Facts about Maltese Pomeranian Mix | Maltipom

Dogs have been the companion of mankind for longer than history remembers.

These furry and lovable animals have served as guards, friends and have been with humans through thick and thin.

It would be an understatement to label these intelligent creatures as a companion; rather, dogs are mankind soulmates treated with kindness and love.

According to U.S. pet ownership statistics, almost 85 million American households own some kind of pet.

Of which 63.4 million of these households own dogs. Going by the statistics, dogs have been adored and taken care of in many households worldwide.

They may all come in different shapes and sizes, but these adorable pets are considered family to many people. 

These dogs are precious creatures. Although they may come in different shapes and sizes, dogs have guarded, charmed, and offered loyalty to mankind.

This article will discuss frequently asked questions about the lovable breed known as the Maltipom. If you are a dog lover, you might just learn a thing or two as you read on.

What’s a Maltipom?


As its name may suggest, the Maltipom is a hybrid of two adorable different purebred dogs.

They embody only the most lovable traits of the Maltese and Pomeranian breeds.

The resulting designer dogs named the Maltipom features a relatively small build with the facial features and ears of a Pomeranian and the fine and silky fur coat of a Maltese. 

Since the Maltipom is not a perfect mix of their parents, they can very likely inherit more or less than 50 percent of their parent breeds.

If owners would like, they can always track the temperaments and medical records for them to have an idea of what to expect from the Maltese Pomeraniana mix. 

These designer dog breeds do not have a prominent and detailed history compared to their breed parents.

This means that there is little to no knowledge about this particular breed and its origins.

This is mainly because hybrid breeds as a whole have quite a complicated history. 

There have likely been instances throughout history where someone bred the Maltese and Pomeranian but were lost in time.

It is speculated that the variations of new dog breeds started when crossbreeding became popular.

The maltipom may have a rather complicated history. However, its cuteness has captivated the hearts of many.

What does Maltipom look like?


As mentioned before, the Maltipom is a hybrid between two different breeds known as the Maltese and the Pomeranian.

Although these designer dog breeds’ exact appearance may vary with parentage, they generally have long and flowing hair.

The Maltese Pomeranian Mix highlights a tiny but compact stature with a body that compliments its proportionate body.

The Maltipom has adorable triangular ears that often point upwards. They deliver an elegant expression that fits perfectly with their cute appearances with their dark and round eyes.

They also boast legs that are very feline with a furry tail that curls along its back. 

These designer dogs tend to inherit only the most adorable characteristics of both the Maltese and Pomeranian.

For any pet enthusiasts out there, the Maltipom is sure to catch your attention.

How big do Maltipom get?


Size is an important thing to consider when adopting or buying any dog. Some dogs may be more demanding of space than others.

This goes especially for large breeds of dogs since most of them tend to be very active and love roaming around the house.

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On the other hand, medium to small dogs may be more fit for smaller homes and are better off with a particular group of people.

Knowing a dog’s size will help dog lovers who may not have much space in their homes in the long run.

With that in mind, the Maltipom belongs to the tiny side of the various dog breeds.

Owners can expect their Maltipom to grow around 8-12 inches throughout their 12-15 average life span. 

Their small stature fits well with families with older children, senior citizens, and small apartments.

Although this intelligent and cute breed of dogs is small compared to most breeds, they surely make up for it with their big and dominant personality.

How much does Maltipom weigh?


Animals should never be overweight or malnourished. This goes for dogs as well.

Understanding the average weight of any dog will greatly help pet enthusiasts keep their dog in top health. 

To complement their small compact build, the Maltipom averages around 3 – 9 pounds in weight.

This means that the Maltipom does not require large sums of food to give them the nutrition they need for the day. 

Although Pomeranian Maltese mix will love the occasional treat, owners should not spoil them too much as their diet mainly comprises high-quality dry food for dogs.

These should generally contain organic and natural ingredients.

Do Maltipom shed?


Fortunately enough, the Maltipom belongs to the category of non-shedding breeds.

Despite its very fine and furry coat, owners will not have to worry about large clumps of fur accumulating everywhere.

Naturally, the Maltipom will have pieces of its hair scatter now and then, especially when you frequently brush them; however, the hair that may fall will be comparatively smaller than most breeds. 

In terms of maintenance, the Maltipom’s luxurious coat needs consistent brushing and combing.

This is especially important if owners frequently take their dogs out on long walks.

Groups of dirt or tangled hair may become a problem later on, so it is important to brush and comb the Malti-pom frequently. 

Using a water spray will greatly help to comb the Maltipom. For dogs with mostly white coats of fur, it is important to wipe their eyes and face to prevent stains.

Their fine and long furs might trap dirt as well as their ears.

It is essential that you also take care of the Maltipoms coat, although they may not shed.

If you do not have enough time, you can always take them to a nearby grooming shop.

How often should you bathe a Maltipom?


Bathing your dog will mostly depend on how frequently they go out on walks.

If owners tend to walk them for long periods, they may require more bathing than usual.

It is generally advised, however, to bathe the Maltipom once every two weeks.

Exemptions can be made if your pomeranian mix is rolled in some mud or dirt. In this case, it would be best to bathe them even if it has not been two weeks yet.

Dirt can accumulate in their fur, causing them to have mats or discoloration. 

Owners should always ensure that the shampoo they use is specially made for dogs.

There can be ingredients in the shampoos used by people that may be harmful to the dog’s skin.

This can cause their skin to become irritated and may even damage the health of their health.

It is also advised to take measures that may reduce stains on the Maltipom’s fur coat.

Feeding your dog kibble with no artificial coloring and placing their food in stainless steel bowls will greatly help prevent discoloration in their fur.

Additionally, you can routinely wipe their face with fresh wipes around their eyes, mouth, and chins whenever it may be needed.

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Wipes that are made for dogs will likely be available at a nearby pet store.

Do Maltipom dogs bark a lot?


Generally, Maltipom is a kind and loving breed. Their personality makes them perfect family pets.

They are even playful around children. However, when it comes to other dogs that they are unfamiliar with, the pomeranian maltese mix tends to be protective and dominant. This extends to other dogs in the household. 

Maltipoms are very loyal to the people they consider as family. Owners can expect their territorial behavior to show when other people or animals enter the premises.

It is to be expected that they will bark a lot when left alone at home. With their protective and territorial nature, owners can expect that the Maltipom will follow them around.

They can be especially noisy if their owners leave them in their house frequently.

Households with younger children should be taught to handle the pomeranian mix with care. With their small size, they might get overwhelmed or hurt by rough play.

Are Maltipom hypoallergenic?

The Maltipom is a good breed for people who may suffer from allergies because they are hypoallergenic.

Although their appearance may make you think otherwise, their coats of fur are safe. 

Of course, this may still vary from person to person. People with more severe allergies may still have allergic reactions when exposed to the fine hairs of the maltese pomeranian mix.

On the other hand, the Maltipom does not shed and is safe for people with allergies in most cases.

Is Maltipom easy to train?


The maltipom is quite a joyful and active dog despite its small size. These designer dogs appreciate time outside where they can freely run and play with their owners.

They are also quite intelligent dogs, which makes them perfect for training. 

However, most small dogs tend to develop a problem known as “small dog syndrome,” which essentially makes them more dominant and stubborn.

Training requires discipline and patience, along with plenty of affirmation.

It is important that the Maltipom is not spoiled and should socialize to prevent behaviors like these.

To many owners, training the Maltipom will pose a huge challenge.

Although it may be a difficult task, it will ultimately benefit the relationship between dog and owner and discipline and instill a better personality for your dog.

This will make the Maltipom easy to walk without being aggressive towards other people and dogs and may even learn a few new tricks.

If training turns out too much of a challenge, there is always the option of hiring a dog trainer.

It’s best to start the Maltipom’s training while still young since they become more unresponsive to training as they grow older.

These designer dogs are cute and overall kindhearted, but the proper measures still need to be taken to ensure your Maltipom is discipline and acquainted with how they should behave.

Maltipom behavior problems

The maltipom is very adorable and kind as a whole; however, there are still a few problems, especially in their behavior, that may need to be addressed.

Here are a few possible behavior problems that your Maltipom may be facing

Separation Anxiety. 


There are plenty of cases where dogs are unable to handle being all alone in their homes. This causes them to display problems with their behavior.

Some of these include becoming destructive, which means they might scratch and chew furniture when the owners are not around.

They also tend to bark more at every little sound or thing that they may come across.

A maltipom who suffers from Separation Anxiety will run around the house, try to escape, and even develop depression.

You can do a few things to help the Maltipom overcome their Separation Anxiety or even prevent it altogether.

  1. Never confine your dog to a crate or small cage. They should be given a large enough area to roam in to not feel isolated and alone.
  2. If you tend to get home late, you should leave a few lights on. This ensures that your dog does not roam around in the dark where it is hard to see. Even for people, darkness causes quite a bit of anxiety and fear. This goes especially for dogs.
  3. Do not spoil or deprive your dog of attention. This is because everything should be balanced for the Malti-pom to get used to separating and spending their time without their owner. If a dog is too attached or lacks attention, they will often crave their owners’ presence and affection.
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Small dog syndrome. 

Given its name, this problem is present in small dogs. A variety of behaviors can be exhibited from a Maltipom with this problem.

These include things such as growling at larger dogs and people, inability to follow commands, and being aggressive to what they think are threats.

If your Maltipom is displaying any of these characteristics, then they might just have small dog syndrome.

As they say, most problems have their solutions. This goes for small dog syndrome as well.

  1. Establish some house rules and discipline for your dog that people interacting with your dog should follow. For owners to do this, they need to be consistent and firm with the discipline they want to instill.
  2. Allow your dog to socialize with other animals and people. Do not let them think they are the center of attention all the time. Give them sufficient time to discover other people and dogs. Interactions are extremely important to overcoming possible behavior problems and allows them to realize their size and place.
  3. Participate in a few obedience classes with your dog. It would be in both owner’s and the dog’s best interest to be able to communicate. Whenever a command is given, dogs should be able to follow. There are quite a few online classes for owners can attend to help discipline their dogs.

How much do Maltipom cost?


Naturally, dogs will cost money. The Maltipom averages around USD 750 to USD 2500, depending on which breeder you get them from.

However, the costs do not stop there—other expenses such as grooming, food, and other necessities for the designer dog breed. 

Additional expenses often include the proper vaccinations for the Maltipom.

It is always the best for your dog to have all the proper health precautions so that they live a long and healthy life.

The maltipom are quite prone to dental issues, which is why it’s best to purchase high-quality crunchy kibble for them to keep excellent oral hygiene.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your dog, you can always buy a few toys and treats for them as long as you do not spoil them too much.

Lastly, the Maltipom requires a significant amount of their owner’s attention, as with most dogs.

These dogs are loyal creatures that will appreciate each second spent with them. 

Where to buy/adopt Maltipom dog?

The first option to get your own Maltipom is to check the pet stores near you.

This breed is rather uncommon, so there is a chance that there will not be any of these dogs available around your area.

Another option is to get your maltese pomeranian mix through the internet. 

Various websites are easily accessible to everyone online. They can offer you Maltipoms that fit your budget and capture your ideal companion.

Although they tend to be more expensive and may take a while, getting your Maltipom online is quick and easy.

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