Should You Get a Golden Retriever Puppy? 12 Things to Know

Golden Retriever Puppies can be considered as one of the most popular dog breeds that you can find in the United States and other countries.

They became famous because of their good character and having an attractive appearance.

We all know that having a dog inside your house will give you responsibility for a long time. 10-12 years of responsibility to be exact if you have a golden retriever puppy.

If you are a type of person that was not born as a dog lover but has a golden heart on taking care of breed dogs such as the goldens, here are the 12 things about what to know before getting a golden retriever puppy.

1. Do not leave your Golden Retriever Puppy for more than 5 Hours


Golden Retrievers can make a strong bonding with the members in the house. They are ready to please their owners.

They also love to be with people especially with children who like to play with them.

If you leave your golden retriever puppy alone in your house, it will just make her feel sad that can lead her to have anxiety, depression, or in other cases, their sadness can make them have destructive behavior.

Even though you already hired a pet walker or a person that will take care to your retriever puppy in times that you are busy, all of these solutions will never replace the presence that you always give to your golden puppy.

2. Golden Retriever Puppy is Not Suitable for you if you are A Couch Potato


We all know that golden retriever puppy has a higher level of energy when compared to the other dog breeds. They are tends to burn off the energy they possess.

It is essential for you to conduct a one to two hours exercise with your golden retriever puppy daily if you don’t want them to make a mess inside your home.

There are lots of exercises that you can do with your dog.

They are excellent companions for playing, walking, hiking, running or even swimming.

They are good in any kinds of activities. This puppy is also in need to have mental stimulation to have a better thrive.

Obedience training commands can train a golden retriever puppy all by yourself. Goldens are considered as the most obedient type of breeds.

Agility training and canine freestyle are some of the activities that golden retrievers can conduct to have better mental stimulation.

3. Golden Retriever Puppies are in Need to have their Room


Golden Retriever Dogs have different sizes. You can buy a retriever puppy that is in a small or medium size. A female golden retriever puppy has the height of 20-22 inches tall or 51 to 56 cm.

They also weigh for about 55 to 70 pounds or 25 to 32 kg. Male golden retriever puppies are much taller and more substantial than the female one.

They weigh for about 60 to 80 pounds or 27 to 36 kg. They also have a height of 23 to 24 inches tall or 58 to 61 cm., and probably need a larger space than the female puppy.

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It would be best if you created a room for your golden puppy for them to be able to move freely.

If you have a yard, it will be great if you will make it as the room of your golden retrievers.

However, as goldens are sociable, they will probably prefer to stay inside your house playing with your family members rather than running around your yard alone.

So before buying a golden retriever puppy, make sure that your apartment or house has enough space to host an intelligent and active kind of dog, even though you have your yard.

These dogs are not the only creature that you can have inside your home.

Have a monthly schedule on cleaning the hair of your golden retriever puppy because their hair shed yearly.

Shedding of their hairs became heavier during the autumn and spring season.

If you want to have a lower amount of shed hair of your golden retrievers, weekly brush the hair of your dog for about 3 to 5 times that will last for about 15 minutes.

However, a vacuum cleaner will always be the best tool for cleaning the shed hair of your dog from your sofa and carpet.

4. Golden Retriever Puppy likes to Chew Things


Golden Retrievers are a type of dogs that love to chew things they can find in your house. They love to chew some stuff inside your home when they are bored.

They are popular on possessing a chewing habit, so if you want to buy a golden retriever puppy, make sure that you have resistant toys that were made up by heavy chewers that will not let her make feel so bored.

Put your remote controls, clothes, kitchen utensils, shoes, small pillows or telephones in a safe place or else your golden retriever will create these things very messy.

Also, put your garbage bins in the cabinet or in an area that your dog will not reach.

Do not let your golden retrievers ate the human food leftovers or else. It might cause harm to your puppy.

Also, hide all the electric cables that were located inside your house before you bring your new golden puppy. This is for your safety and the safety of your new puppy.

5. Give your Golden Retriever Puppy the Right Food for Them


Pet owners who have this kind of dog breeds always want to give the food that will suit to their tummies.

However, it is challenging to search for foods that you can find from the different markets near you.

You, as a pet owner is in need to be trained to be a label reader to find the foods that will fit for your golden retriever puppy.

You can search for different foods that were made for puppies, but there are some manufacturers of dog food that will give you a specific food that can suit the needs of your dog breeds.

It is imperative for you, as a pet owner to feed you golden retriever for about three to five meals per day, for the first two-quarters of the life of your puppy.

Moreover, after the two-quarter of your puppy’s life, you can now feed your golden retriever puppies for about two time small meals per day.

If you have the right schedule on feeding your puppy will help you to monitor the food amount that your puppy ate easily.

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This will also help you to have easier potty training for your new puppy and will help you to control the weight of your golden retrievers.

6. Golden Retriever Puppies are Smart Puppies


Golden retriever puppy is called a smart puppy because you can train them quickly.

If you have a dog that is not taught very well, it might be your fault, or your dog might have a lower grain quality.

You can enhance the brain capacity of your puppy through having a constant connection in the environment or other people.

Also, be sure that your new puppy has a different type of interactive toys that will also boost his interest in that thing.

Also, take your extra time training your new dog correctly and adequately.

Some puppy kindergartens might be helpful on turning your golden retriever puppy into a well-trained, knowledgeable, and well-behaved one.

However, you should also need to know that to see better results.

Your puppy is also in need to interact with some training exercises inside or outside of the class.

It will also inspire your puppy to train very well if he feels your presence.

We all know that golden retriever puppies will probably enjoy their learning time when they are with their owner.

They are also a type of dog that loves to spend their whole time with their parent because it makes their bond stronger and happier.

7. Your Golden Retriever Puppy Needs Proper Grooming


The goldens have a short coat that is silky. The silken short oat of the golden retriever puppy can turn into a medium length with just a short period.

When your puppy is at a younger age, it will be good for you if you will begin the daily brushing habit immediately.

This habit will be beneficial for you and your puppy when the time comes that it will be a necessity for you to brush the double coat hair of your golden retrievers.

It can also decrease the amount of shed hair from your new puppy.

Your retriever puppy does not always need to take a bath daily unless they become smelly or messy.

Your puppy needs a mild shampoo that will suit to your puppy’s young skin and hair. Make him or her dry through the use of a towel.

If you are living in a cold environment, it will be better if you let your puppy’s hair to dry naturally.

If it is vital, with the help of a blow dryer, you can dry your puppy’s hair quickly, but make sure that the blow dryer is in its lowest mode.

8. Your Golden Retriever Puppy is a Healthy Puppy


When the topic is all about the health of your puppy, good quality of foods is essential. Your golden retriever puppy is also in need to regularly visit a veterinarian.

Your puppy is in need to see a doctor to undergo an examination. You can do this if your puppy is ten weeks old.

The veterinarian usually checks the heart, belly, eyes, ears, and most especially the lungs of your golden retriever puppy.

The veterinarian will also say to you if your puppy is required to undergo vaccination.

To know the health level of your golden retriever puppy, you need to know first if your puppy already undergoes some vaccinations.

If you adopt the puppy, he or she might be vaccinated already, but if you purchase it from its breeder, the puppy might not undergo any vaccinations.

However, if they do, you should need to know the vaccines that were injected to him or her.

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Probably, you will bring your puppy to a doctor from its first month to be vaccinated.

Moreover, after that, you will have to bring your puppy again to the doctor when the puppy is six months old and when he was one year old.

9. Golden Retriever Puppies are Easy to Train


Golden retriever puppies are considered as one of the different dog breeds that can quickly train how to pot.

Most dog owners also find the breed as one of the cuter family dogs.Owners of the goldens always want to turn their puppies into a great canine citizen.

Obedience classes for your golden retriever puppies may cost 100 dollars up to $200.You are also in need to pay the specialized equipment that will be used to train your puppies.

Golden Retriever puppies are too soft and sensitive in terms of the training proper.Puppies like golden retrievers are in need to have a firm, loving and cautious approach.

The result of bringing your dog in the obedience class is a well-mannered and well-trained type of dog that will bring you joy and happiness.

10. Golden Retriever Puppies are not an Outside Dogs


If you bring your golden retriever dogs outside for a very long period, it will just bring them flea allergies and different skin problems, especially in the town of Florida.

Golden retriever puppies that stay outside might bring them some thunderstorm anxiety.

They are also considered as a sporting dog in which they can climb over the fence and left out along for a longer time.

Golden retrievers always want to interfere with other people.

So it is crucial for your golden retriever not to be alone inside your house, or else it will find some people that they can play with.

Golden retrievers are also susceptible to theft when the pet is walking along the streets.

Some of the golden retrievers might develop problems in their behavior if they are separated from the members of the family.

The golden retriever is not an outside dog. So don’t let your golden retrievers stay outside or else it might bring you some mess.

11. Who to Choose: A Female Golden Retriever or a Male One?


Many pet owners think that female golden retriever puppies are much better than its counterpart.

They believe that female golden retriever puppies are more affectionate when compared to the male golden retriever puppies.

Well, their opinions are wrong. Male Golden retriever puppies possess a loving and friendly personality.

Many dog lovers call the male golden retriever puppies as giant teddy bears and prefer that male goldens are much better than the female goldens.

12. Golden Retriever Puppies are Suitable for Small Children

golden retriever puppy

Many dog lovers will automatically think that the golden retriever puppies are the best dog for a house that has many children.

Golden retriever puppies can turn into an unruly, strong, and a dog that has a higher energy level to play with children very quickly.

Golden retrievers whose age is six months old or two years old has a higher energy level.

Families who have children living in their house whose age is seven years old below is not recommended to buy golden retriever puppy for it might harm your children.

The above pieces of information are some of the things that you should know first before buying golden retriever puppies.

This article is not meant to persuade you to buy this kind of dog, but rather this article tells you the information that you should know about a golden retriever puppy.

It is always your choice to purchase a golden retriever or not.

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