Amazing Things About Chihuahua Pug Mix

Chug Dog is a new dog breed that was created as a result of “overbreeding.” The consequences of over breeding are the development of a breed with genetic severe and health conditions. The Chihuahua and the Pug were the unfortunate victims of over breeding.

To fix this problem, breeders have come up with hybrid breeds that introduce new genetic material to the gene pool and could eliminate many health issues caused by over breeding. The Chug Dog is one such hybrid breed, created by crossing the Chihuahua and Pug.

pug chihuahua mix dog

So, how did these Chugs emerge and what are they like? The answer to these questions lies in finding more about their parents’ breeds.

Origin of Chug Dog

Chihuahua pug mix is a type of dog that you get when you cross a Chihuahua and a Pug. Also known to as chug, the origin of the dog breed is not recognized since the hybrid dogs have existed for a long time.

As far as it is known, no individual breeder has come out to claim as the developer of the hybrid dog. However, Chihuahua-pug mix was recognized and popular in the early 21st century.

The breed is half/half of the two breeds; pure Chihuahua and the pure Pug. The main aim to cross the Chihuahua and pug is to get a type of dog with a unique appearance, size, and personality.

Looking at the origins of the parent dog breeds, Chihuahua originated from Chihuahua in Mexico. The pug dog on the other side originates from China but later moved to Europe. Both of the parent breeds are among the most famous dog breeds in the world.

Appearance of Chihuahua Pug Mix Dog

By looking at the parent breeds first, you will find that the pug is enormous in size. It has the weight of about 13 to 17 pounds and a height of about nine to14 inches. The Chihuahua on the other side has the weight of around 4 to six pounds and a height of about 4 to 6.5 inches.

Despite, you cannot be able to measure the percentage of influence on the crossbreed. The Chihuahua-pug mix weighs about 9.5 to 17 pounds. The chug dog has a height of within 5.5 t0 13.5 inches. It means that the dog is small and takes a small space.

Both the Chihuahua and the pug have eyes that are huge and that resemble saucer. The chug dog also has adopted these traits. The dog is also muscular just like its parent breed; pug- who is known to be healthy and huge.

Additionally, the Chihuahua breed has large and pointed ears while the pug has small ears that are turned down. The Chihuahua-pug mix has ears that are something within the two parent breeds’ ears. The ear features, however, may take more of one breed.

Looking at the mouth and nose of the Pug Chihuahua mix, both features lie between the parent breeds’ nose and mouth features. The Chihuahua pointed mouth and nose while the pug has a short nose with a flat face. However, It does not mean that the chug must have the nose and mouth that is half of the Chihuahua and half of the pug, it may lean one side.

The chug does have different colors. Because the Chihuahua parent breed which has a variety of colors. The Chihuahua-pug mix dog can be either black, chocolate, fawn, apricot of a mix of any of the colors mentioned. That is all as much of what we can tell about the appearance of the chug dog.

Food and Training of Chihuahua Pug Mix Dog

chug pug chihuahua mix

While it is a small type of breed dog, it needs food of high quality. It is okay if we go for the food made for small dog breeds. This is Because the type of food is made exclusively to supply small dogs with high levels of energy.

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Biologically animals with large surface area compared to the volume need high energy supply. Also, avoid your chug being obese by giving it not much food. It does not mean you deny your dog food when it needs to eat, let it eat but have a gauge that is sufficient.

On the training, you will experience that the chug dog thinks that it is healthy and huge than actually how it is. When the chug dog comes with other dogs that are huge that it is, the chug dog will go ahead to face the dog in a fight. This is where the Chihuahua-pug mix dog will learn in a hard way. They will learn that they are never strong and massive as think they are.

This is the main reason why the dog should be trained from the time when they are young; not to enter into fights when any dog because they feel like the can do it.

However, you will find it easy to train a chug dog that has adopted most of the pug traits than Chihuahua traits. The one with Chihuahua traits is always though-headed and never concentrates on anything you are making them learn.

This kind of a dog hybrid, the Chihuahua-pug mix is brilliant. The dog responds to training in a better way. To make sure that the dog goes through training very well, training methods that are grounded on positive reinforcement should be practiced.

pug chihuahua mix

At the same time, we should make sure that the dog does not get irritated by making the training classes short and exciting. The training should start when the chug dog is young to avoid the dog from to get used of its way. The training also must be done taken seriously and be done regularly.


Pug Chihuahua mix is a small dog. It does not require many exercises to keep fit and has no fats to lose, it only needs some exercises to make it active and happy. The dog needs a few exercises to make sure that everything is in the right way.

These exercise activities can achieve by playing together with your dog for about 35 minutes or by having a walk together. The walk, however, should not be of a very long distance.

It should be about a kilometer since the chug dog gets tired very soon. You can also make sure that the chug dog is active mentally by exposing them with toys to play around with. This is to prevent your dog from problems like the small dog syndrome.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Temperament

Just like the parent breed both the Chihuahua and Pug are playful, fun and charismatic dogs. The possibility of the cross breed between the two adopting those traits is high. Indeed, Chihuahua-pug mix has those behaviors.

Just like the parent breeds the Chihuahua pug mix is loving and loyal. The owners will love the dogs’ obedience. Also, the Chihuahua loves creating attention. The dog is ever ready to entertain you. This type of dog breed is never yappy, it is willful and at times though headed.

In simple terms, the chug is loving and full of affection. However, if you want to remove the unpleasant and unwanted traits make sure that you start training the dog early. It will enable you to have a well-behaved dog.

The lifespan of Chihuahua Pug Mix Dog

chug dog

The lifespan of the parent breed Chihuahua is between 11 and 21 years while that of pug dog is between 12 and 16 years. Chihuahua-pug mix being a cross breed of the two is expected to have a lifespan less than that of Chihuahua but better than that of the pug dog. The chug dog has a lifespan that is between 13 and 17 years.

Chihuahua Pug Mix Full Grown

A full-grown chug that was trained well and behaved in a right manner will be friendly to any person and even animals without discriminating. It is playful with kids in the house and generally everyone around them.

The full grown will be humble, and it will not start to bark anyhow just because it feels it is strong and can fight anyone.

Start at the time when they have known anything by their selves. You will make you chug the best friend that you ever had in your compound.

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Do Chihuahua Pug Mix Shed?

Mostly Pug Chihuahua Mix dog have a small and smooth coat. However, you can find a chug dog with a long coat if it adopted more traits of the parent Chihuahua breed. The chug dog sheds. It sheds because of it adopts the traits of the pug parent breed. The pug is one of the dog breeds that shed seriously. Also, Chihuahua dogs also shed.

chug chihuahua pug mix dog

For your chug dog make sure you brush it every day. This is to remove the hair that is shading. It will make the chug dog shine. Also, it will make your home clean by reducing the amount of hair that will be falling in your compound.
You will realize that some dogs have wrinkles on their face.

This wrinkles should be cleaned and then dried every day. You should use a wet cloth to wash the wrinkles and then wipe it with a special towel made for you dog only. Also, to keep the dry wrinkles use the baby powder.

When you have done all this to your chug dog, also make sure that you trim their nails after every some few days. This is to prevent dirt from sticking to the nails. Brush the teeth of your chug and also keep the ears cleaned and dried.

It would be best if you visited the vet for the advice of the toothpaste to use to prevent your dog from periodontal diseases. The blushing of teeth and ears should be done on an everyday basis.

Is Chug hypoallergenic?

The Chihuahua-pug mix ore not hypoallergenic. They have a coat that is small; concentrated and rough. This is the same as the parent breed, the pug. The chug’s coat also may have long hair which is silky the same as their parent breed Chihuahua.

Health problems and protection of Chihuahua Pug Mix

The chug is considered a healthy dog. Being a hybrid dog, it does not suffer the hereditary diseases. However, this is not to say that the chug dog cannot be affected by other diseases. The dog can be affected by some general dog diseases eye problems, respiratory problems, patellar luxation, and even hypoglycemia diseases.

To deal with breathing problems, the chug dog should be in a moderate climate- climates that are not too cold or too cold. Even some slight cold will affect this type of breed. If you are staying in a place that is too cold to make sure that you dress your dog well.

Another common problem that the chug dog experience is obesity. This usually happens if the chug dog adopts more appetite like the parent breeds. It will cause the chug to do to eat everything. The dog will never stop eating unless you take the food away from them.

To handle this problem, make sure you use the instructions given on the packet of the dog food. It is better to prevent than to cure- so make sure that your dog does not become obese.

chug dog

Adopting the parents’ traits, you will find the Pug Chihuahua Mix is aggressive. It is your job to train the chug to do to make sure that it recognizes its size.

Choice of the Chug breeder

There are some basic things you must know before you choose a breeder for your chug. You must know that chug dogs are beautiful and as a result, they are appreciated by every person. They are becoming famous. They have adorable puppies which are always on sale. It is not easy to find a chug puppy that has lacked a market.

It has led the greedy breeders and fraud vendors to take advantage of the demand and marketability of the Pug Chihuahua Mix puppies to con people.

If you want to buy a chug dog or any other dog, choose a breeder who does medical and health tests to prove that the breed is pure. Make sure that the breeder who does enough accreditations to get the value of your hard earned money.

Let the breeder who will enable you no to spend too much in the future, looking for vet services. This actually will reduce your spending after acquiring your Pug mix hence save.

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Avoid the kind of breeders who are only interested in your money. Avoid them like the plague. Never forget also to avoid those breeders who ship your chug dog immediately after you order and pay. This kind of breeders will leave you with no choice if they deliver something different from what you wanted. Doing this will save you from many inconveniences.

When you want to purchase a chug dog, please don’t forget to ask the bleeder to let you know their terms and conditions. It is not easy to differentiate between a genuine breeder and a fake breeder. Make sure that you don’t buy an infected dog by looking into the crossbreeds, looking at the conditions of the puppies and enquiring from the vendor.

chihuahua pug mix

Do not also forget about the cost. It is important to know that the cost you should be charged depends whether the breeder can produce the clearance documents of the puppy’s parents. Make sure that the environment in which the puppy is being kept is health. The parents’ clearances must be produced, the puppy tested of its temperament and also dewormed before you move them to your home.

How much is a Chug cost?

A Chug averagely costs between 440 dollars and 2600 dollars. The prices vary according to the age, the breeder, color, quality, and bloodline. When there is a surplus supply of Pug Chihuahua Mix in the market, the price maximum price drops. At this point, the price will not exceed 1100 dollars.

In this cost, you will find that the cost of registration documents, medical checkup and health guarantee are included. In some sellers, you will be given samples of food that the dog is used to eating.

Adopting a dog from a Chug Rescue or shelter

Want to adopt a dog from a chug rescue or shelter? You do have to worry. There are many options on how you should go about it. You can let your dream come true by doing the following.

Use of internet

Using the browser on your phone, search a Chug rescue. You will find multiple Chug rescues and then narrow it to select those that are available around your area. You will find that the dogs are classified into different categories. There are those that are general and those that are a specific purpose.

Also, you can search from your browser to find the dog rescue organizations that are available in the place where you stay. You can also visit social media. You will find for example some Facebook pages selling dogs.

However, it would help if you were conscious when you are buying a dog online. This is because you will find some of the dogs’ breed is not really. Also, you will find that most of those sellers online are not the owners of the dogs, they are brokers.

This will make the price of the dogs high than it is supposed to be. Also, when you buy from your dog through online, you are not guaranteed healthy, you return the dog they may not accept back since you will find another dog has been replaced in the place where your dog was removed.

Accessing experts that are available locally

These local experts include dog walkers and vets. Talk to them and explain to them of your desire to have a Chug. These people know a lot that you don’t know about the dogs. They may easily be aware of any person who may be selling their dog. This is because this is their field of work that they interact with every day.

Reaching the rescue groups

Rescue groups are made of people who love dogs. This is why they sacrifice to make sure that the homeless dogs are taken care of. An experienced member of the rescue team can help you get the type of dog of your choice. This is because he could have interacted with the available dogs at their custody.

The benefit of getting a dog from a rescue team is that they are always concerned about the health of the dogs. This way you cannot easily find a dog that is ill. They may also guide you on what to look when you want to know about the health of a dog.

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