Top 18 Things You Need to Know About Shorkie

Shorkie is quite a popular little fellow with a big personality. He comes from fame since one of his parents is ranked the second most popular pure breeds in the world. This Shih Tzu Yorkie mix is fun loving, very energetic, and often thinks of himself more significant than he is.

It has only been 15 years since the first Shorkie breed was introduced to the world. The Yorkie Tzu’s pups of today are merely crossbreeds of their parents.

Breeders are still working hard to come up with a purebred Shorkie that carries the most desirable traits. However, it will take several generations before we see the first purebred.

In the meantime, we can still enjoy some of the brilliant personality traits exhibited by the Shorkie.

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Shorkie Origin – Shih Tzu Yorkshire Terrier Mix

shorkie shih tzu mix

Shorkie dogs originate from Great Britain and are descendants of the Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier. Initially, crossbreeding was done to produce puppies that carried the best traits from their parents.

Also, crossbreeding was a way to eliminate unwanted characteristics like susceptibility to diseases. Shih Tzus is a purebred that originates from China and whose parents are said to have lived for 2000 years old.

The Shih Tzu was nicknamed the Lion Dog’ because of its great courage and alertness. This particular breed was found in royal courthouses where it was used as a guard dog. Shih Tzus are also known to be very gentle and will make friends out of acquaintances very fast.

Yorkshire Terrier comes from Great Britain and formerly lived in the countryside. The Yorkshire was also used as a guard dog to protect the home against rodent infestation.

Yorkshire Terriers were also kept around because of their charming personality and eagerness to help their master.Just like the Shih Tzus, they also have tiny bodies but a magnified personality.

What Does a Shorkie dog look like?

shorkie shih tzu terrier mix

Given his parents are dwarfs, Shorkie is a tiny fellow as well. His also gets his long-haired fluffy coat from his parents. Shorkies are generally loved for their silky coat that needs less grooming.

The parent with the dominant gene determines the color of the Shorkie coat. However, it is not uncommon to find Shorkie dogs with colors borrowed from both parents.

Given that this particular cross-breed is only ten years old, it is still hard to determine the exact colors common in its offsprings.

How big will a shorkie Dog get?

A mature Shorkie pup will measures 6 to 14 inches from the shoulder. This Shih Tzu Yorkie mix pups weigh at most 2 pounds within the first ten weeks.

As they grow into mature dogs, Shorkies will weigh between 15 to 16 pounds. Variance in weight is caused by factors like diet, activity, and the dominant gene of the parent.

If he takes after the Yorkie, will be very tiny, and if he is more of a Shih Tzu, he will be average-sized.

What is the life expectancy of a shorkie?

A properly cared-for shorkie will live up to 15 years. Show him a little more love, and he might give you bonus years of love and mischief.

Shorkie Temperament

shorkie tzu dog

If there is one thing you will love about a Shorkie pup, it’s his vibrant and playful personality.

On the one hand, he is loyal and very territorial like his parent the Shih Tzu. He is quick to alert his owner of impending danger and does not mind investigating the intruder on your behalf.

On the other hand, Yorkie Tzus are very welcoming and will quickly befriend a stranger whom they perceive as harmless.

He will entertain everyone you introduce him to whether it’s your friends or family. Since he cannot hurt a fly, Yorkie Tzu will be pretty beautiful in the company of your kids when out playing.

Moreover, he is the ideal dog to gift your grandparents as they will enjoy his company.

One disclaimer though, if you have small kids at home, train them on how to take care of the tiny fellow.

Given his little body, he is likely to get injured if your kids try some hard stunts with him.

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Shorkie dogs are perfect for any environment because their tiny bodies allow it.

Put him in the countryside, and he will chase after squirrels and jackrabbits with other hunting dogs. If you live in the town, he only needs a tiny spot in your apartment to make himself comfortable.

Shih Tzu Yorkie mixes are perfect whether you work at home or have a 9 to 5. Buy him lots of toys to keep him company as you work on your home computer or head out to catch a train to the office.

shorkie full grown

In the evening as you wind up, the little fluffy fellow will crawl onto your lap and watch the late-night shows with you. He is happy anywhere as long as he is close to his master.

Are Shorkies smart?

As a descendant of the Shih Tzu and Yorkie, you can already guess how intelligent this tiny guy is. If he takes after the Shih Tzu, he will be very alert and watchful of his surroundings.

He does not forget a face and is quick to deduce whether a stranger is friendly or harmless. He will always puff his chest in front of other dogs because he feels like a Pit-bull wrapped in a tiny body.

If he takes after the Yorkshire Terrier, he will be very swift and strong on top of being intelligent.

Playtime and training will be his favorite moments as he is eager to show his master the tricks up his sleeve. You have to be ready to deal with all the energy welling up inside him.

How to train Shorkie Puppies

Shih Tzus and Yorkies are very trainable breeds, so it is expected that this trait will pass down to the Shorkie. There is one problem though; this fellow can be quite stubborn and menacing when it comes to training him.

One minute he repeats your command the next he is nibbling on your shoe or rolling on the ground ready for a belly rub.

This kind of stubbornness requires plenty of patience. Never use harsh words or result to stricter techniques if your Shorkie puppies are not cooperative.

The best way to training him is through kind words, a consistent schedule, and lots of doggy treats.

Training should start when the Yorkie Tzu is a little pup. Puppies are responsive, and at this age, it is easy to shape his temperament as well.

Successful training also requires you to anticipate your dog’s behavior. For example, dogs always have to go after a meal or nap. Use this opportunity to take him out to do is business.

Besides, choose a spot in your backyard for him and always ensure he goes to that spot. Puppies learn faster if the training is done in a familiar environment. Do not forget the treats as well. Reward him for successfully doing his business outside.

Reward him for not messing up the living room or chewing on the guests’ shoes. The more you reward him, the more he feels appreciated and will always be eager to please you.

How much exercise does a shorkie need?

Playtime is essential to a Yorkie Tzu pup. He has so much energy to let out. Otherwise, he becomes grumpy or menacing. So always spare some time to exercise his little body which will make him healthier and happy.

When you go out for a walk in the park, let the fluffy guy tag along. Get a Frisbee while at it and train him on how to run after and retrieve items.

No time for the park? No problem, get him a squeaky ball he can chase around the apartment.

Summer would be a great season to take him out for a swim. He will not only have fun, but the water will help cool his coat and prevent him from overheating.

Also, too much play can exhaust him so call the day off if you see him panting excessively.

How to feed Shorkie Puppy

white brown shorkie puppy

As a toy breed, Shorkie pups demand a balanced diet that comprises of quality dry kibble. Ensure you buy kibble that is formulated for toy breeds that lead an active life.

Besides, buy your dog’s kibble from a trusted manufacturer of pet food. While at it, ensure the commercially purchased dry food does not contain any artificial fillers or additives that will harm your pup’s health.

Some dog owners may opt to feed their dogs homemade meals. If you choose this option as well, ensure you are filling your pooch’s plate with healthy ingredients that will nourish his body with multivitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

Also refrain from feeding your dog canned or cooked food as this may lead to dental issues like gum disease, tooth decay, or tooth loss. Insist on dry kibble if your pup is to grow healthy and active.

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Reinforcing your dog’s meals with pet supplements can help maintain his health. Pet supplements contain the necessary vitamins and minerals he is not getting from his food.

Moreover, most commercially bought kibble, especially the cheaper low-quality kind, does not provide enough nutrients for your dog. Supplementing, therefore, is a nifty backup plan to keep your dog healthy.

Shorkie Health problems

Shorkie does not succumb to health issues, like most toy breeds, because his parents, Shih Tzu and Yorkie, carry powerful immune systems. However, Yorkie Tzu’s small body can predispose him to a few health problems.

For instance, because of his tiny nose, he is likely to suffer reverse sneezes or Pharyngeal gag reflex.

He may occasionally snort or sneeze when there is an obstruction in his small nostrils. As if that’s not enough, Shorkie pups also have tiny noses that are not as efficient during temperature regulation.

We cannot forget his tiny, fragile skeletal structure. He can easily break a limb if he falls to the ground hard or if he takes a sudden impact on his body. Also, most toy breeds are prone to knee dislocation also called luxating patellas.

So while the Shorkie is not genetically exposed to health issues, his physique may cause him a problem or two.

Some other health issues to be aware of include hip dysplasia, kidney and liver problems, ear infections, eye problems, and umbilical hernia.

Grooming Tips for Shorkie Dog Breed

If you want to know the real beauty of a fluffy and aesthetic fur coat, get yourself a Shorkie. He has the unique coat hair whose texture is two-tiered.

At the base, the fur feels like fleece as it gradually grows silky smooth towards the edges. It is a softness you quickly grow fond off whenever you stroke him on your lap.

However, as with all things good, some responsibility is required to keep his coat prim and cute. His fur coat needs to be brushed weekly to straighten the strands and avoid his hair getting shaggy.

You may also need to trim the hairs around his eyes and ears. This ensures he always sees correctly and no hair blocks the ear canals causing infections. Regular grooming prevents the growth of pet dander which can cause much itching.

While you groom your pup’s coat, also take care of his teeth. Toy breeds are more exposed to dental issues because of their tiny teeth. You will have to brush your Yorkie Tzu’s teeth after every meal and floss him whenever he has a snack.

Infections are also likely to develop around the eyes and ears. Clean his eyes gently with a damp cloth to get rid of tear lines. Use a solution of water and vinegar to clean the ears thoroughly. Vinegar acts as an antiseptic that gets rid of harmful bacteria in the ear.

Dab a soft cotton ball in the liquid and gently make circular motions inside the ear to clean it. Never use Q-tips as they can cause an irritation your pooch won’t love.

Do Shorkie Shed?

Fortunately, Shorkie dogs are low-shedders. This qualifies them as hypoallergenic toy breeds that are perfect pets for people with respiratory allergies. However, his coat can develop a stink if he is not bathed.

As part of grooming, ensure you bathe the dog at least once a month or when he begins to stink.

shorkie poo dog

Use vet-approved pet shampoos to get rid of pet dander and any other skin infection that may be developing. Some pet-shampoos are scented as well to give his coat a pleasant aroma.

Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix Guard Dog Ability

Without a doubt, Shorkie is a ferocious animal if he senses his owner or territory is being threatened.

He is quick to bark and warn his owner or run towards the impending danger to eliminate it. He often forgets his tiny body makes him vulnerable to an intruder.

Since he coexists well with other pets, you might want to get him some backup. A Pit-bull, Labrador, or Doberman can help scare intruders away on the Shorkie’s behalf.

If getting a second pet is expensive, then best heed his distress calls and see what he is fussing about.

How Much is a Shorkie Cost?

How much it costs to get a Shorkie will depend on many things. Do you want to buy a Yorkie Tzu puppy or a fully grown one?

The price for mature Shorkies can be as much as $500. This sum puts into account pet expenses such as vaccine shots, vet check-ups, flea prevention, or insurance on the dog before sale.

If you opt for a Shorkie puppy, where you buy, it determines how much you pay. Puppies purchased from a professional breeder tend to be pricier.

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Parent traits passed down to the offspring may also affect how much the puppy is sold for.

If the parents had prized qualities, the pup is likely to be sold for more because he will inherit these traits.

A cheaper option would be getting a Shorkie puppy from a rescue shelter. However, the chances are grim since Shorkie dogs don’t exist in high numbers.

They are still in the breeding phase which makes their population small. Nevertheless, there is no harm in befriending a shelter worker, so they have you in mind should a Shorkie puppy show up that needs rehoming.

Choosing a Shorkie Breeder

The good news is that there are dog breeders dedicated to prolonging the existence of the Shorkie.

This is because Yorkie Tzu dogs have appearances, intelligence, and demeanors that are best-sellers among pet enthusiasts. So more breeders are joining the Shorkie-breeding frenzy because of the potential profit gain.

Your biggest task is finding a professional dog breeder with the knowledge of breeding Shorkies.

black shorkie dog

Such breeders know the exact qualities pet-lovers are looking for and use this knowledge to breed desirable pups that will be loved by family and fellow pets.

As you visit a Shorkie breeder, go armed with lots of question about the puppies on the sale.

Find out who the parents are and if they are available to observe their behaviors. Find out the medical history of the dog and if any health issues may arise in the future.

The dog breeder will also have lots of questions for you. They will want to know about your experience with pets and whether your home is favorable for a toy breed to inhabit.

Remember Yorkie Tzu pups are highly prized so breeders want to know the puppies are going to a loving home that will meet all of the puppy’s needs.

Walk away if you notice the breeder is dishonest or dodgy about the questions you ask.

The last thing you need is a puppy that grows up to be sickly or withdrawn because of poor treatment.

How to find a Shorkie Breeder

A dog show is one of the best places to meet potential breeders. Most reputable Shorkie breeders attend dog shows to expand their market.

Besides, a dog show is a favorable ground to know the dog’s temperament. Some professional Shorkie breeders can be found online. There are plenty of online kennel clubs that post useful links to potential Shorkie breeders.

You can also get more information about the history of the breeder and the contacts they can be reached with.

Another way to find a breeder is through dog magazines. Similarly, there are online dog magazines with plenty of leads to Shorkie breeders.

You can also buy a dog mag from a local store and browse through the advertisement sections.

Adopting a Dog from a Shorkie Rescue

new born shorkie puppies

While adopting pets from a shelter has its benefits it can also be risky because you do not know the history of the dog.

Likewise, you have to interview the shelter owners about the Shorkie dogs that were just brought in.

You also have to do your inspection of the shelter itself and find out how they treat the animals held there.

If a dog was rescued from an abusive home, it might need some time to be nursed back to full health and confidence.

Are you ready to do the heavy lifting and be patient with the dog until he comes around?If the task is too demanding, then it’s best to let the shelter owner rehabilitate the dog until it is ready for adoption.

Does the dog have any underlying ailment? If so, how much will you need to spend on its medical expenses?

What is the temperament of the dog as well? If it shows signs of aggressiveness, it means he is likely to attack a family member when you are not around.

Not every dog that ends up in a shelter comes from a dark past. Some pets may have been surrendered because the owner was moving to a new environment and they won’t have time to take care of the pets.

Some pets are found happily wandering in the streets and brought to a shelter for temporary housing. Above all, adopt a Shorkie from a reputable shelter that is run by professionals who care about animals.


If you have been thinking about adopting a Shorkie pup, do not hesitate any longer. He is an adorable fluffy fellow who is eager to please and love unconditionally. He won’t demand a match from you, and he will make the most of the time you spend together.

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  1. I have a Shorkie that is going to be 17 on Oct.12th. My baby was a accident back in 2002. He has been Yorkie his whole life. He weighs 5lbs. In younger days he loved toys, and had a toy box full.Now he just likes to sleep, but will get a wild streak and run like crazy every now and then. His health is very good, but is deaf and has a cataract in one eye. He has been my constant companion his whole life.LOVE my baby????

  2. I have a shorkie male named Harvey he is a blessing I live alone n he goes where I go I wouldn’t trade him for anything he 2years old


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