Yorkies will have two sets of teeth for their entire life. 

Also called deciduous teeth, milk teeth consist of at least 28 teeth. Once Yorkshire Terriers turn to eight weeks old, their first teeth begin to grow. 

When they are four months old, they start having their adult teeth. Generally, Yorkshire Terriers have a maximum of 42 teeth. But it varies. 

One common dental problem in Yorkies is overcrowding their teeth due to their small jaws.

Without proper treatment, it can lead to poor dental health.

They require cleaning from a professional and experienced veterinarian. 

Bottom Line 

So, what’s your thought? If you’ve finally decided to have Yorkshire Terriers, you should be patient and determined. 

Having a properly trained and responsible Yorkie does not happen overnight.

It takes time. You can consider hiring a trusted trainer for your peace of mind. 

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