How Many Words Can a Dog Learn?

According to the expert named Dr. Stanley Coren, the number of words a dog can learn with consistent training is 165 words.

The dog that understands the word more than 200-1000 is considered an intelligent dog.

Tips in Teaching Dog With New Words

To ensure that dogs can understand our command, we need to know the tips written below to ensure that they can give us a good response.

The good training that we can provide to a dog can serve as a way to be smart.


To nourish dogs’ minds, we must have consistency in the training so that they will be able to learn the words we taught.

Even we are too busy with the other aspect of our life; we must be able to make time to give attention to a dog so we can ensure that it will learn multiple new words.

Verbal Cues and Hand Gestures


During the training session, we must have a firm tone of voice and hand gestures to emphasize that we have authority over our dog and we can instruct within a distance using the hand gesture.

It will serve as a way to ensure that the dog will increase its obedience to every command that we give.

When the dog was able to have an excellent performance, we must give him a reward to make the training a happy experience for our dog.

Dog Breeds Who Understand Multiple Words

Many breeds possess the intelligence of learning the words that the owner is teaching:

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Border Collie

The Smartest Dog in the World is the Chaser. The Border Collie can learn 1000 words. Here are the people who study how intelligent is the border collie in terms of the number of words that can be learned:

  • Professor John Pilley

He is the one who is the owner of the Pet called Chaser, which breaks the World Record of the dog, which can master the 1000 words.

  • Brian Hare

He is the psychologist who has the study about the interactive games that are used to determine the way of thinking of Chaser, the smartest dog. This study is also called the Dognition.

  • Gregory Berns

He is the neurologist who revealed the findings on how the brain of Chaser works. He concluded that this smartest dog could also experience what we feel like love and happiness.



The Poodle ranks as the second smartest dog in the world because it can learn its experiences, especially the concept of the rings that include the fighting and healing strategy.

It can be compared to child intelligence within 2 to 3. It can also know how to solve the problem with the level of confidence and satisfaction.

The number of words the Poodle Dog can learn within 200-300 words as long as we exert more effort on our dog.

German Shepherd

This dog is usually known as the police or military dog since it works with the department with extensive training and involvement with the crime.

GSD has the intelligence to protect its owner from the bad people who will try to kill their companion, and it has an excellent sense of smell to recognize the person who is looking for.

Its intelligence in understanding the concept of training and protecting serve as a way to be included in the smartest dog category, which has the third rank.

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Golden Retriever

The hunter in the forest always takes their dog, known as the Golden Retriever, which has the intelligence in knowing the way out of the forest and has the fourth rank in the category of the multiple words that it can learn.

For instance, a person is lost in the woods, the rescuer will bring the Golden Retriever to find the person.



The Doberman has strong stamina and the incredible speed to attack the burglar finding a way inside the house.

No matter how good the burglar is, with this Doberman as the police dog in the house, the burglar will have a severe injury because of the dog’s aggressiveness.

It is why it can learn multiple words and be the fifth rank as an intelligent dog.

Shetland Sheepdog

Sheepdog is a great companion of the house and good in sports because of its agility. This dog is dynamic in its works on the farm that has an excellent performance in herding the ruminants to go back to the barn.

With this on our farm, we can assure that all of the ruminants will not be stolen when the sunset comes and are known to be in the sixth rank in learning multiple words.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador has a sweet personality that easily gets closer to the family, and it can be the kids’ playmates since it has the agility and energy in playing.

Like the sheepdog, it is also the one that has the main role in the farm, which is to herd in the morning and in the afternoon to make sure that the ruminants will eat fresh grass and stay together in the cool place.

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It can learn multiple words because of the good environment, so it belongs to the seventh rank to the smartest dog category.


The Papillon belongs to rank 6 in terms of multiple understanding of the words. It also has a complete package of physical and internal attributes aside from intelligence: beauty, loving, and cute size.



This dog is often called the “busy dog” because it has multiple tasks in the house and on the farm.

It is also the energetic and happy dog that loves to do more work like the herding, guardian of the house, and the good companion to us.

It is also competitive with the other breeds of dogs in terms of obedience to us. The Rottweiler breed of dog is considered the healthiest dog because it has multiple works that serve as the exercise.

Aside from the obedience, this is also a dog ranked 9 in the category of the smartest dog.

Australian Cattle Dog

This is the dog that is the rank 10 in learning multiple words from its daily activities, which include giving a response to the owner’s command. Its intelligence makes it successful in making the animals’ herding easy and fun.

Final Thoughts

We must keep in mind that the different breeds of the dog have their maximum capacity to understand the multiple numbers of words.

Some dogs have only a few learned words, so we must provide training to sharpen our dog’s mind to achieve its maximum brain capacity to learn words.

We can also note that aside from intelligence, there is one dog with butterfly-shaped ears that can lighten our moods to our stressful days.

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