Cutest 12 Yorkie Mixes

Small dog breeds are what people these days look for. They are suitable for small apartments, easy to handle, and low maintenance. Additionally, people who aren’t willing to adopt pets and prefer buying them find smaller breeds cheaper.

One of the most adorable and loved breeds in the current time is the Yorkshire breed. People have been in love with the breed since time immemorial. They can be seen in abundance in countries like U.S.A, U.K., etc.

Moreover, dog lovers are not just going crazy over the Yorkshire breed but also crossbreeds made out of this breed.

To make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, there are specific characteristics of a Yorkshire dog that will be in almost all the 12 Yorkie mixes you will get for yourself. The most common ones are mentioned below:

They are small:

One of the best reasons why people prefer buying a Yorkshire dog is that they are tiny in size. They don’t take a lot of space and can be adjusted in small kennels or couch as well.

Due to their small size, they don’t require a lot of maintenance as well. People like playing with them and carry them around due to their small size.

They act as therapy dogs:

Yorkshire dogs have an adorable look and soft fur. They are adorable and form great companions.

Due to these characteristics, many therapy clinics use them to help patients fight depression and loneliness. They are provided to patients so that they can play with them and feel loved again.

They are active:

Contrary to the popular opinion of small dogs being lazy and slow, Yorkshire breed and its mixes come out to be quite playful and fun to be around.

They like jumping from one place to another and don’t prefer sleeping the entire day.

Don’t require exercises:

If you are a lazy trainer or parent of your dog, don’t worry if you have a Yorkshire. Yorkshire dogs do not require a lot of physical strength and activity.

If you have this as your dog, long walks and regular exercises can be scrapped out from the list.

Don’t get sick easily:

Their fur doesn’t catch bacteria and irritants that easily. They like keeping themselves clean and help you in doing so as well. You don’t have to wash them regularly and be worried about them being sick often.

Don’t eat much:

If you have a Yorkshire dog at home, you will not have to worry about your budget. They don’t eat much and have a very simple and basic food requirement which anyone can fulfill.

However, keeping them hydrated is important and should always be taken care of without fail.

If you are thinking of buying the breed or its crossbreeds, there are a number of things that you should know about each of one of the most famous 12 Yorkie mixes.

1. Dorkie – Dachshund and Yorkie Mix

dorkie yorkie mix

Also known as Dorkie from the 12 Yorkie mixes, this crossbreed is one of the cutest breeds you can get as your pet. Both the parents are small and look absolutely adorable. The crossbreed is super active and hyper-energetic.

They have more emotional needs than some other dogs. They can feel left out or lonely if you don’t spend a lot of time with them.

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You have to make sure that you don’t leave them home alone for long durations. They are really good with children and act as great lap dogs. They also make good friends with other dogs and even other animals such as cats, birds, etc.

They are mostly immune to allergies and diseases. They like sleeping with the parent or the master inside the cover so that they feel loved and get constant attention.

2. Borkie – Beagle and Yorkie

borkie yorkie mix

The parent dogs are active and very energetic. This makes the crossbreed puppy active as well.

They are fun to be around and prove to be great companions with the children as well.

They have a really cute personality provide a very safe and warm company for everyone in the family.

They are expected to have a life span of around ten years, and some might even live for 15 years.

Pretty attentive out of all the 12 Yorkie mixes, they can also act as good watchdogs as well.

They like being cuddled and prove to be great in spreading happiness and warmth among the family members.

Their cute and high-spirited personality eradicates all the negativity from the house.

You can also be sure of them not barking on any of your visitors as long as they feel safe around them.

3. Morkie – Maltese and Yorkie


Morkie dogs are one of the cutest dogs to pet at home out of all the 12 Yorkie mixes.

They are very easy to live with and do not require a lot of maintenance from the master.

They are great in adapting to the environment they are kept in, irrespective of how old they are.

Morkie dogs also adapt to the weather, although they do change their eating habits according to the weather outside.

They are not as sensitive emotionally, as the other mix-breeds are. They can be left alone for a while but should be provided with a toy that will keep them occupied.

This means you can be away for a while and be done with your work, and your dog won’t create a fuss about you not being around.

This is another reason why people are going for this crossbreed nowadays.

4. Chorkie – Chihuahua and Yorkie

chorkie yorkie mix

Although very tiny in size, they make sure to prove their presence. They have a very shrill voice and bark very loudly.

This trait makes them good watchdogs as you just won’t be able to ignore their barks.

As fierce and active, they are against intruders and thieves; they are equally friendly and snuggly to their family members.

They love getting adored and staying laps of the parents. They might get sleepy and lazy sometimes and sleep around under blankets, etc.

However, if not treated properly, they might get really aggressive and dangerous.

Therefore, even if you are the master or the parent, you will have to be careful sometimes as to how you should behave with your crossbreed canine.

5. Yorkie Pin – Miniature pinscher and Yorkie


Most playful out of all the 12 Yorkie mixes, this breed is pretty confident in itself and wants to play like all the time.

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They seek attention and love being around people who cuddle with them. They can be stubborn sometimes but are praised for being really brave if need be.

Sometimes, their braveness can backfire as they can get themselves into trouble. Due to their small size, it gets difficult for them to save themselves.

This breed can also be emotionally weak and might need you to be with them most of the time throughout the day.

They are great with snuggles and help you with sleeping by providing a comforting atmosphere by their mere presence.

6. Yorkiepoo – Poodle and Yorkie mix

Cutest 12 Yorkie Mixes 1

These are crossbreeds of poodles and Yorkshires, which makes it pretty obvious that they are going to be pretty docile.

Popularly known as Yorkipoos, they love being the center of attraction and very loving and adorable.

They make you feel loved as well and work great for fighting depression. You need to be a little careful when playing with them or picking them up.

They are also a bit foolish as they go on challenging dogs that could be much bigger than their size.

You need to make sure they keep themselves safe and not end up in trouble of any kind.

7. Snorkie – Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkie


These dogs are quite easy to train and want to be loved at all times. They are coming out to be really popular among young couples.

Their longing for companionship is what makes people love them even more. They help fight loneliness and create a positive atmosphere at home.

The best thing about the dog is its eyes that make you fall in love with it at first sight.

Because of their fur, they give the look of a classy and high maintenance dog and act as a status symbol to you as well.

They are healthier than their parents as they don’t catch infections that easily.

Crossbreeds of this kind are great to keep at home, especially if you have babies or kids.

8. Crustie – Chinese crested and Yorkshire Terrier


One of the most loyal crossbreeds out of the 12 Yorkie mixes, this dog will never let you down.

In spite of being small and having a delicate look on its face, you shouldn’t mess with this one.

Often known as crustie, they love getting some attention from not just their trainers and guardians but even people around them.

They mostly live for 10-15 years and do not catch diseases that easily. They prove to be awesome watchdogs and are decent at racing as well.

They have a good vision and are often taken into the military for activeness and alertness.

9. Carkie – Cairn Terrier and Yorkie mixes

carkie yorkie mixes

This crossbreed is quite smart and proves to be a really good companion in a family.

They don’t mind spending their time in a backyard where they can play freely and move around.

They are very much loving and do not require a lot of attention from your side. They can adjust in any condition and adapt to changes quickly.

They are not very big in size. Therefore, you don’t need to maintain them a lot. They do well in an apartment as well as a big size bungalow.

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They are quite charming in appearance, and you will fall in love with them almost instantly. They prove to be great pets in the long run.

10. Yorkie-Apso – Lhasa Apso and Yorkie Mixes

Yorkie-Apso yorkie mixes

Popularly known as Yorkie Apso, they are wonderful beings and quite royal too. They stay in constant need of attention and wouldn’t keep you deprived of love either.

They are a bundle of joy and spread happiness wherever they go.

You can make them sit in one place and groom them for hours or can take them out and play for hours. They fit in for both situations.

They have a really soft coat that gets you too comfortable around them, and you just want to love them all the time.

They look beautiful, and you wouldn’t stop appreciating their beauty even for a second.

Although, the diet that you give them should be appropriate as regular cleansing is essential.

11. Yorkie-Pom – Pomeranian and Yorkie

pomeranian yorkie mix

Due to the Pomeranian traits, the crossbreed of this duo is quite furry and active. They always feel like running from one place to another and will hardly rest for a bit.

They are cuter due to the Yorkie traits and make really adorable family pets. The crossbreed is loving and is compact in size.

You can easily carry them around and love them as much as you want.

Just make sure to keep them hydrated as they run out of moisture due to so much of running and playing around.

Other Names – Porkie, Pom Terrier, Yoranian

Final words:

The 12 Yorkie mixes described above are believed to be the most adorable and preferred ones ever created.

All of the above crossbreeds are low maintenance and love reciprocating the love you give them.

They prove to be great family pets and will make sure to do away with all the sadness and negativity from your home the moment you bring them in.

You can feed them with the most basic products depending on your budget.

Moreover, make sure to adopt these adorable beings instead of buying them from a pet store.

As the living conditions of such stores are below acceptable levels, buying them from such a place would encourage the activity.

Pet owners do not keep them in a safe place and away from diseases and take these pups away from their mothers at a very young age.

Therefore, if you genuinely love dogs, promote adoption instead of dog trafficking.

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