7 Hypoallergenic Small Dogs

Most homeowners have at least one family dog. Aside from cats, dogs are one of the most-known pets considering that they are adorable, furry, loyal, and love to play with their masters.

On the other hand, you may also notice some disadvantages when owning a dog. Some dogs have high levels of energy.

This means that they love to run and play with you, which is not good if you are a busy person.

Another problem you may encounter with dogs is that some shed a lot. This means that you may find their shed hair anywhere in your house.

If you love cuddling them, their hairs may also be transferred to your clothes, which is hard to remove.

If you are also an allergic person, you may not want to adopt or purchase a shedding furry friend.

But there’s nothing for you to worry about. There are lots of hypoallergenic and small dogs you may purchase out there.


Most small dogs usually have lower energy levels and do not shed frequently.

The following dogs we will share usually weigh around 9.07 kilograms or 20 pounds.

This makes it a perfect furry friend if you live in a small house or apartment.

Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about them destroying your things.

But even though they have low energy levels, this does not mean that they don’t need regular exercises.

They still need exercise but not as frequent and extreme as the other large dog breeds.

Rather than taking your dog for a mile run, you can play with them in your small backyard every other day.

Considering that these small and hypoallergenic dogs don’t shed, this means that they don’t require high maintenance.

Most hypoallergenic dogs need regular brushing and special grooming to prevent hair mattes.

It would be best to groom them at least once every after 8 to 12 weeks.

In this post, we will provide you the top 7 hypoallergenic small dogs you may consider purchasing or adopting.

So, if you want to know more about it, then keep reading and enjoy!

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1. Yorkshire Terrier


The first on our list is the Yorkshire Terrier, AKA Yorkie dog breed. This is one of the best furry friends that don’t shed a lot.

This dog breed is known to be a toy type of Terrier. It is very small and lightweight, weighing around 6.8 kilograms or 15 pounds.

This means that you can take them anywhere you go without any hassle.

If you are quite busy with your work, this dog breed is perfect for you. It is not high maintenance and only requires less frequent exercises.

You can take them for a 15-minute walk in your backyard or nearby park.

Even though this is a non-shedding dog, they are still susceptible to dog allergy dandruff.

So, make sure to clean their hair thoroughly and use only natural and high-quality dog shampoos and conditioners.

Yorkshire Terrier dogs are an ideal companion for busy people. They love cuddling and playing with their masters.

What’s more is that they are available in different coat colors, including tan and steel blue.

2. Teacup Goldendoodle

7 Hypoallergenic Small Dogs 1

A Teacup Goldendoodle is a type of hypoallergenic dog. It is a miniature version of the Golden Retriever dog breed.

This hypoallergenic dog is the result of breeding a Poodle with a Golden retriever.

Considering that a teacup Goldendoodle is popular with its dwarfism gene, it is considered the most petite version of a toy Goldendoodle.

Like the Yorkshire Terrier, this dog breed is very lightweight, which only weighs around 6.8 kilograms or 15 pounds.

One of the good things you will love about this hypoallergenic dog breed is that they are extremely fun, intelligent, and loving.

This small, hypoallergenic dog breed is available in several color coats, enabling you to pick a teacup Goldenpoodle in your desired color coat.

3. Maltipoo – AKA Maltese-Poodle Mix


Maltipoo is a very sociable, affectionate, and intelligent small hypoallergenic dog breed.

It is lightweight, with weight ranging from 5 to 20 pounds. That’s why it is a perfect dog breed for those living in small apartments or houses.

Aside from being a hypoallergenic dog, a Maltipoo also has low energy levels, making them a perfect furry friend for busy individuals.

You can make them happier by cuddling them and taking them for a short walk in the park.

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Considering that it is a mixture of Poodle and Maltese, this dog breed does not shed than large Poodles and Maltese.

4. Maltese Terrier


Another well-known small and hypoallergenic dog breed is the Maltese Terriers. They are available in a fluffy white-colored coat.

They love to play and cuddle with their masters.

Even though this dog breed sheds a little, you don’t have to worry about it because you can vacuum their little hair easily to keep your apartment and clothes look clean.

Generally, this dog breed is perfect for allergic dog loves considering that they have a wire-y coat type.

This means that they are not susceptible to dandruff. They are also more gentle compared to the previously mentioned dog breeds above.

They do not require strenuous training every single day. A short walking or running would be enough to keep their bodies strong and healthy.

5. Shih Tzu


The fifth hypoallergenic small dog breed we will share with you is known to have low energy levels, very friendly, and loyal.

A Shih Tzu is an ideal family pet because they are very sociable and loves to play with other animals and kids.

This dog breed sheds while brushing their hair. But compared to other dog breeds out there, this is more non-shedding and hypoallergenic.

The only time that their hair will fall out is when you comb their coat. Shih Tzu is a perfect lap dog that does not require frequent exercises and high maintenance.

6. Brussels Griffon


Another non-shedding, low energy and small dog breed is the Brussels griffon.

You have probably seen this dog breed on your favorite movies or TV shows.

This dog breed is very intelligent and can be trained even in the comfort of your home.

One of the good things about this dog breed is that they are very loyal to their PAWrents.

They usually want to get the attention of their master to love and cuddle them. Not only that, but it does not require daily training or exercises.

If you are a dog lover who suffers from allergies, a Brussels Griffon is an ideal dog breed for you, considering that they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding.

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7. Bichon Frise


A very adorable dog breed you can purchase and adopt. This is one of the few real definitions of a hypoallergenic and low-energy lap dogs.

You can train them easily. A Bichon Frise is very friendly and loves to socialize with other people and animals.

A Bichon Frise is known because of their white curly double coat. Even though they have two layers of coat, they are hypoallergenic and non-shedding.

On the other hand, you need to groom them at least once every two to three months because their undercoat is very dense.

Besides their curly white coat, Bichon Frises is also popular for short legs. This means that they do not require intense exercises.

Generally, this dog breed is hypoallergenic and has low levels of energy.


If you are an allergic person or lives in a small house or apartment, you may be looking for a dog breed that is small and hypoallergenic.

We cannot deny that most dog owners are problematic with two things: some dogs shed a lot and require high and intense physical exercises.


Most dog owners desire a hypoallergenic dog breed and have low energy levels.

A small, hypoallergenic, and low energy dog breeds are perfect for short walks.

Considering that they are small, you can take them anywhere you want without worrying about anything.

You should note that even those mentioned dog breeds are non-shedding and 100 percent hypoallergenic. You are still required to groom them regularly.  

If you don’t have enough time to cuddle your dogs or have a hectic working schedule, the dog breeds we listed above are perfect for you.

Aside from the fact that they do not require frequent grooming, a 15 to 20-minute walk would be enough to keep stretch their legs and keep their body in good condition.

Consider the adorable and hypoallergenic dog breeds we mentioned above.

They are a perfect lap dog, which will make you feel loved and special when you come home after a tiring day.

Most dogs listed can be found in most dog breeding agencies and dog welfare companies. So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get your hypoallergenic dog to cuddle when you feel tired and unloved.

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