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If you have attended a toy breed dog show before, you must have marveled at the elegance of the poodle. Poodles are loved for their gait, revered for their history with royalty, and coveted for their fluffy coat. Lately, pet stylists are getting more creative with poodle haircuts.
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About the Poodle Haircuts

The poodle originated from Germany before becoming very popular in France. They come in three types namely standard, toy, and miniature poodle. Poodles were first bred for hunting before they became known as ostentatious pets. They helped German and French hunters by swimming and retrieving the kill in large bodies of water.

So you can already tell that the poodle is an outstanding swimmer. As they worked in cold regions, Poodles developed a thick coat for thermo-protection. However, this hair had to be continuously trimmed to prevent it from feeling heavy when wet. The Poodle’s coat never stops growing and is known to be very hypoallergenic.

A continually growing and large fur coat makes the best canvas for experimenting with poodle haircuts. There is plenty of inspiration available today when it comes to poodle hairstyles. Here are some you will love.

1) English Saddle Cut

This poodle cut is achieved by trimming cute double pompoms on each hind leg. The hair around the pelvic area is trimmed to the same length as the hair on the rest of the Poodle. This particular cut would look chic on a standard poodle which grows taller than the toy and miniature poodle.

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2) Lion Poodle Cut

Lion Cut is the most extravagant cut you can have on a poodle. Ideal for toy poodles, it is characterized by hairless legs with pompoms just above the paws. An extra pompom, just for brags, is trimmed above the hind leg near the tail. The tail is also trimmed round while the rest of the dog’s hair is left untouched. The Lion Cut is also described as the Continental Cut in most toy breed dog shows.

3) Summer Cut

A well-done summer cut must leave the poodle looking like he is wearing a furry wetsuit. All the hair in the dog’s body is cut to about half an inch short without touching the ears and head. Some trimming is done around the paws to reveal them more and spot that signature summer wetsuit look. The tail is also trim a little while the tip is left untouched.

4) Plush Toy Cut

This look works great on a toy poodle. It is even better if you have a puppy toy poodle. This poodle cut is the easiest to achieve as you only need to cut all the hair in the body to the same size; usually one to one-half inches. Brush the coat after to make it fluffier and more adorable.

5) Urban Poodle Cut

If you binge-watch most canine styling competitions, then you must have come across the urban poodle cut. The stylist follows the shape of the poodle’s body as they trim the hair short. The end goal is to achieve a professional and stylish finish that accentuates the poodle’s physique. The tail, head, and legs are then brushed to puff the hairs and make those areas look fluffier.
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6) Cupcake Cut

The cupcake cut will make your poodle look adorable. Furthermore, this cut is very rare which means your pooch will spot a unique hairstyle that will make him the center of attraction. The Cupcake Cut focuses on the poodle’s head where the trim finishes with a smooth pointed curve; just like a muffin. This cut is also great for accentuating the poodle’s rounded ears.

7) The Royal Tail

Though it’s called the Royal tail, this poodle cut adds you focus on the legs and face too. The poodle’s tail is highlighted with a cute pompom. Similarly, the paws are entirely covered with pompoms while the rest of the body is trimmed short. The head and tail are brushed making the fur puffed just like in the tail and paws. If you own a poodle with jet black hair, this is the hairstyle they will best grace the red carpet with.

8) Poodle Ears

A standard trend in Poodle cuts is always to make the ears stand out. This is one of those poodle haircuts that lets you achieve just that. To accentuate the ears more, you will have to trim the hairs on the head short. Next, you brush the hair on the ears to puff them up and achieve the signature Poodle ears cut.

9) Teddy Bear Cut

Want to transform your poodle into a cuddly teddy bear? Teddy Bear Cut is one of the poodle cuts that will let you achieve that. It can only be achieved using a pair of scissors and hands that are experienced with styling poodles. The coat is trimmed mid-length so that it curls and rounds to make the poodle look like a bear. This poodle cut is ideal for Poodles with long hairs.

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10) The Country Poolde Cut

A definite must-try if you are looking for a rounding finish. The Country Cut involves trimming the poodle’s coat short while forming cylindrical shapes around the legs. The hair on the body is trimmed even shorter so the cylindrical legs can stand out. The leg, ears, and head are left untouched but brushed to accentuate the look.

11) Bob Cut

This style blends the poodle’s head with his ears. You achieve it by letting the hair on the ears to grow to the same length as the head. Regular brushing will help accentuate and maintaining the bob.

12) Short Hair Cut

Short Hair Cut is just about the simplest of all simple poodle haircuts. You only need to trim the entire body to ensure the hair remains short. This style is ideal for poodles with a super curly coat. Keeping the hair coat short prevents tangles, knots, and dirt build-up. Besides, the tail is trimmed off completely to reveal that enthusiastic wag.

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Have you always wanted to spruce up your poodle’s look? The above poodle haircuts are a lovely inspiration to borrow from. However, you have the freedom to try out more crazy hairstyles to ensure the furry, cuddly fellow looks unique.

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